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Projects Abroad offers internships in Vietnam in fields like International Development, Business, Journalism, and Medical placements including Nursing, General Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy.

As an intern in Hanoi, you will have the opportunity to provide a different perspective and make a positive impact. Visit their website for more details.

  • Choose a project you are passionate about that fits your interests
  • Pick your start and end date and let Projects Abroad customize your international internship in Vietnam.
  • Receive support from our staff before, during, and after the program
  • Live and work in the local community
  • Have fun exploring the country and its culture over the weekends

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Yes. Volunteers need to apply for a Work Visa in advance. Once you apply with us, you will be in touch with a Volunteer Advisor who will be able to help guide you through this process.


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  • Safety 9.7
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An Experience of a Lifetime

I had the most incredible experience this past June working as a Physical Therapist in a local village outside Hanoi. This was only my second time abroad but I definitely caught the "travelers bug" and want to go on another Projects Abroad trip in the future. The Projects Abroad staff were very helpful and just were wonderful people in general. They made it super easy to get connected to the other volunteers in Hanoi and were always reaching out to me to make sure I was adjusting to being in a new country. They also focused on making a family vibe between the staff and amongst the volunteers. A perfect example of this happened recently when I sadly went through a family loss when I arrived home in July. My coordinator has contacted me on multiple occasions to send love and make sure I'm doing okay. The fact that they still keep in touch with me even though I'm thousands and thousands of miles away is so heartwarming.
If I were to go on another abroad volunteer trip (which I know I will in the future) I will definitely go through Projects Abroad again. Thank you for giving me an unforgettable summer I will always appreciate it.

How can this program be improved?
The initial planning of my trip could be improved. I had some problems with plane tickets while going through the organization so I decided to just do it on my own.
Yes, I recommend

Occupational Therapy Internship

I travelled with Projects Abroad for two weeks over my school's winter break. I would recommend anyone interested in interning for Occupational Therapy to strongly consider this program. If you are up for a challenge and ready to immerse yourself in a culture that is most likely unlike your own, this is the trip for you. Not only do you get a feel for community and the struggles Vietnam was left with after the war, but you are taught how to work together and how to love one another through the struggles. Living with volunteers from around the world was enlightening, and I learned a lot about cultures and countries other than my own.
Traveling throughout Vietnam as strongly encouraged by the staff. They were extremely helpful in answering all questions and providing their insight. There were also set up activities throughout the week and on the weekends. The two volunteer houses in Hanoi were only 15 minute taxi/motor bike rides from the old quarter where we ate and and shopped all day. The Occupational Therapy Placement was in Friendship Village where the staff was kind and the patients were full of laughter and smiles.
Projects abroad is an amazing organization. They are kind, organized, helpful, and here to make sure your experience no matter how long is amazing. I highly recommend Projects Abroad for anyone with a helpful hand and a desire to experience communities around the world.

Response from Projects Abroad

Hi Mallory!
Sounds like you had the most amazing time during your project! It's great that you were able to put your Occupational Therapy skills to good use and learn some more, while also getting to explore around Vietnam. It is such a beautiful country! Thanks for sharing your experience!

Yes, I recommend
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The best experience with Projects Abroad

Volunteering as a teacher in Vietnam with Projects Abroad was the best experience of my life, and I plan on using the same organization next year. To begin, my accommodation in Hanoi, Vietnam, far exceeded my expectations in the best possible way. I had the opportunity to live in a local neighborhood not too far from the Old Quarter, the main tourist destination in Hanoi.

My placement teaching French was at a Vietnamese public primary school, about a fifteen minute taxi drive away from the volunteer house. Every morning, I would take the same taxi driver to work (who would always be waiting for me!) and then I would take the bus home in the afternoon. I worked Monday through Friday from 8am to around 4pm, and would typically assist the principle teacher in the morning, and then had my own class in the afternoon. Teaching was wonderful!

The Projects Abroad staff showed me how to manage and find my placement, and were always delighted to help when I had a question or concern. The Projects Abroad office was also only a 5 minute walk from my accommodation, which made it simple to reach them whenever necessary. The staff were very kind and quick to help. It truly made the experience fantastic. I cannot wait to volunteer again with them next summer.

Yes, I recommend

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