South Korea
Contract Length
1 Year+
Classroom Audience
Adults Business Children Middle School


Job Description

Dear ESL Teachers,

Korea Move Ltd currently has some exciting opportunities for new and experienced teachers to expand their teaching career with a rapidly expanding educational company in South Korea.

The company, L&A, is currently recruiting for two of their academy chains, SPEP (Speaking Proficiency Enhancement Program) and OSP (One Stop Prep). These academies provide English language services and teaching to a range of students from the ages of elementary to adult.

They are looking for dedicated and talented instructors to fill several positions across the country in the coming months, so if you feel you have the necessary experience and skills, and wish to work for company which has a wide variety of interesting positions, please apply today. The full list of available positions and their details are outlined below.

SPEP and OSP are also several non-teaching positions available, such as a Content Specialist, Academic Coordinator and Test Evaluator.

Korea Move also has several other academy positions for new and experienced teachers alike. No experience is necessary, just a keen interest in living in Korea and for teaching English. We have positions in the following cities, please let us know your preference when applying so we can provide you with full details:

Sejoing Si

Send your CV/Resume and a recent picture to the email address below, referencing the position/s you would like to apply for, and advise us on your availability and preferences.

We look forward to hearing from you!

You must be from one of the 7 main English speaking countries to apply: US/CA/UK/IRE/SA/AUS/NZ
You must hold a Bachelors degree from an accredited College or University.

SPEP/OSP, Summary of available positions:

1. [FT&PT] Business English Instructor
C. [FT] Gyeonggi Hwasung Namyang (경기도 화성시 남양읍) – January, 2019

a. [PT] Gyeongsangnamdo Changwon-si Seongsan-gu (경남 창원시 성산구) – January, 2019

3. [FT] Corporate Trainer - Intensive Business Communication Skills
A. [FT/One Year] Gyeonggi Paju – January ~ March 2019

4. [FT/Non-Teaching] Content Innovation Specialist – R&D
[FT] Seoul Apgujeong – December 2018 / January 2019

5. [FT Managerial Staff] Academic Coordinator for Business English Program (Bilingual)
[FT] Apgujeong, Seoul – December 2018 / January 2019

OSP (One-Stop Prep) - Korea
11. [FT] TOEFL & Junior Literature Instructor
[FT] Apgujeong, Seoul – ASAP / December 2018

12. [FT Non-teaching] Speaking English Test Evaluator
[FT] Apgujeong, Seoul – December 2018 / January 2019

13. [PT Subjects] Advanced Math & Science (Chemistry and Biology)
[PT] Apgujeong, Seoul - December 2018

Speaking Proficiency Enhancement Program (SPEP)

SPEP is one of the fastest growing and promising educational institutions specializing in English speaking enhancement. SPEP is looking for professional corporate trainers in all areas who wish to expand career into business English education.

[Minimum Requirements for any of our positions]
• All potential candidates must hold a minimum of a Bachelor degree from an accredited four-year university located in a country in which the native language is English (US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa).
• Must have Original Diploma *Notarized with an Apostille
• Must have Nationwide Criminal Background Check *Notarized with an Apostille

[Full-time Employee Benefits]
• Health Insurance
• Korean Pension plan (dependent on nationality/visa type based on Korean law)
• Severance
• Paid vacation days and national holidays
• SPEP’s professional teacher training
• Housing allowance support for E2 and F visa holders
• Airfare support for E2 and F visa holders

1. [FT&PT] Biz English Instructor

[Job Description]
• Type of Class: Adult Business English & Communication Skills (Speaking)
• Students: Business Professionals
• Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate
• Class size: Group class and/or 1:1
• Curriculum: Standardized Curriculum and Course Books (training provided)

[Basic Qualifications]
• Candidates with prior Experience in corporate field (over 1 years) or teaching business English (over 1 years) is preferred
• Bachelor’s degree in Business, Education or English is preferred

[Full-Time Locations]
C. [FT] Gyeonggi Hwasung Namyang (경기도 화성시 남양읍)
• Monday ~ Friday 11:00 ~ 19:00 (4 ~ 7 teaching hours / day)
• Actual teaching hours may vary due to class schedule
• Transportation is provided between Gangnam (or Jukjeon) and Namyang
• (The shuttle leaves at 8:50AM from Gangnam and stops at Jukjeon on the way to Namyang)
• Other locations may be assigned depending on class schedule
• Start Date: January 2, 2019
• Training Start Date: December 17, 2018
• Based on 90 ~ 110 teaching hours: 2.36~2.68 million
• (subject to change depends on lecture hours/office work hours)
• Extra housing stipend of 400,000KRW will be provided for E2 and F visa only
• Business trip fee compensated based on company policy

[Part-Time Locations]
a. [PT] Gyeongsangnamdo Changwon-si Seongsan-gu (경남 창원시 성산구)
• Must be a F visa holder or Korean citizen
• Mondays and Wednesdays 5PM ~ 6:30PM
• Actual teaching hours may vary due to class schedule
• 40,000 KRW per hour (Negotiable based on qualication)
• Start Date: January 7, 2019
• Training Start Date: ASAP (Provided at SPEP Apgujeong Center, Seoul)

3. [FT] Corporate Trainer – Intensive Biz Communications Skills Program
[Job Description]
• Teach Business skills & speaking proficiency enhancement modules using standardized materials & curriculum
• Utilize a variety of the training methodologies, techniques, concepts, learning tools, and practices to ensure maximum effectiveness of training program
• Manage trainees’ learning and regularly track and report progress through LMS
• Provide targeted academic coaching/counseling services for trainees
• Continuously endeavor to improve the learning methods, environment, and overall learning experience

[Basic Qualifications]
• Must have at least 1 year of business English teaching or ESL teaching experiences
• Demonstrated ability to assess trainees’ weaknesses and provide feedback and educational road-mapping
• Demonstrated ability to lead, coach, and guide trainees of all types of backgrounds, positions, titles
• Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
• MS Office proficient (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
• BA/MA in TESOL, Education, English, Linguistics, Journalism, Business is preferred

[Working Schedule/Salary]
A. [Full-Time] Gyeonggi Paju & Seoul
• Monday to Friday 8AM ~ 8PM (lunch, dinner, and snack break will be provided)
• Main office is located in Seoul and training/teaching facility located at Paju
• Required to stay at the Paju training facility Monday to Friday
• Accommodation and 3 meals provided while staying at training facility
• Office work can be assigned at main office in Seoul
• Monday to Friday 110 hours of guaranteed teaching per month
• Start Date: January ~ April 2019 / Negotiable
• Training Start Date: ASAP / January ~ March 2019 / Negotiable
• Short-term contract can be discussed (six month)

• Based on 160 teaching hours 3.5 million
• Extra housing stipend of 400,000KRW will be provided for E2 and F visa only
• Business trip fee compensated based on company policy
• Subject to change depends on lecture hours/office work hours

[Mandatory Writing Samples Submission Guidelines]
The samples you submit should be representative of your best work. All writing submissions must adhere to the following rules:
• The date or year in which the piece was written
• Submissions may be provided in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, PDF, or JPEG images.
• If the work is collaborative, specify the area of the content to which you contributed.

Sample #1: One expository writing sample at least 300 words in length
Original and self-expressive writing that showcases your ability to convey information in an organized, logical manner. We will be looking at content, style, and mechanics. We accept essays, research papers, journals, diaries, storytelling, journalism, blogging, and free writing samples.

Sample #2: One lesson plan sample
A business English speaking-focused lesson plan. The topic, content, length, and format of the lesson are up to you.

4. [FT/Non-Teaching] Content Innovation Specialist – R&D

[Job Description Overview]
A Content Innovation Specialist executes plans for the writing, editing, and production of content throughout its development. He/she collaborates with other content innovation specialists on the instructional design and development of program, course, and textbook content, under the leadership and direction of the Program Architect and/or Content Innovation Project Manager.

• Generate ideas for concept development and raw content creation on development projects.
• Create a wide range of learning content for both online and offline learning.
• Review and understand the approved instructional design, syllabus, course configuration, content map, development schedule.
• Aim to create 100% original content within the parameters of the project scope and established development guidelines.
• Participate in the preparation and conduction of audio/video recordings of developed content, including script writing, editing, and revisions.
• Collaboratively plan, develop and conduct workshops/seminars/presentations in English/Korean for staff and clients.

[Position Requirements]
• Must be able to demonstrate complete mastery of written and verbal English
• Excellent proofreading/editing/revision skills & extremely detail-oriented
• Must have prior adult ESL content & curriculum development experience
• BA/MA in Translation, TESOL, Education, English, Linguistics, Journalism
• MS Office proficient (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
• Business level proficiency in Korean (Preferred)

• Seoul, Apgujeong Station
• Monday to Friday 9:00AM ~ 6:00PM
• Some Saturdays will be required
• Start Date: ASAP / January ~ March 2019 / Negotiable

• Negotiable based on qualification
• Starting from 2.3 million per month
• Extra housing stipend of 400,000KRW will only be available for F visa holders

5. [FT Managerial Staff] Academic Coordinator for Business English Program (Bilingual)
[Job Description]
• Act as the primary intermediary between instructors and head office staff
• Collaborate with staff and administrators in the development, revision and preparation of master schedules, logistics for program launch and operations
• Plan and run instructor workshops, training, and calibration sessions by collaborating with the R&D Team
• Plan, develop, implement, and maintain standards of quality control across the board for all programs
• Travel on-site to domestic locations and continuously monitor instructors and take corrective action measures for comprehensive program enhancement
• Draft and send well-written email notifications and official announcements to instructors on company’s behalf

[Basic Qualifications]
• Must be bilingual in English and Korean
• Prior experience in teaching business English (over 2 years) is a must.
• Domestic travel will be required

OSP (One Stop Prep)

11. [FT] TOEFL & Junior Literature Instructor

TOEFL: One-Stop Prep’s TOEFL preparation program has been carefully designed to equip students with effective strategies and methods to take the TOEFL tests. Instructors will receive training to familiarize themselves with OSP’s strategies and methods. They will also be provided with a class syllabus and all required texts.

Junior Literature: The 100 Classics program offers a motivating studying method through reading, writing, and discussion. This is an English educational program for elementary, middle school, and high school students, (grades 2~9) to develop cultural refinement, critical thinking, and creative thinking skills.

• Must have experience in teaching TOEFL and/or taken the TOEFL tests before
• Bilingual in English and Korean (Native English and proficiency in Korean) preferred [Locations/Schedule]
• Seoul, Apgujeong (Subway Line. no. 3)
• Must be able to work on Saturday
• Available regular class schedules o Weekdays: between 3PM ~ 10PM o Saturday: 9AM ~ 7PM
• Private tutoring classes can be assigned outside of regular classes
• Further details of class schedule, size, etc., will be discussed during the interview
• Start Date: November / December 2018
• Training Start: ASAP

[FT Salary]
• Based on 80 teaching hours: 2.39 million KRW
• Extra housing stipend of 400,000KRW will only be available for E2 and F visa holders • (Subject to change depends on working hours)

12. [FT Non-teaching] English Speaking Test Evaluator for Business Professionals

[Job Description Overview]
We are currently looking for qualified individuals to join our growing team of oral proficiency evaluators. New hires will conduct speaking evaluation tests for various business professionals working in large multinational corporations. Extensive domestic travel is involved with this position as it is a person-to-person speaking test. This is a stable and dynamic position which allows for professional development and extensive experience within a corporate environment.

[Job Description]
• Comprehensive training and scoring calibration exercises
• On-site interview and speaking evaluation
• Secondary evaluation of interviews for accuracy
• Test and score analysis reports
• Data entry and other administrative tasks

• Based in Seoul, Apgujeong Station
• Business trips throughout Korea will be required
• 5 days a week from 9am to 6pm
• Saturdays will be required depending on testing schedule
• Actual working hours may vary due to testing schedule
• Start Date: November 2018

• About 3 million KRW based on 160 Working hours per month
• Business trip fee compensated per company policy
• Extra housing stipend of 400,000KRW will only be available for F visa holders • (subject to change depends on working hours)

[Basic Qualifications]
• Must be a Korean or F Visa holders
• Must have a native English speaking proficiency level with clear, coherent pronunciation
• Professional demeanor, attitude, appearance, and ability to properly conduct oneself in a manner befitting the environment
• Meticulous attention to detail and analytical skills for question development and score analysis reports
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Oral proficiency assessment experience a plus
• English teaching experience preferred

13. [PT] Advanced Math & Science (Chemistry and Biology) Instructor

One-Stop Prep is in need of a teacher with the qualifications to teach SAT subject and junior literature program. This opportunity may open the door to many new and exciting experiences for you in Seoul, South Korea. At this institution, highly motivated students are eager to learn what you teach them.

[Job Description]
AP/Subjects: One-Stop Prep is well-known for its strategic approach to “cracking” the test. We have both the materials and the experience to equip you to be an effective and confident test-prep instructor. If you come willing to learn the in-and-outs of the SAT and AP/Subjects to master the test, to become a leader in the classroom, then we will be there to help you along the way in our mission to raise students’ scores.

• Must be bilingual in English and Korean (Native English and proficiency in Korean)
• Must be able to teach different level of math including SAT Math, Chemistry and Biology
• Must have a bachelor degree from an accredited university.
• Graduate degree holders in related fields and candidates with teaching experience are preferred
• Above all requirements, instructors must enjoy the company of a younger demographic of students
• The teacher should be available for private tutoring outside of class hours

[Required Documents]
• Original Diploma *Notarized with an apostille
• Nationwide Criminal Background Check *Notarized with an apostille

[Location /Class Schedule]
• Seoul, Apgujeong (Subway Line. no. 3)
• Flexibility with working schedule preferred
• Must be able to work on Saturday o Weekdays 3PM ~ 10PM o Saturday 9AM ~ 7PM
• Further details of class schedule, size, etc., will be discussed during the interview
• Start Date: November 2018
• Training Start: ASAP

[PT Compensation]
• Starting from 35,000KRW per hour
• Negotiable based on qualification


Business English Instructor: 2.36 - 2.68 Mil KRW per month
Corporate Trainer: 3.5 Mil KRW P/M
Content Specialist: 2.3 Mil KRW P/M
TOEFL & Junior Literature Instructor: 2.39 Mil KRW P/M
English Speaking Test Evaluator: 3 Mil KRW P/M
Advanced Math & Science (Chemistry and Biology) Instructor: 35,000 KRW Per Hour

Academy positions: 2.1 + million won per month depending on experience

Medical, Pension.
Housing provided.
Airfare paid for.
One month's salary severance pay upon completion of contract.
SPEP/OSP full training provided.

Support from Korea Move Ltd throughout application and after placement.