Employment Type
Contract Length
6-12 Months
Classroom Audience
Children High School Middle School


Job Description



With all the amenities provided, and the ease of Shenzhen, this route is like a gentle introduction to ESL in China. In Shenzhen, you’ll be able to find tons of foreigners and Western restaurants in the hotspots around the city.

As a former teacher, I’ve worked in these jobs, and in Shenzhen. It’s a fantastic combination of the standard ESL life in one of China’s most developed and Western-centric cities. Working in a public school means long paid holidays with reasonable hours. And if you want higher pay or to start immediately, you can opt for a kindergarten or a training center!

Beyond that, we have a well-established support system that ensures teachers have zero issues in China, and that the transition is as smooth as it can be. We even provide weekly Chinese lessons and cultural trips and activities with other teachers! We have a very big teacher network so you can immediately feel involved.

All along the way, I’ll be able to help you with all your questions about China. I’ve been in your shoes once as a new teacher. Several years later, I know both China and the ESL world inside out, having tried out every ESL job type for myself. If you ever need advice, you are free to ask me anything about making the leap to China.

Coming to China was, for me, the best decision I ever made, and opened tons of doors for other opportunities as an international professional. I’m committed to ensuring that it is your best decision as well, and that you are as informed as possible when you arrive.


Location: Shenzhen, China
Start date: ASAP for Kindergartens and Training Centers, August for Others
Hours: Maximum 40 working hours per week, including a maximum of 20 teaching hours (40-45 minutes each lesson). Public schools can expect Monday to Friday classes with evenings and weekends off.
Students age group: Any Age group, from 3-18.

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Please include your resume and other supporting documents and confirm that you meet the requirements as above.
Either apply through GoOverseas or email your documents to
Alternatively, visit


  • Passport holder of UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
  • Related teaching certificate, or 2 years English teaching experience with reference letter provided
  • Bachelor’s degree or above
  • Clean criminal record, professional, positive and culturally aware.


Salary: 13,000-19,000 RMB per month
Flight Reimbursement: Up to 5000 RMB paid in the first month or paid upfront ticket for fresh graduate
Annual Leave: One-month annual leave (half paid basic salary and fully paid housing allowance)
Airport pickup (excluding HK)
Help with Bank Cards, Phone, etc.
Legal Z work Visa Support
Insurance Provided
Weekly Chinese lessons/Sponsored cultural events and activities