Employment Type
Contract Length
6-12 Months
Student Level
Pre-School Elementary Middle School High School University Students


Job Qualifications

  • Bachelors Degree (In any discipline)
  • No teaching experience required!
  • Native English speaker

Job Benefits

  • 💰 - High Salary
  • 🏠 - Free Housing or housing allowance
  • ✈️ - Free flights (both ways, reimbursed)
  • 💯 - Big group of applicants to share the experience with
  • 🏖️ - 4 week winter break plus 2 weeks worth of national holidays
  • 🏥 - Social security enrolment

Company Description

Our China Graduate Program is our longest standing and most popular program to date. We have welcomed hundreds of grads from all over the world to China over the years. We have the biggest network of Public School offerings available across the country.

TFT has been voted as a top organisation on Go Overseas for 3 years running with special mentions to the support, fun and safety of the programs.

Job Description

China has fully reopened and the demand for teachers is very strong across the country

Applications are now open to apply for our award winning program in China for August 2024

Our Teach English in China Programme is our most popular opportunity! We want you to be earning enough to save, travel and spend money as you please whilst here, so all of our placements offer a great salary and benefits:

💰 - Salaries range from 8000 to 18,000 RMB per month! 
🏠 - Free accommodation (excluding Shanghai, due to a higher salary)
🏖️ - 4 weeks winter vacation in January!
✈️ - Flight reimbursement (both ways)
📑 - Visa reimbursement (depending on location)
🏫 - Vetted public school for the duration of your placement

All applicants will be given the choice of the following cities to teach in: Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Foshan, Jinan, Nanjing, Nanning, Zhengzhou, Xi'an and Chengdu

What else?
🖥️ - Pre-departure online TEFL course along with in person training in China
👀 - Sightseeing organised in your city
💯 - 24/7 guidance and support throughout the whole process and once in China
📑 - Full guidance with criminal record check, visa process and authentication of documents
💴 - A guaranteed paid placement teaching English in China with an approved school
🇨🇳 - The Fewer Things Survival Guide to China
📱 - Private group chat with all applicants

We have various locations to choose from in China and we will recommend cities based on your requirements and what you want to gain from this opportunity. Our four main cities are: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. If you have a city you really want to be in, please include this in your application.

The best part of the experience is the travelling time, you will have the chance to visit many of China’s wonders and travel to neighbouring countries such as Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and many more. We have ensured you make enough money to save, spend and travel as much as you want.

We have a number of international school positions for the more experienced teacher, you will be able to earn a high salary, get free accommodation and work at one of the best schools in China!

Check out our Instagram to see the teachers who headed out to China over the past 6 years! @TheFewer Things