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French Language Programs in France

French Language Schools in France


With an incredible culture composed around the arts, food, and more, France is the obvious choice for learning French abroad. French learners have a variety of locations and lifestyles to choose from -- from iconic Paris to quaint, countryside villages -- where they can practice French while immersing themselves in French life and culture.

By learning French in France, language learners will be able to learn from native French speakers, learn the proper French accent, and practice with locals. France has a rich culture, and so much to see and do. Each region has a distinct flavor and language learners will be able to learn and practice French in a variety of ways. With ways to make it cost affordable, there’s no reason not to learn French in this beautiful country!

Read the guide on this page written by Go Overseas experts, just for you. Then choose a French language program from the list below. You are well on your way to French fluency!

Course Types

University Courses

In a typical semester abroad, university students can immerse themselves fully in the language by taking all of their courses in French, or enrolling in an intensive program which increases a student’s French level quickly. These types of courses often require longer course times and a bit more outside work, but it’s worth it if the student is invested in improving their level quickly.

Private Tutoring

With one-on-one lessons, French learners receive individualized, personal attention allowing them to quickly improve their language. However, private lessons are more expensive. A similar method is to enroll a language buddy. This is a mutual agreement between two people to help each other learn a language and usually is free.

Homestay Programs

By living with a French family, students get the added bonus of immersing themselves in the French culture. It also allows students to practice their French in an informal and caring environment. Usually a component of a semester abroad program, there are programs in which students live with a host family in exchange for teaching the family their native language.



The City of Light and capital of France, there is plenty to see and do in France. With plenty of study abroad providers and individual language schools, students have a variety of choices for their language education. It’s impossible to be bored, with world-famous landmarks such as the Louvre and Cathedral Notre-Dame and plenty of hidden gems. However, with a population of over 2 million, this is a location best suited for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of a large city.


Nice is certainly nice, based off of its location along the French Riviera. It is the second most visited city in France after Paris. The long beach can provide much-deserved relaxation after an afternoon exploring the different squares, or catching a game of the local soccer club. With a population of 340,000, Nice is ideal for French learners searching for a medium sized city with a seaside view.


Known as the “Capital of the Alps”, Grenoble is a picturesque city nestled among snow-capped mountains. The small population of 155,000 is made up of many college students and locals are more than willing to practice French with the visiting students. Grenoble is a city with a rich history, as it was involved heavily in the Resistance during World War II. While there aren’t as many study options as some of the bigger cities, Grenoble provides a fantastic backdrop for the intensive learner.


Quaint, coastal Montpellier gives French learners a classically Mediterranean lifestyle, fresh seafood, and a chance to learn French without the tourist throngs of Paris. Despite its size, it also has a good amount of language school options to choose from.

Costs & Funding

France has a cost of living similar to the United States. While it can be on the high side, especially in Paris, actual programs can be quite cost affordable. Some programs are highly customizable, with students able to pick and choose which options they would like to include during their studies.

If students are finding housing on their own, it would be best to team up with a friend or other students to share an apartment. A homestay option takes away some of the stress of finding accommodation and usually includes one or two meals a day.


There are many scholarships that can be found between study abroad offices, as well as outside scholarships either through study abroad providers or private organizations. There are a few that specific just to France:

  • The French government offers a few scholarships and even offers a fellowship for doctoral students.
  • The Walter Jensen Scholarship is for those who are looking to study in a Francophone country and are planning on a career in teaching French.

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