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Hokkaido Japanese Language School’s Standard Course includes 15 morning Japanese lessons every week focused on speaking and day-to-day Japanese conversation. Classes are conducted entirely in Japanese and are limited to eight people, which allows for plenty of individualized attention and time to ask questions and practice speaking. We also have many Japanese volunteers who work around the school and participate in weekly activities, giving students the opportunity to improve their Japanese in a setting other than the classroom and to make friends and experience Japan from the inside, not just as a tourist.

Students also have the opportunity to attend our 3 weekly optional activities to enjoy all that Hokkaido has to offer, such as rafting in the summer, or our world-famous snow festival in the winter! Join us any time of the year and enjoy learning Japanese in the beautiful city of Sapporo!

  • Small Classes
  • Competitive Prices
  • Flexibility
  • Local Japanese Volunteers
  • Amazing Location

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  • Instruction 9.7
  • Support 9.9
  • Fun 9.3
  • Housing 9.7
  • Value 9.4
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Incredible experience studying at Hokkaido Japanese Language School

I studied at Hokkaido Japanese Language School for 10 weeks in the spring and stayed at a share house organised through the school. Sapporo is a great city and it’s easy to get out into the countryside, definitely a good choice if you’re looking for a quieter alternative to Tokyo or Osaka.

The lessons at the school were excellent, the learning materials are good and the teachers are very helpful. You are placed in a class that is right for your ability and the classes progress at a fast enough pace to learn plenty of Japanese but still leave you with time to explore the city.

Hokkaido JaLS also organise many activities for their students and they are good value and a great way to socialise with your classmates and experience Japanese culture. I was very happy with the share house as well, it was clean and sociable with a mixture of JaLS students and Japanese people living there.

I had a fantastic time in Sapporo and so much of that is thanks to JaLS, the staff and teachers were very supportive, the school itself is a great place to study and meet people and the activities really added to my experience. I would highly recommend studying there!

Yes, I recommend this program
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A great month at Jals

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed our time studying Japanese at Jals.

All the teachers are enthusiastic and encouraging. They made me feel completely comfortable to speak up and make mistakes in class. I think this is really important when learning a new language.

It's more expensive than some other language schools in Sapporo, but the classes are guaranteed to be small so it's worth the cost.

The Jals staff are really helpful about organising accommodation and giving advice on setting up your life in Japan (subway cards, directions, bank account, phone etc). This was critical when we first arrived and couldn't understand the language at all!!

There is a beautiful library/cafe in the building which is a great place to hang out, meet people and do your homework after class.

We are heading south later in the year and already thinking about enrolling at Jals Kyoto.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Awesome Experience

really grateful for the chance to study here, the teachers are very great, they use a very great method to teach, so japanese language feels so fun to be learned, the staffs are really nice, the school provided many facilities. also we can make new friends here. the accomodation was also really clean and nice. i went there not knowing any japanese conversation and after 6 weeks, my speaking skill is improved a lot. thankyou jals!

Yes, I recommend this program
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One amazing month in Sapporo

I went to Sapporo Jals last year during one month. I don't know how to explain how incredible this experience was.
As a real Swiss person, I am not afraid of the cold but I didn't expect to see that much snow in Sapporo. It was totally magical, with these snowy streets. Sapporo is a recent and cold city but the inhabitants are so warm and nice. They will not hesitate to help you if they can.

About Sapporo Jals, I would like to say that it was love at first sight. The staff is lovely and amazing, very kind and helpful. Teachers are really cool and competent and you will learn Japanese in small classes, which is better to improve faster. Do not hesitate to ask them if you need something.

Moreover, the school proposes so many different cultural activities. You will have the opportunity to speak Japanese with local Japanese people and visit this fascinating city. You will be immerged in a different Japan.
So, even more than one year after, I still remember this month as if it was yesterday. I met friends for life.

Now the only thing I want is to come back. See you soon everyone, and one more time, thank you for everything!

Yes, I recommend this program
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This was the second time I went to sapporo jals.
First time I made the winter course, and the second one just the course without the activities.
Teachers are friendly and helpful, And classes are made from few students, in this way lessons are intense, and you can improve your Japanese very fast.
I went two times to the sharehouse buie asabu. The keeper is willing and friendly, and the house is comfortable.
I hope I will able to come back as soon as possible.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Hokkaido JaLS felt like my home! A great school to learn Japanese effectively

I studied for 6 weeks at Hokkaido JaLS in their standard course. I picked JaLS because of its flexibility, and helpfulness after the many emails I sent through to the school. A reassuring fact for me was its high teaching quality as demonstrated by awards the school has won.

This turned out to be the best decision I made! I was a beginner when I started but I was encouraged by my teachers to learn Hiragana and Katakana quickly, and the teaching quality was indeed of a high standard. AND you get to enjoy this in the comfort of a small class (The most any of my classes had was 5 and my course coincided with the Winter course!).

The location of the school is fantastic - only a very short walk away from Sapporo Station (one of the main stations). The school itself is also nice and warm (especially in Winter) and is a relaxing place to study if you need a place away from home.

In terms of a home, the school offers a variety of accommodation options. I went with a host family for my first week and for the remaining time, I stayed in the sharehouse the school manages. Both were extremely positive experiences. The sharehouse in particular was a great way to meet other people.

I enjoyed every lesson I had. The teachers made learning fun and combined a variety of strategies to facilitate deep and meaningful learning. I learned so much from the 6 weeks I was at the school. Not only were the teachers amazing, approachable and friendly, the administration staff had the same attitude and demeanor to every student. Each staff member was so helpful and were always willing to have a chat to see how you were going.

I made so many friends here from all over the world (including Japan of course). Everyone is so easy going as at my graduation ceremony, the school allowed me to give a speech!

The school offers many after-class activities which might comprise of sightseeing or cultural experiences, all planned for by the school. These were a great avenue to make friends and explore Hokkaido with other students learning Japanese.

I'm in Japan for the remainder of 2018 and every time I'm in Sapporo I visit the school and say hello to the staff. They are always so welcoming. I could not recommend this school enough! Each lesson and each activity is a fantastic memory.

Yes, I recommend this program
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The perfect mix of studies and experiences

When i made my decision to go study japanese in Japan, i directly aimed to live in Sapporo.
In many ways a city that did fit my preferences with it's closeness to nature and mountains, it's a big city without all the rush and stress you can experience in Japans other major cities.
For me it was the perfect mix of japanese studies and culture experience, even though class is only 3 hours per day you will learn and progress alot since it's small classes and you get alot of attention from the teachers.
This was my first time leaving my home country alone, but i went back home with so much awesome experiences and awesome new friends!

Yes, I recommend this program
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JALS 2016

I spent four weeks studying Japanese in JALS and had such an amazing time. The class sizes are small, and learning for three hours a day really lets you improve your Japanese ability really quickly - but I never felt stressed out at all. The lessons are very well-structured and focused on conversational ability, and it was really fun to go out every afternoon and practice whatever I'd learned that day on unsuspecting wait staff and my host family.

The activities after classes are all really interesting as well (e.g. sushi-making, clothe dyeing), but the best part was meeting so many different people from all over the world and making new friends, hearing a huge variety of different languages, and going out for dinner, drinks, or karaoke in the evenings. I had friends from Europe, Taiwan, America, and a load of other places. It's really a mixed bag of people but everyone is really fun. The staff and teachers are all really amazingly nice and helpful as well and felt like friends too :)))

Living in Japan is also super interesting. I stayed with a host family and got to experience life like a local - speaking Japanese at home also does wonders for your language abilities, although my host family also spoke perfect English, if anyone's worried that it might be too difficult. We went out a lot on weekends to do things like cherry-blossom viewing, and visiting nearby towns :) Sapporo itself is probably my favourite city in Japan - it's like Tokyo without all the horrible overcrowding and insanity, and I highly recommend living there. I will definitely try to come back to do more time at JALS at some point in the future :)

Yes, I recommend this program
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An Outstanding Japanese Language Program!

My younger brother and I both studied at Hokkaido Japanese Language School together during the summer of 2014. It was our first time traveling internationally without any other family members with us and we were a bit nervous. The school was extremely accommodating and arranged everything upon our arrival to Hokkaido. They scheduled a taxi to pick us up at baggage claim and had us dropped off at our host-family's house. Any worries we had the school had it covered!

Everyone at the school was so kind and friendly. The teachers and staff have a great sense of humor and truly make you feel welcomed. The language lesson instructions was very interactive and there was never a dull moment in the classroom. The school also offered great activities like kendo, taiko and trips to the lavender fields.

During our stay in Hokkaido, we lived with a host family. Our host family was great and surprisingly they used to live in California which is where we're from! They were very welcoming and made us feel part of the family. It was a great way to experience the Japanese culture and it was a lot of fun to do things with them.

It has almost been a year since we studied at Hokkaido Japanese Language School and we still are in contact with the school staff and our old classmates!

How can this program be improved?
Everything was great. The only thing I would have liked to see more of would be more after class language games with the teachers; they were a lot of fun!
Yes, I recommend this program
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Quality language instruction with a unique cultural experience

I did a 9 week winter course, taking group lessons which lasted 3 hours every weekday morning. The small class sizes (max of 6) allowed plenty of personal attention from the instructors to help practice and improve my language skills. My instructors were extremely helpful in teaching Japanese not only from the course curriculum, but also incorporating new material when the students asked to learn about a particular subject or scenario. In 9 weeks I feel that I learned the equivalent of a university semester course (if not more).

Beyond the classroom JaLS offers a full cultural experience. My afternoons were filled with optional activities; a few I took part in include making sushi, taiko (Japanese drumming), and learning a traditional tea ceremony. I also attended several conversation lessons, in which Japanese locals mingle with students to play games and practice conversational Japanese.

The school is located in the city center, which gave me plenty of opportunities to explore on my own with easy access to shopping, dining, and sightseeing. I also found it very easy to take day trips and overnight trips to other parts of Hokkaido on the weekends. I took advantage of Hokkaido’s legendary snow and went to several nearby ski resorts, including a couple adventures with JaLS students and staff.

The JaLS community is what made my time in Japan an amazing experience. I quickly bonded with many of the other students who came from various corners of the world, united by a common interest in learning Japanese. I made many friends and was happy to have new companions to explore Hokkaido with while practicing Japanese.

The JaLS staff is the core of creating a positive community atmosphere. The friendliness and support of the staff is outstanding! I was comfortable in their presence and confident in their ability to proficiently run a language school. And beyond school business I was constantly impressed by the genuine outreach they made, often going out of their way to organize group events, assist with logistics (reservations, housing, travel, etc.), or just joke around with between class.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Five and a Half Weeks, Loved All of It

The staff is incredibly nice and good at teaching. My time there prepared me for over a semester's worth of intensive 2nd year Japanese at my university, and I still had most of the day to freely explore Sapporo and its surroundings with my new international classmates and friends. I stayed at one of the hostels JALS recommended, and it was a great place to stay long term; if you're imagining ten bunk beds and one sink in the same room, don't. We all had spacious rooms to ourselves, and there were several well-maintained communal bathrooms on each floor. There was a kitchen downstairs with plenty of cabinet space and appliances for cooking, as well as a TV area with 3 sofas. The residents were very friendly, as are the residents of Sapporo; the city itself is beautiful, clean, and there's so much to do. I was fortunate enough to choose a great school in a great area, and I had a wonderful experience. (Can't wait to go back!)

How can this program be improved?
I honestly can't think of anything to change. :)
Yes, I recommend this program
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A great way to spend a month in Hokkaido

I had the great privilege of taking a month off of work and spending it in Hokkaido. My wife and I picked JaLS because of its summer program with all its cultural activities. Classes are 3 hours in the morning and then optional cultural activities take place in the afternoon. The line up of activities was a lot of fun. There was kendo, soba making, and kimono experiences. There were special activities like trips out to nearby Furano and Otaru.

If I had the time and money, I would go back again. I made a lot of new friends through the program. Many of whom I still keep in touch thanks to social media.

How can this program be improved?
There's not much that needs improvement. The facility felt small at the peak of the summer, but that's when you we met the most people.

I got mostly photocopies of the English version of our text and I received a Japanese work textbook. It would have been nice to have the actual English version of Minna no Nihongo to go home with me. However, the lack of the English version did not take away from a great experience.
Yes, I recommend this program
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My JaLS Family!!

I went to study at JaLS for 6 weeks last summer (2014). The classes were great and the teachers were very engaging. I learned a lot and really want to come back again.
I made lots of friends from around the world and we all became like a family.
The housing was really nice and the people who lived there wanted to help with homework and anything we might be struggling with.
i had a lot of fun with the cultural activities after school (such as taiko drumming, making sushi, and wearing kimono) and the weekend trips (rafting, Otaru, onsen).
Overall this is an A++ course and you should check it out!!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Vivid and Memorable time at JaLS

My time at this school was my first time travelling to Japan. I thought it would be a normal dull language school and a good class, but what I had experienced was far beyond my expectation. My first impression of the school is that the decoration and environment was very nice. All the classrooms and living area is beautifully renovated and give a warm and welcome feeling. The staffs and teachers are very kind and helpful. I almost feel like they are my own family. The class is taught in a small number of people so I learnt Japanese really fast and got to talk and have fun a lot with my teachers and my friends. The principle said he will always keep each classroom with small group of students to create a great learning environment. He is very kind and often come to talk with us whether we have any problems or issue. Moreover, I had made a lot of good friends from all over the World including France, Germany, England, Hongkong, Macau and definitely Japan. We are still good friends and always keeping in touch(also with my teachers and the staffs!). My first Japan trip become vivid and memorable time I will never forget. I highly recommend Hokkaido Japanese Language School for anyone who seeks for great study and experience in Japan.

How can this program be improved?
I strongly disagree with the quote "No program is perfect." because everything seems to be wonderful in JaLS. If I have to change something, it would be that when there were many students from the same country they kept talking in their own language and always hang out together. It was sad for everyone else because it is hard to make friend with them. I suggest the school choose not to accept large group of students from the country at once, but try to even students from various countries instead.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing experience

I took the summer course last year and I have to say it was an amazing experience. The lessons were always fun - but also a lot of content was taught. The cultural lessons were amazing and something to always look back on. A great way to meet people from all over the world and to form new friendships.
The staff and teachers were awesome and made those 4 weeks very special.

Yes, I recommend this program


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