Intensive Spanish Immersion Program in Heredia, Costa Rica

1 to 8 weeks
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Tico Lingo
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About This Program

Tico Lingo offers the most personalized and immersive Spanish programs in Costa Rica. We offer students a relaxed learning environment with small classrooms, free coffee, and good vibes.

Our Intensive Spanish Immersion Program aims to give students linguistic fluency through cultural immersion and an intensive Spanish curriculum. We emphasize oral communication and application by connecting students directly to the local community through conversational classes and homestay accommodation.


  • Flexible Start Dates
  • Non-Toursty Environment
  • Fun Add-ons Available

Live life like a Costa Rican. Walk the streets, eat the food, hear the music, and speak the language of Costa Rica on a daily basis. Receive catered classes to your level to allow you to connect with locals immediately.

A Regular Day:

7:15 am - Eat a hearty Costa Rican breakfast with your homestay family

7:45 am - Walk to Tico Lingo, finish homework, and drink your morning coffee

8:00 am - Start Spanish class with your professor and classmates (no more than 5 to a classroom)

10:00 am - Enjoy a short break and refill on coffee

10:15 am - Return to class

12:00 pm - Finish class and participate in program activities like yoga, dance, and/or cooking class

1:15 pm - Leave the school and walk through Heredia to find your favorite local restaurant. Spend time speaking with locals, studying material, and connecting to the local community.

4:00 pm - Return to homestay to spend time with your family

6:00 pm - Enjoy a homecooked Costa Rican dinner, complete homework, and relax at home

What's Included
  • Intensive Spanish classes 4 hours a day/5 days a week
  • Homestay accommodation
  • Breakfast, dinner, wifi, and laundry
  • Local tour of Heredia museums, central parks, and central markets
  • Class materials and local city map
  • Airport pickup from SJO
  • Conversational classes with locals once a week
What's Not Included
  • Lunch
  • International and domestic flights and transportation

Tico Lingo provides each student the opportunity to live with a local family located within walking distance of the school. Each homestay family offers students endless occasions to practice “real life” Spanish. Beyond the benefits to students, the program also benefits the local families involved with the program. 90% of student payment goes directly to the families hosting.

Housing includes a private room, laundry service, breakfast, dinner, and wifi.


Costa Rican cuisine is known to be nutritionally well rounded, meals are always cooked from scratch, and loaded with the many exotic fruits and vegetables readily available locally. Traditional meals have a home-cooked, comforting feel to them and with the Homestay Program, you’ll be given two meals a day, breakfast and dinner.

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I'm so glad I decided to stay with a family during my studies at Tico Lingo. I can be pretty introverted at times, so I was nervous about living with a family that expected me to socialize. My homestay mom was super outgoing and friendly, but she always respected my space and wouldn't get offended if I didn't take up her offer to go out to karaoke. But really that was kind of the best part- she...


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Located two hours from the Pacific ocean and three hours from the Caribbean, Tico Lingo offers a complete Spanish immersion program curated by our expert Spanish professors. Utilizing groups of no more than six students per class, we submerse out...