Intensive Spanish Immersion Program in Heredia, Costa Rica

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Tico Lingo offers the most personalized and immersive Spanish programs in Costa Rica. We offer students a relaxed learning environment with small classrooms, free coffee, and good vibes.

Our Intensive Spanish Immersion Program aims to give students linguistic fluency through cultural immersion and an intensive Spanish curriculum. We emphasize oral communication and application by connecting students directly to the local community through conversational classes and homestay accommodation.

  • Flexible Start Dates
  • Non-Toursty Environment
  • Fun Add-ons Available

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Tico Lingo would definitely be worth your time and money. I am 58 years old and did not feel out of place even though most students are in their 20s. Rather than participate in the school's weekend and evening social activities, I did my own exploring of San Jose and surrounding areas. Also did some fun things with my Tico host family. Being young at heart is the key to success.
I'm so glad I decided to stay with a family during my studies at Tico Lingo. I can be pretty introverted at times, so I was nervous about living with a family that expected me to socialize. My homestay mom was super outgoing and friendly, but she always respected my space and wouldn't get offended if I didn't take up her offer to go out to karaoke. But really that was kind of the best part- she...


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  • Instruction 9.7
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 9.5
  • Housing 9.6
  • Value 9.7
  • Academics 10
  • Support 10
  • Fun 10
  • Housing 10
  • Safety 10
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Professional Classes, Beautiful School, Learned Real Spanish

I was down in Costa Rica doing some traveling in late September and needed some quick Spanish classes to get me through day-to-day interactions. I had an intro-to-spanish book that just wasn't cuttin' it, so I got online, found Tico Lingo, and was pretty well convinced that this was the school for me just after a short phone call.

The program director helped me find a group of students that shared my same level and I was quickly in the classroom, paying a good rate (really low comparatively to some of the other schools I checked out), and learning a ton. The whole class was taught in Spanish - this was kind of annoying at first, but it got me really LISTENING to the professor rather than just waiting for the next bit of English to be said.

I was staying in a local hostel in Heredia, but switched to a Homestay 'cause I wanted another week at the school. I've done home stays before - it's a hit or miss - and this one through Tico Lingo was an absolute hit. The family was so warm, so welcoming, and mi mamá cooked some fantastic meals for me. We played board games at night and I was able to talk about myself in Spanish and help her a little with her English.

I met some cool people at the school and really improved my Spanish rapidly! It went quick, and I wished I had more time there. It's a really pretty school that has been designed with a great vibe. We got custom material (all written in Spanish) and played hacky-sack during breaks. Oh yeah, unlimited free coffee!

Would recommend!

How can this program be improved?
The homestay section lost a point because the hot water went out a couple of times through the trip (largely due to lack of hot water heaters throughout the country though). Everything else was top notch! Pura vida!
Response from Tico Lingo

Great Review Alie!

Thanks so much!

Always nice to hear from an old student! Glad you had such a great time with Marie and her family. She really does cook some of the best meals we've had! She actually plans to teach a cooking class here at the school come June!

Come back down whenever you'd like! We'd love to have you.

¡Pura Vida!


Yes, I recommend this program
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My Spanish improved immensely. Can't wait to go back!

It will be hard for me to succinctly review Tico Lingo because I have so many amazing memories from my time there. Since getting back to the U.S., I frequently reminisce and daydream about being back in Costa Rica.

After my initial Skype assessment with Freddy, I was impressed with his thoroughness, and also his professionality. When I started classes, Freddy was ready from day 1 to work with my level. I studied Spanish all throughout high school, but honestly Freddy has been my favorite, and most effective teacher by far. One aspect of his teaching I think really helped was essentially staying in Spanish the entire time, and making me figure out how to listen very carefully. In addition, there was a great balance between learning vocabulary and grammar, and learning vernacular phrases and how to talk about abstract open-ended subjects, like "what is the purpose of life" or "what are some of my strengths.

In addition to the excellent teaching, the school itself was in a super easy to access location in Heredia, very close to the bus stop, and very safe and secure. They had awesome hammocks that I would use to take a rest from studying, fruit trees, and the building itself was kind of like a relaxing retreat spot.

Chris, the owner, was very kind to provide fresh coffee everyday, and also took me on some epic trips around the country for the weekends. I was able to see the beautiful Pacific at Jaco and Esterillos, went to two Volcanoes--Barva was my favorite--and took trips into Alajuela and San Jose to experience the city life of Costa Rica. I even got to play soccer with a bunch of Ticos. They are soo good!

I can't forget to mention my host family. Sonia, Andre, and Tia were really welcoming and accomodating, and they did a good job of talking to me in only Spanish. Andre, the son, could speak fluent English, but he went out of his way to speak Spanish with me and correct me when I made mistakes.

Lastly, I am a musician, and I was able to have a concert at the school in their dance and yoga room, and I felt so lucky to have this great big Costa Rican family come and listen, and even sing a few songs with me!

I cannot wait to return to Costa Rica, and I will definitely do another immersion with Tico Lingo when I go back.

How can this program be improved?
The teaching, school, location, and sincerely kind attitude of everyone at Tico Lingo were pretty much perfect. The only thing I would suggest is maybe encouraging the host family to socialize a bit more with the student outside of the home, if possible. I wouldn't have changed that much though. Sonia, my host mom, made me limonada caliente--hot lemonade-- (a local sore throat remedy) when I got sick and made me some excellent meals. She did a great job.
Response from Tico Lingo

We still hark back on the days of the great guitarist Jack being with us in Tico Lingo and still have local families ask us when you will be coming back to play another concert!

It was truly a fantastic experience having you down here and watching your Spanish skills go through the roof. Freddy still asks about you and wants to teach you more horrible street slag of Costa Rica - as well as play more soccer with Venesa and the gang down here.

Always appreciate good feedback about our families - as well as the volcano tours feedback. We're actually heading up to Barva this weekend!

Come back! Sooner than later. We'll have a show ready for you at the school.

¡Pura Vida!


Yes, I recommend this program
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An Unforgettable Experience

I was in Costa Rica for a yoga retreat and wanted to spend about three extra weeks in this beautiful country trying to advance my very limited Spanish language skills. I am so happy I found Tico Lingo. Chris, the owner, gave me an excellent rate and my teacher, Freddie, taught me so much more than any college or high school level Spanish class ever did. Heredia is a beautiful town -- very non-touristy. It was perfect for me. I wanted to actually learn the language and the residents and shop owners provided plenty of opportunities for practice. As my knowledge of the language grew, so too did my confidence. It was such a rewarding experience and one that I will never forget. Thank you, Tico Lingo!

How can this program be improved?
I love the structure of the learning day -- classes in the morning and activities in the afternoon. Honestly, I can't think of anything I'd change.
Response from Tico Lingo

Great Review Leila!

Thanks so much for the kind words! It was quite fantastic to see your Spanish skills sky-rocket just over those first few days. It must have been your strong background in English and writing that led to you really picking up Spanish so quickly. Really was something cool to see!

Hope to see you back down here again soon! We're growing our yoga program down here and are hoping to offer different practices to the roster over the next month or so! Would love to have you down again to check them out!

¡Gracias por venir Leila! ¡Esperemos verte de nuevo pronto!


Yes, I recommend this program
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Awesome School, Great Classes, Relaxed Atmosphere

I loved my experience at Tico Lingo!. I learned Spanish enough to have conversations with locals within 3 weeks! I had been doing DuoLingo on my phone for 3 months and got no where near this far. I was placed with an excellent host family who loved me as their own. I couldn't believe how open, loving, and relaxed this family was. So so different than my family back in New York...

I made some lasting relationships with people I met there from all over the globe! My new bestie (from Germany) and I went out dancing in Heredia almost every other night! It was fantastic.

The teachers are professional, knowledgeable and friendly and the school made it easy to take fun side trips around the country as well. We went out to a volcano, took a beach trip, and visited some locals out in the mountains. It was really an incredibly expereince that I wont forget! Thanks guys!

How can this program be improved?
I really don't think I'd change anything in the program. I learned so much and had such lasting experiences with the people at Tico Lingo, I can't imagine changing anything.
Response from Tico Lingo

So awesome Connor! Great to hear your travels South have been successful!

Thanks so much for the kind words!

¡Buen viaje amigo!

Yes, I recommend this program


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