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We are hosting over 200 students this summer on our China Internship and study abroad Program


Spend this summer interning in our Executive Internship Program located in the most exciting and culturally aware cities in China. Each program is unique and tailored to participant’s career needs and includes professional placement, Mentoring and Grooming, Accommodation, Travel, networking, Chinese Language & cultural immersion, and so much more. Our summer program is unique with exciting events such as leadership training, profile and resume building, networking with industry experts and latest updates on landing jobs in China after internships. Gain a sense of independence and confidence as you work in your dream Chinese city.

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The host companies provide stipends based on several factors. Internship durations lasting for 3 months and above certainly comes with a stipend ranging from $400 to $600


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I applied to your program one year ago and was told that I would get my refund if offers that satisfied me would show up. It has been a year and so far I have gotten one very poor offer in August 2017.
I have sent several messages to ask for a refund and got no response from you. Very poor and feels like a scam in my opinion! Definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone, expensive and very bad customer service.

No, I don't recommend

The unexpectated with CIP

I carried out an internship for 2 months but I experienced poor organisation with the programe arrangements in terms of the welcome pack, sight seeing, chinese lessons etc. It was great that we get provided with a phone (I paid extra for this) but it arrived 19 days late, the sim card did not arrive, I had no chinese lessons whilst my first sight seeing trip was arranged on my 4th or 5th week.

I was left stranded so I feel that that my safety was not considered and there was no work for me to do when I got their because they only had Chinese based clients even though well spoken English was stated in the job description. I was advised to go on WeChat all day, every day for 2 months! Unfortuantely I came back without learning anything, apart form the culture.

The colleagues in the office at work however did seem nice and wanted to get on me.

I have heard that the programme has previously been a sucess however overall I think I was just unfortunate to have recieved this experience.

How can this program be improved?
By delivering all services to standard as stated according to the programme.
By providing more sight trips earlier on as this is the time where most people would like to make friends, or at least stagger them as stated in the programme. e.g. once every 2 weeks...instead of my first on my 4th weekend.
Response from China Internship Placements

Thanks so much Laura Smyth for Selecting the CIP Platform and sharing your experience. It is our wish to deliver career transformation, and we’ve stayed true to this mission for the past 10 years. You may have reservations about our service delivery but being ethical and stating the truth is critical.
Especially given that you will be a leader someday. It is good to know that you enjoyed the cultural side of the program. We hosted 87 interns in Shanghai city and during the 2017 Summer Session, and you are privy to this.
Most of the services you claim not to have received offered, but you did not avail yourself.

As part of streamlining our Intern's experience, we distributed 3 evaluation forms from CIP, the Company as well as your Own University (University of Northampton) but you never submitted any response. Our Director of Operations also followed up several times. The success of your experience is dependent on you cooperating adequately.
Fortunately, you were not the only Intern from CIP who interned with the same Company this summer. We, therefore, found it surprising the experience wasn’t great in your case.
We always protect any information regarding our Alumni, unless under circumstances like this. I will be very straight to the point that CIP Internship Programs are not meant to be only fun, but also your professional exposure is vital. We laid primary emphasis on the experience as well as Chinese Business and cultural exposure needed to position you for the Job Market.
CIP placed you into one of China’s finest PR and Branding firm; the Placement Team also gave you the opportunity to speak with the Human Resource Manager of the Company to confirm all details before signing an offer letter. You clarified your roles and asked questions, even talked with your supervisor before arrival. We deem this process as very vital to your experience, and we did not compromise it. We got your performance review report from the Company during and after your internship. We noticed that you did not attach any seriousness to the opportunity even though the Organization sponsored you to other cities to plan branding events and prepare logistics and associated reports. Wechat as you rightly stated is a central platform for any marketing agenda in China, and it is not wrong to have training about using it. Punctuality, team skills, and commitment to your job roles were important some of which were not present in your performance.
We usually provide Mentoring and counseling services to help interns understand how to act responsibly especially when this is their first corporate experience, but you turned it down

For the Package arrival, we provided you with tracking evidence why it delayed. The Package was delivered to your apartment, but you were not present. As usual, we spoke with you and then you requested delivery to your company. There isn’t much blame to apportion here as the initial delivery was on time but we do apologize for the delay in your package

Regarding Activities, We scheduled several activities, and our Program Coordinators invited you to attend, and you did not show up because you had other priorities. You never made time to even meet other interns on the program. We have all that in evidence and I think we already provided that to you.
For Chinese language lessons, you attended first 3 sessions and later stopped turning up when class time is due. I personally called you asking that you try and attend the classes.
Safety: CIP provided you an insurance coverage of up to $100,000 of health care, and we have on record that you met the Doctor several times. You lived with other interns at the center of the city which raised no issues of compromised safety

We offered all services as agreed and you either did not avail yourself because you had personal plans or you ignored our program Coordinators when they reach out. You requested for a private activity organized for you alone which we did, but you canceled last minute.

Most of the issues and concerns were never raised during the program; you also did not turn up the evaluation documents. Very interestingly, You requested a refund of £3,000 (which is more than your program fee) and threatened this kind of reviews.
We are committed to ensuring we deliver services to meet the set standard and to serve our intern community properly. Personal interests will not be considered.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavor and career choices. Always remember developing an excellent personal profile requires commitment, professionalism and hard work.

No, I don't recommend
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Falling on CIP for my internship in China

After my graduation from Queensland's University, Landing a common job became a struggle. I did everything possible just to put my knowledge I have acquired to practice .However it wasn’t quite easy. I decided to test the waters and explore all possible opportunities I could chance on just to put my career on track. So as I explored, I chanced on this article, "How to land a permanent job from your internship" published by China internship placements. I read through this article with my eagerness to find out more. At the tail end of the article, I click on a link that says how to plan your China internship and I was led to the webpage of CIP. Everything else took flight after afterwards leading to my arrival in China for a three month internship placement in Beijing. Before arriving in china, I was a bit skeptical and I thought the experiences will be jarring. But those GUYS at CIP made my experience overwhelming. They are professionally competent. Every aspect of their program components is executed without breach. I was warmly received at the airport followed with a welcome dinner thence to my apartment. I had a good rest on the weekend and on Monday, I was introduced to my interning company by this lovely lady named "Joanna." my zero knowledge of mandarin which I thought would be a hindrance never crosses the scene. To cut everything short , I landed myself a job at the end of my 3month internship not with the same company though but a different one. My decision of falling on China Internship placements for an internship in China was and has been fruitful and continues to yield fruition. On this note ,I add that if you want to gain knowledge about Asian regulatory issues regarding marketing and Chinese market entry strategies, Professional grooming to gain hands-on experience and the Opportunity to land a permanent Job, do not hesitate to go with CIP.

How can this program be improved?
The language classes should be intensive
Yes, I recommend
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Short but Deep Experiences - My summer with CIP in China

I was in China in summer 2014 for a language program via CIP's Program. It was full of fun, very educative and transformative, especially the immersion. My University recommended this program while I was searching for China Summer Programs.
I had a Chinese language program arranged with Fudan University in Shanghai which awarded me credit for my university transcript. I selected an intensive program so I also had language tutors helping with language lessons in the evenings.
The end product was to get me sit my HSK exams and that worked. I will say the program was successful given the support. I was allocated with a personal program coordinator who was at my disposal every now and then for updates and my safety. The accommodation was ok as well as the living conditions. I did not like the first place I was allocated and I complained and this was changed within a week.
The swiftness in response from the Program Directors is fine with me. Sometimes responses do not come promptly but that’s understandable because I have access to my coordinator for urgent issues to be addressed.

Yes, I recommend
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I love my Summer Placement - I will recommend CIP on anyday

I was in China for a summer Internship program via CIP Platform. I was placed into a company in Shanghai. Right from the airport, I knew I was in safe hands. I was picked up and dropped in my apartment to settle down. I had a dinner in the downtown with my program coordinator while we break ice and get to know each other well. Anyway my first impression about China is been good too
I took an investment banking position with investment analyst job roles. It makes sense sometimes to pay a whooping sums to go out. My roles bothered around: Analyzing investment themes / strategies, Commercial due diligence of potential investment opportunities, Financial modeling and valuation analysis, Competitive landscaping studies including financial and operational benchmarking.
First of all, my role scared me and while preparing for the interview, I will say, I was not ready for it but with the Interview coaching system that CIP had for me, prepared me for it. You don’t need any serious experience to acquire more – I was told.
I joined 7 other interns with the same organization who were placed by CIP so I had no much pressure dealing with first few days.
I was operating on low budget so I could not travel to other provinces but my weekends were awesome with social activities and meeting other interns.
It was worth it though.

Yes, I recommend
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My Second Time in China - Awesome Summer Programs

Summer has never been meaningful as my trip to China. Although CIP has been at the center of arranging this trip. I will take credit for personally crafting the components and my program coordinators will recon this. May be I will give credit for the support they rendered and for being there when I needed them.
I arrived in China for the second time after I Studied Abroad in Shanghai in 2013. I was confident I will be back to Shanghai because it was awesome city full of opportunities and vibrancy.
I am a finance student in second year in uni with Wall Street ambitions. I was placed on a 3 month internship with a stock brokerage company headquartered in Qingdao but with an operations office in Shanghai. I assisted with building database by Data mining to help software designers build a module to predict the movement of financial systems around the globe. This is a live project that was not completed before my Internship. I then asked for a month more extension and this was granted as CIP facilitated the process very efficiently.
I like the placement because I learnt so much about Asian financial systems and markets. As usual, the social benefits cannot be left out too. I worked with very talented financial experts and organizations.
My host family was also very supportive, I had dinner with my host family every evening. Those who have been in China will know that Chinese are religious about their dinner times and adhere to it. I always marvel that the entire family will wait me till I am back home and we eat together.
My time has been beautiful in China.

Yes, I recommend
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Summer to Remember- CIP Programs are cool

I have had series of summer programs to other destinations and that of CIP is been a different perspective and taste. I usually like to spend my summer creating life long memories and adventure. I love to stress myself up and then get rewarded with good treat and rest.
It was an eye opening venture going to China. I combined Internship, Language Lessons and travelling. I spent 4 months in China. Arriving in Shanghai, I was blown by the reception. Gosh! Chinese are Hospitable!!! You will witness the real Chinese in everyday of life “lao wai” they call it.
I worked with a Management Consultancy firm which helps Chinese companies to restructure, Performance management and Leadership training. My roles was a job shadowing of an Executive Consultant. Mr Wang was appointed my Mentor and Coach throughout the Internship. I appreciate CIP for this arrangement because He is a board director on 3 different consultancy firms in Shanghai including Deloitte and some very popular ones. He has a wide network of social connections. Because of him, I had the opportunity to be invited as a special guest for Asia’s Finance Minister’s meeting. The memories live with me forever. I am now interested in working in Shanghai as an expat. So I will wait to complete University and decide what to do
I noticed that I had no time to travel as much because I got deeply interested in developing my skills rather than just travelling.
Weekends were awesome moments to meet people and have fun. Shanghai has a massive night life facilities with very good places to refresh and relax for the new academic year.
On an average, CIP has lived to my expectation and I can’t expect more than this. There are times that some of the components had delayed, and the right explanations were given. They don’t shy from their responsibilities. CIP 谢谢您们

Yes, I recommend


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