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LTL (Live the Language) Mandarin School offers the chance for students around the world to study Chinese culture and Mandarin Chinese language in one comprehensive program. During their time with LTL at one of the locations (Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Chengde), students will be immersed in the Chinese culture firsthand, furthering their understanding and appreciation of the Chinese language. Students will better their Mandarin skills while experiencing true Chinese life with LTL!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Brand new to learning Mandarin

I am brand new to learning Mandarin, and was a bit apprehensive about starting a full program without any background in the language. LTL has made this an incredibly joyous and easy to navigate experience. Their teachers are knowledgable and friendly and have even customized their lessons for the students in the virtual room. The other day I had a class on food and being hungry and my teacher brought in tons of additional food words to reflect my interests and foods I love. In addition to the wonderful teachers, their office has gone above and beyond to check in periodically and make sure that I am getting the best possible experience from their classes. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to learn Mandarin. I can't wait to learn more and continue with the company!

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Yes, I recommend this program


This is a school of excellence. I would recommend it to anyone seeking to learn Chinese. The teachers are excellent and the school is very responsive to any questions or problems you have. You are truly taken care of! I am currently using the online Flexi class program and plan to join the in-person program in Taiwan this summer. This school has so many options, it's hard not to find one that fits! Plus, you can change it at any time as your schedule changes. It's perfect for me as a working professional also trying to squeeze in language learning time.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I loved my classes with LTL Mandarin School

I stayed with LTL for a month in 2016 and it was an amazing experience. They were very helpful and I loved the environment and international atmosphere in the school. I've found amazing friends and visited places I would have never found without my new friends. The classes were well structured and the teachers very helpful. On the weekends, we had a lot of great activities offered and got to know the culture. I also tried Taiji and absolutely loved it. I felt very well taken care of in LTL Mandarin School and look forward to going there again.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
When I arrived in Beijing and drove to my housing by train, I did not have a Chinese SIM-Card yet but had to meet the landlord. I could not find her so I asked a Chinese to help me and luckily he knew some English and called the landlord. She came and only spoke Chinese but knew exactly what to do. We went to buy a SIM card and the brought me to my place so everything worked out well.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great immersive experience

This is my 4th time in China, and the 2nd studying at a language school. I came with a HSK level around 2-3 and I am very surprised to see how much my language skills developed in an immersive environment in just 1 month after me being here. In February I will attempt to pass HSK 4. LTL arranged the accommodation with a Chinese home stay family that is indeed very prepared to receive foreign students. I have just entered the second month in language program, now with 1-on-1 lessons, and I can say, from the 4 teachers I’ve had during this period, that they are very qualified and prepared. The staff is nice and very helpful, specially Jane who always arranges tours and traditional activities for the student to join, like dumpling making, calligraphy lesson, excursions to museums and as for this week a movie night. I made the right choice coming to LTL!

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Yes, I recommend this program

LTL Mandarin School, Shanghai

A quick note to thank the amazing staff at LTL in particular teacher Kristin J , my 14 year old daughter enjoyed her classes tremendously!

She enjoyed herself so much that she's asked us to organise another trip to Shanghai for two weeks this time. She feels that her speaking mandarin has improved a lot even though she only had a week's tuition, overall the positive and welcoming attitude of the teachers was really beneficial to boost her confidence and have her practice her language skills after class in real life situations.

We cannot comment on the school organised housing as we had organised our own accommodation at a nearby hotel.

Once again, many thanks to your professional staff for making this first language trip a success.
Sybille, Singapore


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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Jay Bhatt

Jay Bhatt is a software engineer from Northern California and is currently in the middle of a semester of studying Mandarin in Beijing, China. He enjoys fencing, language learning, and tomfoolery.

Why choose LtL?

I had narrowed my choices down to a Chinese University in Beijing and LtL, but settled on LtL because of my correspondence with the school's director, Andreas Laimbock. Those conversations made me feel like LtL had an environment that would be fun and productive, and that they had a strong commitment to quality home stays, which the university did not provide.

What made this study abroad experience unique and special?

Despite the fact that I've travelled a lot, the two home stays I did in Beijing and Chengde were mind-blowing. It is a cliché that travelers look for authentic experiences, but nothing is more authentic than living with a Chinese family that doesn't speak English. Also, having had a lot of experience learning languages in a variety of formats, I can also say that their quality of instruction is top-notch. This also applies to the ultra-immersive environment of Chengde, where there is no classroom: I was by myself and had the same teacher six hours a day, for three weeks, where she would force me to immediately apply lessons "in the field" while she observed.

How has this experience impacted your future?

As someone who is good at languages but has done most of that learning in American academic environments, full in-country immersion has always been the Holy Grail. It is a priceless thing to say, "I like something, am good at it, and I gave myself the fullest experience possible in that field." Being in China with awesome instruction and support at LtL is nothing short of a dream come true.

Highlights: By my last week in Chengde, I had been in China for seven weeks doing six hours of lessons per day. One day Teacher invited me to dinner with her. We talked about random things and eventually got back to talking about my family. I explained things that had happened to us, how they affected us at the time, how they shaped things throughout my life, how my thinking has evolved, how things are now, how I want them to be, the psychology and social dynamics of my family, and ten thousand other things. I waited for her response, but she stared off to the side, chopsticks hanging mid-air, silent. I then realized I had been talking for a very long time. I became self-conscious and worried that I had over-reached in complexity, not known enough words, and botched most of my tones. Still no response, so I asked her, "Did you understand that?" "Oh yes," she replied. "That was great. I understood all of that. I was just thinking about how amazing you mother must be." A dangerous mix of relief, validation, happiness, and pride set in as I went back to my noodles.

Morning: Up around 8:30am in my own air-conditioned-room-with-wifi, hot breakfast (usually small, tasty, steaming hot pork buns) is waiting for me by the time I'm out of the bathroom. I discuss the day's plans with Auntie, specifically whether or not I'll be home for dinner. I take her trash out on my way to school. The 30-minute walk is filled with sights, sounds, people, and other all the other small things that make living in a Big City fun - much better than a 30 minute car commute at home. It's hot and humid already, so I stop to buy cold water. It's gone by the time I reach school. I enter the lobby and am happily greeted by the staff, because they're great. My classmates and I kid around, because they're great. I have 10 minutes before class starts, so I relax on the balcony despite the heat and contemplate the crazy awesomeness of my situation.

Afternoon: My brain is fried from morning class. A welcome break finds me on the balcony with classmates again, sometimes after a quick run for another cold drink. We're having a good time trying to tease each other with the new vocabulary, which that day included "pink" and "high heels." Afternoon class resumes. I'm hoping at some point my brain will surrender, melt, and hit some kind of subconscious flow where everything gets magically assimilated. It doesn't. Apparently language learning with challenging teachers requires active hard work. And somehow remains fun.

Evening: The walk home is hot and sweaty, but the down time is good. Sometimes I take new routes and get lost. Auntie wonders why I didn't call her to ask for directions. I try to explain "adventure" to her. Dinner is ready and again super tasty. After eating, Auntie quizzes me on what I learned in class. We watch the Olympics. She asks me about current events and further furious addition of flashcards ensues. She goes to bed, I go to my room and crank the A/C. I try to do some internet but am too mentally exhausted to explain as much as I ought to. Posting is less frequent, emails more curt, and I drift off to sleep wondering what the heck I'm doing in China, knowing full well that I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Enjoying living in one of the most eccentric cities in the World as Marketing Manager at the wonderful LTL Mandarin School. Doing my best to learn Chinese, win poker tournaments and deal with the 8 hour UK time difference to watch UK football!

What is your favorite travel memory?

It's very difficult to pin one down given the diversity of the places I've visited but one trip will stick in the memory from 2012. My and a group of friends traveled to Poland and Ukraine following England in the European Football Championships. The trip included a 32 hour train from Krakow to Donetsk to watch England's first match.

Just before boarding we saw the famed Nick Collins (one of the UK's most popular faces on TV). We approached him and he duly offered us an interview which aired back home on Sky Sports News, a channel watching by millions. Our phones went mad within minutes and watching the interview back on TV was surreal. The train itself is beyond words. Copious amounts of vodka, beautiful scenery and 32 hours of meeting and greeting with people from all over the world. Just marvelous!

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

In terms of my working ability my skills have increased tenfold in my short stint here so far. Likewise, my Chinese has gone from basic vocab to intermediate level which I'm delighted about considering time is very hard to find working full time. China brings the best out of everyone and it's showing that in my first few months here.

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

Every student has a different, unique story. It's unfair to pin one down. The fact everyone has their own little story makes each and everyone so interesting. No two students are ever the same. What's always great is seeing students come back for 2nd, 3rd and even 4th stints at LTL. That shows how much people value the school and how much they enjoy spending time in China learning Chinese.

If you could go on any program that your company offers, which one would you choose and why?

Our immersion program in Chengde is fascinating. No English and speaking Mandarin 24/7 means this is the place to go to study Chinese. It offers something cities like Beijing and Shanghai just cannot offer. Chengde forces you into "uncomfortable positions". Yet, it's these aforementioned conditions that will enhance your skills, probably without you even realizing!

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

Our Immersion Program. No other competitor boasts Immersion like we do. Chengde is special, it's real China and our students make huge improvements in ridiculously short periods of time. As mentioned above you won't have a choice but to wriggle out of a situation using just your Chinese tools. When you get around the situation, it's a really nice feeling. Chengde does this a lot.

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

Togetherness. If the team pulls together, anything is possible. That very much shows at LTL I feel. There are three main units to our schools. The students, the staff and the teachers. All three mix, mingle and enjoy time together inside and outside of school. I think this is a huge factor in the company's growth in the last decade and I can only see that getting strong and tighter as more people come through the door.