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Next Step Connections is a leading Global Experiential Education organization offering ‘beyond classroom’ experiences and programs since 2008.

Our Mission is to bring together educators and enterprises to develop future global leaders.

We offer real world learning programs for students and fresh graduates looking to be the leaders of tomorrow. Our program capabilities include global internships, work experience in Asia, short-term university programs, study tours, virtual internship projects and student employability programs.

“Leading With your Own Voice”

NSC is best-suited for students and young professionals looking to travel the world to build their skills in real work environments with an open heart to new experiences; those in search of diversity, of community, and of purpose.

NSC is making the world a better place as we continue developing and empowering students to reach their full potential everyday.


8/F, Eton Tower, 8 Hysan Avenue
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong SAR China


Ching Samantha Wong
Ching Samantha

NSC helped me to find the company for internship. It also arranged housing, transportation as well as activities for us. The internship was well-planned. It was easier for me to adapt to lifestyle of Bangkok. The staff were very helpful for answering my enquiries. I learnt more about Thailand from my job. I also had plenty of time to explore the city during weekends. It was enjoyable. My time in Bangkok was fruitful.

Yes, I recommend this program

I loved the welcoming and supportive group of people that ran Next Step connections. Whenever I had questions about my internship or general questions about living in Bangkok, they were there to help. This program was also great at setting up dinners with companies, having speakers share their expertise, and hosting networking events for students to meet employers. Another bonus was the residence that NSC set us up with was super nice with lots of amenities and furniture. I’d recommend anyone who is thinking about going abroad to do it through Next Step! I was also extremely satisfied with the company they set me up with. I learned a whole lot about affiliate marketing and the Medical tourism industry, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

How can this program be improved?
Overall it was great. The only downside is that it was a bit costly, so perhaps lowering the burden students have to pay would be awesome.
Yes, I recommend this program

The program was very well-organized! We are arranged to live in a nice and comfortable hotel and enjoyed the sightseeing of the city. Overall,it was a Good opportunity to improve ourselves in a multicultural working environment. We have met people from different countries and have fun with each other. Also, we have got in touch with different types of work, which are really practical for our future development.

Yes, I recommend this program

It’s great in Shanghai. All of us enjoy it! It’s happy to learn and enjoy new things with different people with different backgrounds. It is an precious enperience to make this decision. The program provided us a comfortable and ease environment. The company that matched for us is great and indeed learned a lot from them. The program staff are warm- hearted and passionate. I will highly recommend you guys to join this program. Don’t be hesitant! Just come!

Yes, I recommend this program
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overall, it is good experience. At the beginning, it would be better to provide us more time and information for selecting and interview. after arriving shanghai, staff's service was quite careful and took care of each student of our programs. The hotel was really well located, giving a comfortable and convenient living space. About the internship, though it is not related with my professional knowledge, it impressed me a lot with the team work, unforgettable trip of trade mission. It is equal to widen my choice of alternative workplace.such as public relation or marketing.

Yes, I recommend this program


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