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Next Step Connections

Next Step Connections (NSC) is a international education organization offering experiential learning and student employability programs in Asia since 2008.

Our Mission is to Bridge the gap between the student and professional world by uniting students, universities and enterprises through collaborative and transformative experiential learning programs abroad.

We offer real world learning programs including global internships, work experience in Asia, short-term university programs and student employability programs.

NSC is best-suited for students and young professionals looking to travel the world to build their skills in real work environments with an open heart to new experiences; those in search of diversity, of community, and of purpose.

NSC is making the world a better place as we continue developing and empowering thousands of students to reach their full potential.

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Wai Yan
19 years old
United Kingdom
London School of Economics

An amazing experience (Legal)


I am fortunate enough to be accepted by Dentons, the largest law firm, becoming their legal intern in July. The work was diversified and lawyers really gave me lots of early responsibilities, including attending client meetings and editing share purchase agreements. The relationship I built there is long-lasting as well. I am still in touch with some of them, talking and sharing our moments of lives.

How can this program be improved?

There can be more peer support between interns in Shanghai.

19 years old
Loughborough University

Fantastic experience with Next Step Hong Kong


From the moment I contacted Next Step to the end of my internship, Next Step was there to make my life easier. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and are always willing to help you with anything and everything.

Next Step was able too find a company which closely related to the kind of place I wanted to work at. The company i worked for was an international one which made me feel right at home. Furthermore, the staff provided me with advice during my whole stay and also gave me valuable tips during the interview process.

A special thank you to Jacky Mo for guiding me throughout my time in Hong Kong. He was truly available 24/7 and always tried to find a solution to my problems.

How can this program be improved?

The only suggestion I have for Next Step, is to spend a little bit more time explaining the housing situation in Hong Kong and perhaps take a bit more time meeting the other (more permanent) tenants of the flats before offering options as well as a ensuring that a few more basic necessities are available. Other than that, the experience was Amazing!

21 years old

Second Time Joining the Internship HK Program


This is the second time joining HK internship program.
Last year, at a multinational insurance company, and this year at a investment company.

Both years, they were great. NSC has a lot of company lists, which will definitely make your resume shine. You will gain lots of hands-on experience, soft skills, as well as industry knowledge which will, for sure, be advantageous for your future.
The program is definitely worth the time and money.

The response from HK team (Jacky, for both years for me) is quite quick and detailed.
I am a HK resident, so I did not require a housing or visa. I heard from other reviews that process is smooth.

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