Hong Kong Future Leader Internship Program
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Hong Kong Future Leader Internship Program

Hong Kong is an international and colorful place to live in. It has a fierce reputation as the leading business and financial center in the world. Often described as the Asian dragon, the city is a vast land of opportunities where you will definitely be able to gain first hand work experience to improve your employability and grow!

The program is built on three core pillars to enable you to grow as a future leader:
Personal Growth
Career Building
Wellbeing Overseas

  • We craft unique Internships! The most important part of our program is the internship experience itself. We operate a formal internship placement process for each of our student. During this process, we assess the personal and professional goals of the st
  • Flexibility! We offer flexible start dates and length of stay throughout the year. You can truly participate in this program when it fits your schedule
  • NSC: A true family with experienced and dedicated staff members! Our team is composed of purpose-driven humans from France, China, Singapore, United States, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand.
  • Build soft skills and Increase personal growth to reach full potential. All of our interns have grown throughout our program by interning and living in an international city.
  • Meet the world! A key aspect of our program is the diversity of our participants. Each year, we receive students from over 30-35 countries, so each program is composed of students from different nationalities, cultures, customs. Students get a true cha
Hong Kong
Computer Science
Culinary Arts
Performing Arts
Year Round
Airport Transfers
SIM cards
Some Activities
Some Meals
Travel Insurance
Domestic Airfare
Fluency in English
Enrolled at University or recently graduated
Submit Online Application (including Resume and Picture)
Application Review by NSC Admissions Team
US $400 Deposit Payment
Internship Placement Process with dedicated NSC Advisor
Internship Confirmation
Pre Arrival Process (Balance Payment, Visa, Housing, Flights)
Experience Starts
Weekly Hours
Weeks Min.
Weeks Max
Age Min.
Age Max
Application Fee
Starting Price
Price Details
Global Students Program for 2 Months including:

Guaranteed Internship Experience
Assessment Test
Resume & Personal Branding Review
Professional Interview Preparation
Personal Business Cards
First day of Work Induction
Experiential Events
Executive Events
Student Community Access
Learning Outcomes Review
Career Empowerment Program
Completion Certificate
Health Insurance
Immigration Visa Assistance*

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Program Reviews

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  • Growth 9
  • Support 9.5
  • Fun 8.9
  • Housing 8.9
  • Safety 9.7
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Fantastic experience with Next Step Hong Kong

From the moment I contacted Next Step to the end of my internship, Next Step was there to make my life easier. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and are always willing to help you with anything and everything.

Next Step was able too find a company which closely related to the kind of place I wanted to work at. The company i worked for was an international one which made me feel right at home. Furthermore, the staff provided me with advice during my whole stay and also gave me valuable tips during the interview process.

A special thank you to Jacky Mo for guiding me throughout my time in Hong Kong. He was truly available 24/7 and always tried to find a solution to my problems.

How can this program be improved?

The only suggestion I have for Next Step, is to spend a little bit more time explaining the housing situation in Hong Kong and perhaps take a bit more time meeting the other (more permanent) tenants of the flats before offering options as well as a ensuring that a few more basic necessities are available. Other than that, the experience was Amazing!

Yes, I recommend
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Second Time Joining the Internship HK Program

This is the second time joining HK internship program.
Last year, at a multinational insurance company, and this year at a investment company.

Both years, they were great. NSC has a lot of company lists, which will definitely make your resume shine. You will gain lots of hands-on experience, soft skills, as well as industry knowledge which will, for sure, be advantageous for your future.
The program is definitely worth the time and money.

The response from HK team (Jacky, for both years for me) is quite quick and detailed.
I am a HK resident, so I did not require a housing or visa. I heard from other reviews that process is smooth.

No, I don't recommend

Precious experience in Prive

It was a so valuable experience in Prive Financial. All the employers are very responsible for teaching us how to get things done and always try to share all of the knowledges and experiences in Fintech to interns. Also, the work environment is very attractive and dynamic. People in here are so nice and friendly.
The consultant named Jacky in Next Step is proactive and so responsible on my case. I'm so lucky that Jacky followed my case.
I am highly recommending Next Step to you.

Yes, I recommend
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Great website-development internship in HK

I was really grateful of having this internship opportunity as a web-designer with Next Step Connections. They enriched my expeirience as a web-designer by giving my active supports and give me great space to explore my interest at the same time !

My supervisor is really great in helping me with the development process. We had active discussion during the process and it improved not only my technical skills but also my marketing as well as communication skills. I would recommend this intenship program for other university students as an oversea internship is really unforgettable and it was on of the greatest experience I have ever had !

How can this program be improved?

I would expect more fun activities out of the working hours.

Yes, I recommend
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Great Help

NSC was great help in letting me find an internship. They provided constant support and were always prompt in replying to any queries i had, wheather it was for visa requirements, about the industry or just about life in Hong Kong
They made the whole process as smooth as possible. I would definetly reccomend NSC if your looking for an internship in Asia as they have great contacts and are very professional.

Yes, I recommend
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Hong Kong has been such a wonderful experience

My 3 months Hong Kong internship has exceeded my expectations. Being the key getaway to one of the world's largest economy, Hong Kong serves as a main platform where various international firms establish their presence into China and Asia. Because of this reason Hong Kong offers a major opportunity to gain practical business experience and a good start point to a bright career. Aside of the challenging and competitive business environment, Hong Kong diversity in culture is another aspect that makes this city the ultimate internship destination. Like many expats from every part of the world, I am amazed with the fusion of Chinese tradition and modern western influence that has resulted into an interesting culture in itself. In this vibrant city that is indulged with diversity, I never ran out of exciting things to discover. Next Step Connection (NSC) local support in Hong Kong have provided me with more than the needed service to adapt in this new strange city. They are always available and ready to assist whenever necessary.

Most of all through this experience, i have gained a strong bond friendship with the NSC team.

Yes, I recommend
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Journey of self discovery

Hong Kong was always a dream destination for me. I made that dream into a reality when I decided to take a finance internship there with NSC. This was my first time interning abroad and thanks to the helpful staff at NSC, I had a great experience and broke out of my comfort zone. I loved the NSC group gatherings including fun cultural activities with other international and local interns. Through my internship, I had a chance to work with finance professionals, get a taste of a real working life, and become independent. I discovered my professional side and strength to adapt to a foreign country. I would recommend everyone to intern abroad to discovery yourself and the rest of the world.

Yes, I recommend
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Hong Kong

My experience in Hong Kong was awesome. Even though we were there to research the manufacturing industry in Hong Kong we still managed to have loads of fun sightseeing and going on outings during the weekend. Visiting Disneyland Hong kong, and the Big Buddha were the highlights of my trip. As well as, exploring various street markets, and experience new types of food.
Accomodation during the trip was great, Holiday Inn Express provided our group with excellent customer service, and an excellent experience overall.
Our guide, Jacky, was really friendly and engaging. He was always well presented, and willing to answer any questions and provide directions and recommendations of places if we wanted to go anywhere.

How can this program be improved?

I think one of the only things that could be improved would be the information related sessions and speakers. Some speakers were irrelevant to our topic of research, and that was a little bit disappointed. However, it was an overall good experience.

Yes, I recommend
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HK Study Tour 2016

My stay was great! The team made me feel very welcome in a really unfamiliar place and helped me to settle in. The included tours allowed me to see a lot more than I thought I could in two weeks. The business visits were an insight and gave me heaps to write about in my research. Overall I was able to step out of my comfort zone and enjoy a trip that I was initially nervous about.

My trip began with a sight-seeing trip of Hong Kong Island, where we visited the beautiful Victoria Peak (a great selfie opportunity!), the Aberdeen fishing village, and the Stanley Market. The team introduced us to the MTR system early on which made it so easy to get around. Our business visits included Li & Fung, Qualidux, Memorigin, and Jetta. These gave us an insight into the manufacturing industry in HK. Some of the more memorable experiences involved trying new foods -BBQ pork buns, egg waffles, and even fish stomach -, catching a show in Macau, and haggling in the markets. Even though this was a research study tour, the cultural experience has taught me so much and encouraged me to try new things. Definitely something I won’t forget!

How can this program be improved?

Most of the sight-seeing activities were good but I didn't enjoy the visits where we were expected to buy something or had people try to sell us stuff. I would have been more interested in cultural or museum experiences.

Yes, I recommend
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Nice Service

I didn't have the re entry visa for Hong Kong. Initially, I did not even know how to reach there. The staff of Next step (Jacky) was very helpful as I needed a re entry visa into Hong Kong. He took me to the immigration of HK and help me along the application process. This is because I have a different passport than other participants. I didn't realised until I was going out of HK just one day before. I would say it was fun and seen government offices and buildings besides my visa issue.

How can this program be improved?

Only the time is limited on each stop of the places visited.

Yes, I recommend
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Experience of a lifetime!

Doing a marketing internship in Hong Kong was definitely the best decision I've made before graduating, and going with NSC has made that decision so much easier. They helped me with placement with a great company, organised my visa (which saves a lot of hassle!), and set me up with a serviced studio apartment in Soho - the best location of town!

Having constant contact with Ray who also showed me around my office and my apartment, made things a lot easier for the first few days of settling into the Central area. Although there wasn't as many social events as I hoped for, I did make some lifelong friends with the other NSC interns through the NSC events - and even though we've all gone back to our home country, I know we'll keep in close contact.

Now that I've lived and worked in Hong Kong for two months, I realise that I definitely want to work in this city and move back now that I've graduated. I would definitely recommend for anyone who's still studying, or not sure what they want to do, to just go for it and do an internship overseas. You learn a lot about your line of work, but also about yourself - you meet a lot of amazing people, discover a new city - and NSC definitely encourages interns to make the most of their internship experiences.

How can this program be improved?

I would suggest that the Hong Kong program have more social events as it would have been nice to have some friends to meet with for dinners or on weekends - but I know the HK program is smaller than the Shanghai side. Also the apartment was tiny, a shoebox! But it can't be helped, this is Hong Kong we're talking about.

Yes, I recommend
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MEGA Group Holdings (HK) Limited

I found Next Step Connection's web through google search. Before I applied their internship programme. I communicate with the programme advisor via email. After all of my questions being solved, I decided to join the NSC internship programme.

My internship experience is way more exciting than what I have had expected. I am working in a Hong Kong company called MEGA Group Holding (HK) Limited. When I just started my internship with MEGA, I had no working experience at all. Luckily, my co-workers are very nice and they are willing to teach. Since I am working in a SME, I am able to work in different departments, meet all of the stuff in the company and have a better idea of how a company operate.

The NSC internship programme doesn't only give me a job, but also real working experience. Now, I have been working for the company for 3 months and become their full time staff 2 months ago. I enjoy working with MEGA. Although there are lots of things I need to learn from my job and my colleagues, I can see how I grow during my first quarter with MEGA.

Yes, I recommend
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Hong Kong is a Nice Destination for Future Professionals

Hong Kong provides nice experience for students who want to become future professionals. The overall working pace is very quick compared to other parts of the world. The internship placement done by NSC is also good. Most of them are international agencies. The internship experience is rewarding.

Yes, I recommend
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Hong Kong was a blast!

My experiences in Hong Kong this summer were amazing. I was not expecting so much from NextStep in terms of immersing us in Hong Kong's culture. NSC took further steps to create activities that were both fun and inclusive, showing me as much of Hong Kong as I could fit in my time there!

Yes, I recommend
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Awesome Time

I was initially very disappointed that my internship didn't go through. I had a position set up and they fell through the cracks last minute. I was actually considering pulling out of the program since I am in Hong Kong all the time anyways so I didnt' feel like I needed the internship to make it-so to speak. I was definitely wrong. Not only did I have a great time. I made the most of my internship even though it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I made some great contacts that I am keeping up with and I am now going to touch base with them when I return in a month or so. I think this may lead to a job after graduation.

I lived at home because I have family in Hk, so I didn't stay in the housing but I did visit it. I did go out with my classmates. I didn't have any difficulties because it wasn't anything new. Basically it was eye opening just that it my experience was so different just because of the internship and activities our professor organized that made it better than the 2 times a year I'm usually there.

Yes, I recommend

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