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AIFS Abroad is a premier provider of study abroad programs. Program fees cover tuition and housing, and over 50% of our study abroad participants receive financial support from AIFS Abroad in the form of scholarships or grants. Coordinated AIFS Abroad Flight Packages with major airlines are also available.
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Round trip flights and airport transfers included for students on the optional AIFS Flight Package.

Feb 15, 2024
Jul 10, 2023
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About Program

Spend a January, summer, semester or academic year at the London Global Education Center with AIFS Abroad! You’ll earn up to 15 credits per semester. Academic credit for the AIFS Abroad London program is awarded by Fairfield University.

Enjoy cultural and social activities including:
• Guided city tours of Kensington and London
• Theater performances
• Music concerts
• Visit to an English soccer game
• Day trips to Cambridge, Stonehenge and Salisbury.
An optional 3-day trip to Paris (taking you through the Channel Tunnel!) is offered as well.

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Diversity & Inclusion

BIPOC Support

At AIFS Abroad, we want to support all participants in their study/internship abroad journey, inclusive of gender, race, religion, age, physical ability, or sexual orientation. Everyone has a complex identity, and faith, spirituality, and religion are important factors when deciding on a program location.

LGBTQIA+ Support

At AIFS Abroad, we want to support all participants in their study/internship abroad journey, inclusive of gender, race, religion, age, physical ability, or sexual orientation. Everyone has a complex identity, and faith, spirituality, and religion are important factors when deciding on a program location.

Accessibility Support

Everyone’s experience is unique. We recognize the location you choose can have an impact on your sense of belonging. We encourage you to use the information below as you review your options to select the program and location that will be the best choice for you. If you do not hold the identities that are amplified here, this information is still a great resource for you as well. It will give you a better understanding of those who have this identity.



In response to the overwhelming global climate crisis, AIFS Abroad is pleased to make Sustainability a key priority when considering organizational, operational, and programming decisions. We understand that the only way to effectively combat this crisis and mitigate the effects of climate change is to drastically reduce our environmental impact. Therefore, AIFS Abroad has committed to reaching carbon neutrality by the year 2025. AIFS Abroad is proud to announce we have signed the CANIE Accord, becoming the first US provider to make this commitment.

Program Highlights

  • Earn up to 15 credits with transcripts issued by Fairfield University
  • Internship and volunteer opportunities
  • Tours of London and historic sites & day trips to Cambridge, Stonehenge and Salisbury
  • Optional 3-day trip to Paris, France
  • Health & Safety 24/7 emergency support and comprehensive insurance

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AIFS Study Abroad in London, England

Earn up to 3 credits while studying in the heart of London at the Global Education Center. London itself plays a vital role in your study. Critically analyze the legacy of the British Empire and consider the complexities of immigration by focusing on London’s global cuisine, learn about fashion marketing in one of the fashion capitals of the world, or find out more about the history of London by visiting major sites and hidden gems as the city becomes your textbook.

AIFS Abroad London, England

Spend your summer in the thriving city of London, England with AIFS Abroad at the Global Education Center! Programs include a Traditional Academic Program, Shakespeare's Globe, or Museums and Galleries. You’ll earn up to 6 credits through Fairfield University.

London City Tour

Take 2 courses worth 3 credits each from the regular offering of courses on the Traditional Academic Program in addition to HIST/SOC 335 British Life and Culture (3 credits) and a 3-credit internship in your field of study and earn up to 12 semester credits. All students will be enrolled in INTN 310 International Internship in London which consists of 15 contact hours of seminars and workshops related to their placement and 90-132 hours of supervised unpaid placement.

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  • 1 rating 1.69%
  • Academics 4.25
  • Support 4.75
  • Fun 4.3
  • Housing 4.65
  • Safety 4.85
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Yes, I recommend this program


My time with AIFS spread over the entire academic year of 2022-2023. I studied abroad in London, and I had a life-changing experience. I will be forever thankful to AIFS for the experiences I was a part of, the people I met, and the wonderful places that I travelled to. I learned more than I ever could have in a classroom in the US during my time abroad, and this was because of the wonderful program and especially the excellent staff associated with AIFS. The professors genuinely care about their incredible education curriculum but always put student experience and learning first. I feel changed by this experience and would recommend it to anyone that wanted to study abroad.

  • Traveling the world!
  • Experiencing new cultures
  • Amazing staff
  • Housing
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Yes, I recommend this program

Bibliotherapy: The Course Everyone Should Take

While I was on the Spring 2023 London program with AIFS, I had the opportunity to take Bibliotherapy: The Art of Reading with Professor Moody. I can’t recommend this program and this class enough! Bibliotherapy focuses on how reading can provide well-being. This course was personalized to allow us to explore what we were interested in reading and find ways to promote self-care and healing. I found this class to be one of my favorites as we explored bookstores and libraries. (And we even got to picked out two books to be paid for by the class for our enjoyment!) Another class I want to recommend if you are looking into this program is British Drama with Professor Brian. This class was wonderful to explore the development of theatre in London and how modern theatre is today with viewings of performances as class trips or watching recorded versions. Both of these professors were excellent at engaging students and creating wonderful connections from both the material to beyond the classroom. Overall, my time with the AIFS program was wonderful to explore London as I completed some extra credits towards my degree. All the staff was lovely. If you have any concerns financially, there is helpful assistance with financial aid and scholarships. If you get the opportunity to go, I highly recommend it!

  • Opportunities to explore city in hands-on classes
  • Wonderful staff and customer service
  • Engaging classes and thoughtful professors
  • Only American Students
  • Potential Financial Difficulties Depending on Personal Situations
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No, I don't recommend this program

Great Location, terrible program

London is an absolutely amazing place to study abroad but DO NOT choose this program to do it. It is horribly ran and organized in every aspect from the social events to academics. For starters no information about or program including classes, housing, food, etc was shared until about 2 weeks before departure for London. Then our housing was changed on us last minute from a nice flat with a dining hall right next to the school to essentially a private room at a hostel about 40 minutes away by train. They give you almost no support for food/cooking/dining while you are abroad for three months so be prepared to spend a good amount on top of what you have already paid to keep yourself properly fed. Additionally the classes were pretty horrific as most professors were incredibly disorganized with no syllabi, clear assignments, or regular grading. Finally the support from the staff is an absolute joke, when I was sent to the hospital one night it took them forever to reach out to my friends who had been frantically calling the 24/7 emergency line asking for support and help with the healthcare system in a foreign country. Overall please choose to study abroad in London as you will make so many friends and have great experiences but choose any other program besides AIFS. If you do decide to choose them be sure to take LGBT+ communities with Dominic Janes or any class with Nicole Moody (they were the only two great and helpful adults on staff!)

  • Bad Housing
  • No Assistance
  • Expensive
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Yes, I recommend this program

Incredibly transformative experience

I was inspired to choose London as my study abroad destination because I’m an English major and I wanted to study all the literary greats in the best place in the world to study English literature. I’m also a huge fan of British pop culture and history, and I knew a short-term summer program was too short, so a fall semester program was the perfect length for me to be able to fully enjoy the city to its fullest!

I chose AIFS because of the appeal of their all-inclusive program fees. It can also include airfare if you choose the flight package where and AIFS will arrange your flights and have someone pick you up straight from the airport and take you there when your program ends. I didn’t choose this option because I wanted to explore Europe with my mom after my program ended, but this option is unique to AIFS that I didn’t see with other study abroad providers. They also provide lots of scholarship opportunities through their super easy application, and I won two! They accepted all of my financial aid, and they provide cultural activities with the cost of the program as well as covering all housing and meal plans.

My favorite part of London was how different each borough felt. I lived in the Kensington borough, and I always felt safe in my area. There’s always something new to explore, and London is the perfect city for anyone who loves food and museums. Almost all museums are free, which is something that surprises most London visitors. It is an expensive city to live in, but I found many ways to make it affordable, including shopping at Sainsbury’s for food on the weekends, Primark for clothing, and Boots for hygiene products.

Local staff supported students before the program started with lots of access to online resources, and they developed a great orientation program before classes started so students can get acclimated to the city and connect with other students in the program. They were great people to talk to about anything and get recommendations from. I only had one incident with a student where I needed to report inappropriate behavior, and I wish the consequences were heavier for the actions the students made, but going forward I think AIFS is taking diversity and inclusion more seriously, so improvements will be made in that regard.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
If there was anything I could do all over again, I would travel to a new borough of London every weekend! Seeing new countries every weekend is super fun, but don’t forget to actually enjoy the city too!
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Yes, I recommend this program

An Amazing Experience!

Studying abroad in London through AIFS was one of the best experiences of my life! AIFS made the entire process of studying abroad as seamless as possible. The was able to answer any questions I had before, during, and after the program. When studying abroad through AIFS in London you get to live and learn in one of the most wonderful areas of London. There are several museums within walking distance of the dorms as well as multiple tube stops. The central location of the facilities allows for you to travel all over London, and even the UK.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Try a new style of cuisine each day! London is full of culture and is home to some of the most amazing food. I would recommend trying a new restaurant or type of food whenever you can!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Anxious to study abroad? AIFS will help you every step throughout the way.

I knew that I wanted to study abroad, but I had anxieties. As someone who has trouble with change and adaptation, I knew that studying abroad would be a huge leap out of my comfort zone. AIFS eased my anxieties every step along the way. They provided support before, during, and after the process, including calling me the day before departure.

While studying abroad, my classes were enriching and stimulating with enhancing academic field trips. The AIFS staff continued to enhance the cultural experience by offering cultural excursions. I was able to explore all over London, and by the end of my program, I was a much more confident and independent individual.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I had such an amazing experience that I am tempted to say I would not change anything. However, I do wish I had taken a weekend to travel to another country. Because I was only abroad for six weeks, I knew that most of my exploration would be within London, and I fell in love with the city so much that I did not want to spend other time or money traveling somewhere else. There are so many other places I wanted to travel to, though, and I wish I had done so.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best 4 Months of my LIFE!

This place is honestly the best because of the location and the people! The university is so small it forces you to be friends with those around you and there is no better experience than Richmond The American International University in London! Like seriously I wish I could go back to my time in London because how amazing the teachers and daily life was. I got to go to 5 arsenal matches because of roommate had season tickets! Like seriously everyone you meet is a superstar and the tight net community makes the experience 10x better!

What was your funniest moment?
Going to 4 Arsenal matches! Me and my best friend Sam laughed all day it was such a blast!
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Yes, I recommend this program

London is now called home

My experience was the best thing in my life. I found myself while in London. I have always been a social butterfly, but having the opportunity to connect with people from other countries and cultures was amazing. The courses allowed me to travel around the city and explore. This hands-on experience was the best way for me to learn. I also met lifelong friends in London. I loved the culture and city so much that I went back for another summer to study abroad. In total, I had spent 15 weeks in London over the past two years studying abroad. It still wasn't enough time for me. Every day I want to go back because it truly feels like home.

What would you improve about this program?
One of the only major complaints I had about the program was the food options in their dining hall. There weren't many healthy or allergy-friendly alternatives.
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Questions & Answers

Yes this university has a great history program! I took History of London while I was there and got to take field trips to different locations throughout London that I wouldn't have thought to go see otherwise! I also to a British Art and Architecture course which was so great because it was history and art together!

I'm not entirely sure about their film program. I did my study abroad in 2007, and they had an excellent art, art history, and photography course that my roommate and I both did at that time. So, I would say their art program in general was terrific!