AIFS Study Abroad in London: Semester or Academic Year
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AIFS Study Abroad in London: Semester or Academic Year

Study in London and earn up to 15 credits with courses in art, business, economics, history, psychology and more at Richmond, The American International University in London.

AIFS in London offers a unique academic program. Because of the wide range of degrees offered by Richmond, AIFS students have an array of courses to choose from. Students can opt to do a Certificate in British Studies Program and focus on courses related to British culture, or choose from a myriad of courses in business, finance, economics, public relations, psychology, sociology, journalism, communications, art, history and more. Volunteer opportunities are also available.

Live in a Residence Hall in the central London neighborhood of Kensington and enjoy cultural and social activities such as guided city tours, museum visits, theater and musical performances, sporting events, and day trips to nearby cities.

  • Show in the West End
  • Day trip to Brighton
  • Day trip to Oxford
  • Ride on the London Eye
United Kingdom
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American Studies
Art History
Creative Writing
Cultural Studies
English Literature
European Studies
Global Studies
Graphic Design
International Business
Liberal Arts
Media Relations
Public Relations
Service Learning
Social Sciences
Theater, Drama and Dance
U.S. Studies
Visual Arts
Web Design
Women's Studies
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AIFS is a premier provider of study abroad programs. Comprehensive fees cover tuition and housing with $800,000 in scholarship and grant funding available each year. A meal plan, tours and excursions, insurance and 24-hour emergency service are also included. Coordinated AIFS Flight Packages are available.

Questions & Answers

Yes this university has a great history program! I took History of London while I was there and got to take field trips to different locations throughout London that I wouldn't have thought to go see otherwise! I also to a British Art and Architecture course which was so great because it was history and art together!
I'm not entirely sure about their film program. I did my study abroad in 2007, and they had an excellent art, art history, and photography course that my roommate and I both did at that time. So, I would say their art program in general was terrific!

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  • Academics 7.9
  • Support 9.3
  • Fun 7.8
  • Housing 9.1
  • Safety 9.6
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Awesome Experience

I loved this program! Studying abroad in London thru AIFS was literally the best experience of my life! The location (Kensington) is amazing, especially with David Beckham and the royals right down the street...not to mention that there was so much to do & see (museums, beautiful gardens, shopping, nightlife, pubs, food, monuments, etc). I had a blast! Classes kept you busy, but they weren't too challenging, especially with professors knowing that us (study abroad students) want to travel/have time to enjoy our experience here. Overall, staff was great and wish I could come back.

How can this program be improved?
Re-do the bathrooms in Atlantic
Yes, I recommend
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When I got to London I became very sick. My Afis advisor Anderson Hillen was amazing! She checked on me every day and brought me food,drinks, etc... She acted like my mom and it made me feel at home.

How can this program be improved?
The program wasn't perfect and the living situation was okay. They put too many people in one room and the internet connection was not that good. It struggled with skyping and video streaming.The teachers and staff were very helpful and made me feel at home.
Yes, I recommend
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Perfect London Life

The Kensington location of this campus helped tremendously with day to day London life. You are located in central London and are able to explore so many parts of the city. The school is full of bright teachers and the AIFS staff at Richmond is the best! I would give anything to go back and do it all over again!

Yes, I recommend
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AIFS London was a life- changing experience!

Studying abroad was the best decision of my life so far and I am glad that I went through AIFS. Each day I learned more about London, the world and myself.

One of the highlights of my experience was the orientation week. AIFS planned alot of fun events to help us get accustomed to London including a bus tour of London, a ticket to London Eye, a ticket to a theater show and more. Each semester the orientation week changes but the staff do a great job planning events and informational sessions (like safety awareness).

Other highlights include the amazing onsite staff that was always there if you needed anything, having some meals included and location. I'm definitely glad that I chose AIFS.

How can this program be improved?
There isnt many negative things that I can say about the program. But there weren't many opportunities to get to know people in the program. I would recommend including some get-to-know-you games or teambuilding activities.
Yes, I recommend
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Best Experience I've Ever Had.

The staff (particularly Anderson and Tracy) were absolutely incredible in making us feel included and welcome at this school and in London. The location was amazing, being so close to Hyde Park and Kensington High Street as well as two separate Tube stops in such a close proximity.
Within the walls of Atlantic house, it was a great college experience, and as soon as we walked out, we felt like actual Londoners, which was very important to me. I would do it again in a heartbeat, only the second time definitely go for the whole year--or more!!!

How can this program be improved?
The food was definitely sub-par, and it was a little disconcerting we were only fed breakfast/dinner and only on weeknights, and not given a stipend for the remaining days.
Yes, I recommend
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I love LONDON!

I can't simply express my love for my study abroad program. Everything was amazing. It was well-organized and I felt like my money was well spent. I got up each day for my classes, and when they were done in the afternoon I had a whole evening to explore and sight see! Also, most of the classes do NOT meet on Fridays so you will have long weekends a lot of the time. I had an experience that I wouldn't trade for anything, and I just want everyone to be able to say the same.

How can this program be improved?
The food in the cafeteria was awful. I had toast almost every night in the cafeteria. However, breakfast was usually pretty great.
Yes, I recommend
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Great experience, would not change a thing!

Being able to study abroad was absolutely a life changing experience. AIFS specifically, made it easy to navigate the specifics and their staff was always willing and able to help with planning the trip and making it happen. I love that the Richmond experience allowed us to have the best of being a study abroad student while still allowing for the option to get to know not just locals but people from all across the globe. In addition, I have to say that the student trips and activities offered were very reasonably priced and offered something for everyone. To this day I find myself telling stories from my time abroad and am constantly looking for the next chance to return. If you are going to study abroad, which everyone should, I am confident that AIFS is an excellent choice. I was told this before I went abroad and I believe it now; there is no better time and no cheaper way to travel Europe than when you are a student.

Yes, I recommend
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An amazing time in London

I honestly had the time of my life at AIFS at Richmond London. The housing was comfortable, safe, and at a convenient location. The activities planned by the program were great, and the staff was amazing, friendly, and always there to help. Would definitely recommend this program to anyone considering it!

Yes, I recommend
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10 out of 10

Studying abroad at Richmond in London was the best choice I ever made for myself. I was nervous about going abroad, as I was leaving for my first semester of my senior year and didn't know anyone, but it turns out I could not have made a better choice. The location in central London could not have been more ideal, and staying in Kensington was so easy to get to places from it was awesome. The staff here could not have been more helpful, and they made the whole experience even better. I could not imagine my college experience without having studied at Richmond in London, and I think that it's an experience that everyone should have as well!

Yes, I recommend
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A wonderful experience

I enjoyed everything about my semester in London through AIFS. Everyone i met through AIFS at Richmond were so wonderful and helpful. The school in Kensington is so close to where we lived and the area is beautiful. London had so much to offer no matter what your tastes were. The thing i loved most about being in London was that it was a great starting point for other traveling as well! I didn't really experience any major difficulties. Anytime I had questions or minor issues, there was always a willing staff member around to help out. When it was time to leave to come home, I wanted to stay because my dorm at Atlantic House had become such a home to me.

Yes, I recommend
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Best program ever!

I was skeptical about going abroad, but I could not have chosen a better program than this one! The staff was extremely helpful in all situations- they would even personally take us to the airport if we felt scared about going there! The dorms are set up to help you make a lot of friends, and the area (Kensington) itself is quite amazing. You cannot go wrong studying abroad in London at Richmond.

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing Experience

Choosing to study abroad in London through AIFS was the best decision that I have ever made. I didn't know a single person in our program when I flew over and immediately made friends that I'm still very close with. The program is incredible--the academics aren't particularly challenging and the travel opportunities are beyond amazing. I was able to travel to eight different countries during our 4 months and although I loved everywhere I went, I was always grateful that I chose to study in London. I would highly recommend this program and would do anything to go back.

Yes, I recommend
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Loved it!!

Overall my experience in London was amazing! Sure there were little things that would have made it better, but it was the best experience I've ever had! I made tons of friends that I consider life-long friends and we had wonderful adventures around the city, the country, and the rest of Europe!

The location of the housing is perfect and it's very easy to get around the city (which I had to do a lot of for my classes and just for fun!) Kensington is beautiful and extremely safe, which was one of the things I loved best about where the school was. The staff are amazing and very helpful for any problem you have. They are there to help make your experience at the school the best it can be!

The housing was pretty good, and the food could have been better, but they worked on making it better once we said we wanted better food! Classes were about the same as the school I go to now, but it was interesting to get a different style of teaching and working with the different expectations of the professors.

Overall I loved my study abroad experience at Richmond University and I would love to go back!

Yes, I recommend
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AIFS Takes Care

I really enjoyed how the AIFS program was so well organized and ran. By having my fee include the cost of the flight, tuition, and room & board it made going abroad less stressful and more enjoyable! I didn't have to worry about where I was living or what I was eating. It was great to live and eat with people in the same program as me and we got to experience our new surroundings together. The was always a lot of activity options so I felt like I could get involved and experience my new surroundings.

Yes, I recommend
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The most magical of my life!

I don't even know where to start. This experience changed my life forever. London is the most amazing city for one to find new interests and meet new people! I got to travel to France, Morocco, around the UK, and would have went to Ibiza but the Icelandic volcano erupted and my flights were cancelled! I met so many amazing people, one which called me today! After coming home I started my online shop which is based on a necklace that I found in Brighton! Honestly, I could go on forever about how amazing it was and how safe I felt and everything else. All I can say is that it was perfect and I grew do much as a human being.

Yes, I recommend

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