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Study abroad at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji with ISA! The main campus is located in Suva, on the southeast coast of Fiji's largest island. Choose from hundreds of courses from the following faculties: Arts and Law and Education; Business and Economics; and Science, Technology and Environment.

Stay in a single bedroom in a conveniently located, furnished apartment with other students at the university, local and international. Spend your days attending classes and your nights exploring the beaches and surrounding water with other students looking to have an amazing, memorable experience. Sign up today with ISA to get all the details!

In 2014, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad merged with International Studies Abroad (ISA), therefore, the GlobaLinks program reviews may not accurately reflect the new program structure, which has been greatly improved through the integration with ISA.


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Yes, I recommend this program

The greatest and most rewarding experience of my life.

I wanted an experience that was completely outside my comfort zone, and that's exactly what I got studying abroad at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad. It's impressive to see how much one semester abroad in Fiji can change you. My time abroad I became more independent, outgoing, and most importantly appreciate and am very grateful for the life that I have. GlobaLinks provides a orientation week which helps so much, so the initial culture shock isn't too overwhelming. We were able to stay a few days at a fijian village and experience the every day lifestyle of a fijian and also did some community service during the village stay. The staff at GlobaLinks are wonderful and make everything so much easier for you. The University of the South Pacific takes care of the international students very well, the academic aspect of the school isn't as tough as we are used to. Also the teachers there don't respond to you as fast, so you have to be patient or make sure you talk to them face to face. The housing was wonderful, we each had one roommate, but had our own bedroom and bathroom, and had a shared living room and kitchen. With the kitchen we were able to cook on our own, which I enjoyed a lot. Also, try to get as involved in school activities as possible. I joined the basketball team at USP, and I have met so many local friends from Fiji and still keep in touch with them. With local friends, I had so much more fun because I was able to live more like a Fijian and experience more cultural things. One of my favorite aspects was being able to travel around Fiji so much. Go out and explore, Fiji is beautiful and island hopping and traveling around the main island is easy and not too expensive. Also the safety in Fiji is not too bad, just make sure you are always with someone at night to avoid a dangerous situation. To help prepare for the program I talked to a previous alumni of the program, and she helped me so much, so if possible try to connect with an alumni to help you out. She helped me with things such as what to pack, places to go, things to try, and so much more. I only stayed for one semester, but I really wish I could have stayed longer. I consider Fiji my second home now, and I will definitely be back to visit the beautiful islands and my friends. I would recommend this program to everyone. It's been the best and most rewarding experience of my life.

What would you improve about this program?
There's not much to change about this program, but I wish the orientation week, was a little less touristy and more cultural, like the village stay.
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Yes, I recommend this program

AustraLearn: Study Abroad at the University of the South Pacific

I would definitely recommend studying at USP in Suva, Fiji. The people are so nice and welcoming and the culture is so unique and fun to experience. Not to mention the islands are beautiful, pictures do not even do it justice. Suva City is a very easy city to navigate, with bus systems at just 70 Fijian cents a bus ride. You meet people from many surrounding islands. It is overall a very eye opening experience and I miss it soooooooooo much. STUDY IN FIJI!

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Yes, I recommend this program


If you enjoy the laid back lifestyle, Fiji is the place for you! The whole country runs on "Fijian time" which basically means that people will do things in their own time. It can be very frustrating for an American to take it in, but once you learn to let things go, it is amazing!

I loved starting my days by waking up with the sunrise (its natural!) and not ever feeling like I woke up too early. I took a class called "Ethnic Relations and Conflict Management" during the 2009 coup, which was very interesting. Our teacher did not want to censor his thoughts and beliefs because he wanted to educate his people on what was going on. The professor ended up moving to NZ after the semester.

Suva is not a pretty beach town, it actually doesn't even have a real beach. But it has a lot of character, it is a dangerous city if you aren't careful. People yield to cars, and beware of people who are trying to pick pocket. However, I believe that living in a third world city will make you appreciate everything you have a lot more. It is a very fun city to go out on the weekends. Fijian beer is quite cheap, and at one point, beer was cheaper than Fiji water!

The living accommodations that AustraLearn provides is very nice, and the nicest of all study abroad programs in Fiji. It is suite style with your own bedroom and bathroom with a shared kitchen with one other roommate. In addition, there are washers and dryers on site. Other study abroad programs had to hand wash their clothes or carry it half a mile to the laundry mat. In addition, there is a housekeeper who comes in once a week to change the towels and the bedding. Pretty sweet for a college student.

Fijian culture is definitely different, but very amazing. Fijian and Indian food will become an addiction. You will have Kava sessions every weekend with your friends and the locals. Also, being a USP student will get you a discount at almost all touristy things! So use it to your advantage! I can't say enough good things about my time spent in Fiji, I would love to go back soon!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing and Beautiful

I studied abroad at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji. The experience was like no other. Many of my friends have studied in Europe which is fine if you want to spend a lot of time with other Americans and learning about much of the stuff that you already know. Fiji is something that no one knows about. Its something that will challenge your life. It was frustrating at times living on "Fiji" time if you want things to happen right away i would stay away from Fiji. But one of the best things in my opinion was moving at a slower pace. You are forced to take time and smell the flowers(of which there are many and are stunningly beautiful). The entire experience pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me examine how I live my life and how I want to live my life.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Live in paradise? Yes please!

Fiji will challenge your every expectation. Living here is similar to living in a dream world where everything is turned upside down but only in the best of ways. Here in Fiji you want to do chores and get food at the local fresh fruit markets.

Classes are fun and sometimes even silly when the teachers make jokes about their subjects during class. When writing papers keep in mind that some teachers may want essays to be written in British english.

Public transportation is defiantly the way to go in Fiji. Buses can take you all over the island of Viti Levu (meaning Big Island) even to resorts that you can visit on weekends. The buses either play movies or music during the ride.

All resorts can be quite cheap for students especially if you talk to the study abroad office. I would recommend going with a group of friends no matter where you go because that makes the experience a million times more fun!

The best food you can eat in fiji is locally made food. Lovo is a traditional meal that is cooked in the ground. If you get a chance try to help cook one its an experience you'll cherish forever. Kokoda is a fish dish usually served in a coconut shell and is my favorite dish. Also keep in mind that there are many indians in fiji as well and Indian food in fiji is amazingly delicious! Indian food has the best deserts in town and the best indian deserts are surved in carts on the streets.

If you are lucky enough to take place in a kava ceremony (which is likely when you are in fiji) then there are some things that are necessary to know. The first dish of kava given to you should be taken or it will be seen as an insult. Then there are two ways to take kava either high tide or low tide. Always do your best to take kava in one go. When my friend first tried kava she tried to refuse her second cup and the guy just looked at her and handed it to her anyway saying: Please.

Fijians are a very social bunch and they fill the night clubs on the weekends. When you are out there is fijian way to share drinks. We call it Take (pronounced Ta-Kee). One person will get a jug of either Tribe (delicious) or fiji gold or fiji bitter and a glass. They will pour the glass and hand it to their friends one at a time. This goes on until the jug is gone.

When you go shopping for souvenirs make sure that you make it clear you are a student at USP. You will get great deals!

One thing I wish I brought with me is cheese. This is one thing that you cannot get cheaply in Fiji and the one thing everyone here misses! For instance you can get a block of chee

All in all I cannot imagine studying in a more amazing place. Being here is surreal. After a month I decided to stay for as long as I possibly could. Come to Fiji and find your adventure!

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