AIFS Study Abroad in Limerick: Semester or Academic Year
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AIFS Study Abroad in Limerick: Semester or Academic Year

Spend a semester or academic year in the charming city of Limerick, Ireland. Earn up to 15 credits through a variety of courses at the University of Limerick. Courses are taught in English.

AIFS offers a unique academic experience at the University of Limerick, named University of the Year for 2015 in the UK. Students have access to the University’s full curriculum of courses and take classes alongside Irish students.

Live in a shared townhouse a short walk to campus. Enjoy cultural and social activities such as literary walking tours, a traditional Irish music night, visits to museums, castles and other historic sites in the area, and music and sporting events. Included in the program fee are trips to the Aran Islands, Dublin and a day trip to Killarney or Belfast.

Limerick, the third largest city in Ireland, is located in the picturesque west, along the River Shannon. Experience the beauty of the Irish countryside while studying at the most innovative university in Ireland.

  • Blarney Stone and Castle Visit
  • Guinness Storehouse
  • Literary walking tour
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AIFS is a premier provider of study abroad programs. Comprehensive fees cover tuition and housing with $800,000 in scholarship and grant funding available each year. A meal plan, tours and excursions, insurance and 24-hour emergency service are also included. Coordinated AIFS Flight Packages are available.
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A Year in Limerick

Spending a year at the University of Limerick through AIFS was the best year in college that I have experienced. Within the program I had my housing and flights arranged for me as well as transportation arranged to take me to and from the airports. That alone allowed for less stress upon arrive to Ireland. AIFS offered weekend excursions and activities all throughout the semester. They ranged from going to Belfast to learning how to make Irish Coffee. The classes offered at the University of Limerick range anywhere from Irish studies to Chemistry. With AIFS we lived in Plassey Village a University housing village. We lived eight to a house and with each house having two bathrooms and a shared kitchen. In Limerick City there are lots of shops and museums to go to. As well as Kings John Castle and the Milk Market there are always plenty to do. The university is a 15 minute bus ride from the city with deals on students tickets on public transportation.

Yes, I recommend
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Spring 2016

I went to the University of Limerick in the spring of 2016. I chose this program because it was in an English speaking country and was a in a quieter part of the country. I loved living in Limerick. The college is actually in Castletroy and you have to take a bus to get into the actual city but it's not that bad. There is a convenience store located within 5 minutes of all of the dorms including one on campus so if you need something and don't have time to go into the city you can just pop over there. The professors were all really understanding of the fact that I was an international student and not used to their school system and worked with me on getting the coursework right. There are several places to live on campus. I lived in Plessey which is about a 10 minute walk to the actual campus. I ended up living with 7 other American girls. Just because I lived with Americans didn't mean I didn't meet international students. I would recommend joining international society. That is where I met a lot of my friends from other places in the world. They also sponsor trips every weekend which I loved going on. They are about 10 euro each but you are gone for the entire day in a different part of the country. Totally worth it. From where I lived it was about an hour to the Shannon airport. This airport is nice because it's small and there's not much going on. They fly pretty much anywhere you would want to go. Flights are so cheap over there that it's so easy to just fly to London or Barcelona for the weekend. The on site staff were amazing. It was 2 Irish women. They gave us their phone numbers and told us to contact them if we were ever having any problems. I took advantage of that many times. They were so nice and helpful. They would come with us on the AIFS sponsored trips. One of them even brought along her family for one of the trips, which was really fun. I loved my time in Ireland. The people there are nice and helpful. It's a really fun place to be.

Yes, I recommend
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Ireland Adventures

The best experience I had while in Ireland was joining the University of Limerick's Skydiving Club. It was there that I met some of my best friends. I still am in contact with many of them and could not imagine my experience without them. Not only was joining a club great for socializing, but I also made three solo jumps. I never would have thought I would jump out of a plane in Ireland, but it was three of the best moments of my life. Studying abroad is all about trying something new and finding things you love. My new loves are Ireland, travelling, and skydiving.

How can this program be improved?

The housing would have been better if it had wifi.

Yes, I recommend

Couldn't have asked for anything better!

The AIFS program at the University of Limerick was the best study abroad experience I could have asked for. The AIFS staff and the staff at the University were extremely welcoming and helpful in my adjustment to the country. The campus is beautiful and right on the banks of the River Shannon and it's about a fifteen minute bus ride from the city center, with two bus stops right on campus. It's also really easy to get around Ireland from Limerick and most bus routes stop right on campus. Limerick isn't as tourist-heavy of a city as say, Dublin, which made it much easier to really feel at home. It's a very student friendly location, and a lot of the restaurants and stores were very affordable for students on a budget. My favorite thing about Limerick was the Milk Market, an open-air farmers' market/craft fair that's open on the weekends. It was a great place to go to walk around and chat with the different vendors while stocking up on some of the best cheese I've ever eaten!
Without a doubt, I would study abroad on this program again if I could. The location was great for traveling around Ireland and the rest of Europe, and the staff at the University of Limerick were truly exceptional. I learned a lot both in my classes and by living in the culture. It was a very friendly atmosphere and I felt completely comfortable at the University and in the city. I'm so grateful to AIFS for taking care of the details like housing, meals, and flights, letting me really focus on enjoying my experience and making the most of my time abroad.

How can this program be improved?

I ended up in housing with all American students, and I wish I had been with some international or Irish students. I enjoyed the housing and some other people on my program had international roommates, so I think it was more a luck of the draw than anything.

Yes, I recommend
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Ireland: Your Gateway to the Rest of Europe

Overall I would rate this program as wonderful and outstanding. When I first applied and came over to Ireland I did not have any expectations and my mind was wide open. Although there were some negatives and things I did not like, the positives outweigh the negatives.

First some negatives. I was put in a house with 7 other girls that was kind of small. Small kitchen, small rooms.Further I have not lived with more than 1 other roommate my whole college career, so this was an opportunity. My house was about a 10-15 minute walk from campus, I wish it was closer. The classes I took were nice, but not what I was expecting. I took the majority of my classes from the list AIFS provided with classes students took and like in the past. The descriptions for most of my classes from that list did not match what the class actually was. Lastly I wish AIFS planned more activities or cultural things for us to do, to get to know other people in our program. I wish they worked to integrate us more with Irish students and society like through volunteering or something. Most of my classes were with international students or American students, so I didn't get to interact with Irish students that often.

On the positive side this experience was fulfilling, life changing and I can not see myself going somewhere else or picking another program. The classes here are not bogged down with assignments due every week. You might have 1 or 2 papers and then a final or project and that is it. I was happy to have a house with a kitchen so I was able to save money and cook some meals for myself as well as go experience Irish food. The money allowance that AIFS provides as part of the program is worth it. Even if you don't use it for food, use it for other expenses, as it will all work out in the end. The places I was able to see while here especially in Ireland and even some in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe were wonderful. The people I met both internationally and through my program are all great and some I can see we will be friends even as we go our separate ways. Lastly AIFS and the University of Limerick did a great job of showing us Ireland, it's culture and history. As my travels took me around Ireland and to Europe I kept being in a state of wonder and awe by what I was seeing and experiencing. The history, culture, diversity, food and people. It was all so grand!!!

How can this program be improved?

- More cultural trips or activities
- Work, integrate with Irish students and the society
- More group get togethers with people of my program (ex) program bonding time

Yes, I recommend
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great place, if you can handle the weather :)

I loved Ireland and the culture. I made many friends that I have kept even now that I'm home. My only qualm was the weather. I went in the Fall semester and it mostly rained...all the time. Obviously Ireland is synonymous with that kind of weather but coming from a place that is rarely that miserable out I had a tough time adjusting. If I could do it again, I might have gone in the Spring or even for a Summer semester.

Accommodation was okay. I shared an apartment with 7 other students--male and female which was different for me. And all 8 of us shared 2 bathrooms and one small kitchen/living area. I had good accommodation at my home university so this was tough for me to get used to. With that being said, it's very easy to make quick friends in a house with 7 other people. I had Irish, Norwegian, Swedish, German and American roommates. I had friends who lived in other apartments with only 2-3 other students so I guess it was just luck of the draw. It was nice to be able to have locals to make friends with and we all quickly became friends with their friends as well. They brought us to the local bars and showed us where to go. They also showed us other parts of the country where they came from as well.

Support was great. We were given a monthly sum to cover the cost of food and had meetings frequently to be sure everyone was well. When we went away we gave travel information to be sure that we were there safely and would have help if anything were to happen.

Ireland is a great hub if you want to travel to other places in Europe. I was able to make it to 5 other countries in the few months that I was there. Shannon airport is a short drive and there are budget airlines who with take you to many other countries for as cheap at $40 round trip! Sign up for their alert emails and you'll be first to know when they're having a fare sale!!!

As I said before the culture is what made it such a great trip. Irish people were some of the friendliest and most warm and welcoming group of people I had ever met. Limerick is absolutely beautiful and there are pubs and restaurants/cafes on campus so you never have to go too far for a drink or some food. My classes were challenging and all of the professors that I had were great. If you like going to the gym, they have one of the biggest and most awesome gyms I had ever seen on a college campus.

Yes, I recommend
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Friends and Travel!

This was a great overall program.

AIFS was useful for their payment and the weekend trips. While I paid AIFS they handled everything from my application to UL to my housing and airfare. They also offered a weekend stop in London before orientation at UL started, providing a tour guide and itinerary along with free time. Other trips included an overnight to the Aran Islands, a day trip to Cork, a day trip to Killarney, and a two night overnight to Dublin. The AIFS group of about 30 students bonded quickly and we made friends and had a lot of fun, while some students were into partying come weren't and everyone was friendly and we made great traveling companions for one another. The Facebook page was also super useful for communicating. AIFS staff support was great, although their knowledge seemed a bit touchy.

However, a downside was that I sent a lot of emails to check on available classes, however when I arrived there was no space in the equine science classes, special education classes weren't offered and the booklet I had been linked to was the wrong one and there were much fewer classes available than I had originally thought. Additionally, once classes had started every professor seemed to read directly off of a powerpoint. I didn't feel challenged academically, but the lack of homework was great and allowed me to travel.

I loved UL, however no credit cards are accepted in restaurants on campus, but there were many available ATMS. The International Student division was incredible at UL and they provided a great orientation and integration program. There was also an international society that provided day and weekend trips as well as parties for international students. There were many clubs and societies, including equestrian, swim, rowing, archery, tea and many others, which was a great way to integrate into student life and meet new friends.

AIFS provided 10 euros a day for food, which came in handy. They also provided a 40 euro flight voucher. I was able to travel quite a lot out of Dublin on budget airlines, which was great, and I was able to adventure to Rome, Vienna, Paris and have plans for Prague, Salzburg, Edinburgh and Belfast.

While I wasn't at home much, the housing wasn't stellar, but not completely unlivable either. Housing was co-ed in groups of eight.

Overall I loved my experience abroad and would highly recommend AIFS, they made everything easy and memorable.

How can this program be improved?

The offered classes at UL for international students could be improved and additional classes should be added.

Yes, I recommend
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Some Great Craic

To say that I had a great time studying abroad through AIFS would be an understatement. I believe that every student should study abroad and that each student has different requirements for what they want to get out of their experience; however AIFS had everything that I think a student could want from a program. Not only did they provide incredible resident directors who were there to help with anything from illness to a recommendation for a fun night out, but they also provided the students with the most opportunities. AIFS took us on various excursions throughout Ireland from the bustling city of Dublin to the calm and serene beach town Lahinch. One of the most important aspects for me, was that they spent the time to take us around Ireland and since our RD was from Ireland, it was an excellent benefit to get inputs from a local. I would never have known about or visited some of the places, such as Lahinch, if it weren't for the excursions provided by AIFS. Of course I enjoyed traveling around Ireland with friends to the big cities and famous sites, but there is no doubt that without the planned trips I would have never been able to experience places such as Lahinch and the Aran Islands.

How can this program be improved?

If I had to change one thing about the program I would like to see some sort of public transportation accommodation. The University of Limerick is near the city center, but most of the time taking the bus is a better option than walking and taking the bus and cabs can get somewhat expensive.

Yes, I recommend
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I had the best time during my study abroad! great people, the staff was awesome and Ireland was beautiful! The trips that we got to take as an AIFS group were really fun, and we all got to feel like a big family. Strongly recommend using AIFS to go study anywhere, but Ireland was great

Yes, I recommend
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Unforgettable Experience

Studying abroad at the University of Limerick was one of the highlights of my college career. I had so much fun learning about the Irish culture and traveling around the truly breathtaking Irish countryside. Limerick is a great location; you can easily get to Shannon Airport if you want to visit continental Europe, and weekend or sometimes even day trips to numerous Irish locations (Galway, Cork, Waterford, the Cliffs of Moher, and the Ring of Kerry just to name a few) are easy thanks to the great bus system.

I really enjoyed my classes, and my professors were understanding of the fact that I was a foreign student who wasn't used to the school system of a large European university. I was allowed to take classes from various disciplines, something the Irish students couldn't do. I ended up taking science and English literature classes that I could count for my double minors (English and natural science) at my home college. If you have time in your schedule, try to take one of the Irish culture classes. I took Irish folklore, and I learned so much about how Irish mythology has shaped the mindset of the the Irish people and affected their history.

I could go on forever about the wonderful things I saw and did in Ireland. It was a challenging experience that definitely pushed me outside my comfort zone, and I am a more independent and confident person because of it. Everyone should study abroad, and if you are thinking of Ireland, Limerick is a great place to go!

Yes, I recommend
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Lasting Impressions

My study abroad experience at the University of Limerick through AIFS was a wonderful one that had a large impact on my life. While abroad I fell in love with Ireland and its culture which I learned about both in the classroom and out of it, met people from around the world, and travelled to many new places. I made lasting friendships with a number of people, especially those in the AIFS program with me. After coming home from my semester abroad I took up an Irish Studies minor at my home University and have now returned to the University of Limerick to do my Master's degree.

Yes, I recommend
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The greatest 4 months of my life!

I would give almost anything to go back to the four months that I lived in Ireland. The University of Limerick is absolutely beautiful and there was always something new to explore or new people to meet each and every day. The AIFs staff members were very kind and helpful and always willing to answer questions. I met 3 of my very best friends (americans) on this trip and still keep in touch with many of my Irish housemates as well! I am completely in love with Ireland and the people that live there, and you will be too if you study at UL. I went back to visit exactly a year after my return to the states and 2 of my Irish housemates have been here to visit me! GO TO UL with AIFS!

Yes, I recommend
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Ireland Adventures

The campus was absolutely beautiful and the rooms were great! I loved walking to class across the bridge with my new friends and learning about Irish folklore. I am actually now persuing a degree in folklore in a grad school in Ireland partly because of this trip I took in 2009.
My friends and I would play soccer on campus and have a blast each and everyday. We went to Bunratty Folk park and drove to the Cliffs of Moher with our new Irish friends. I am still in touch with them today :)Best trip of my life!

Yes, I recommend
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Do it!

Ireland is a beautiful country with fun people. Limerick, as a city, does not have a lot to offer. But, there's fun things going on at campus and traveling outside of Limerick and to other countries is fairly easy.

Yes, I recommend
Kimberly Anastasi

Wonderful experience!

At first I was very nervous to study abroad. I was coming from a small Christian school and didn't know what to expect. I fell in love with Ireland. Studying abroad really is one of the best experiences of my life. Everything I had been so afraid of ended up turning out to be just fine. I would definitely recommend studying at UL to anyone!

Yes, I recommend

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