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No matter what your level of Italian language proficiency, this program is for you. Students enroll in an Italian language course and choose from a variety of other courses, taught in both English and Italian.

Rome will be your classroom. Can you imagine places like the Vatican, Pantheon, the Forum, or the Coliseum being part of your education? Welcome to study abroad! Wherever possible our courses take advantage of the city’s many opportunities through a series of course-related field studies to many historical, artistic, and cultural sites.

You can also enroll in courses at a local university, where you will experience first-hand the Italian educational system. Maybe you’ll even make some Italian friends while you’re at it.

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Our best guess is yes, because the weekends aren't scheduled. We also found this on the program site: "Our courses are experiential in nature, and we organize more than 150 course-related trips each semester to historic, artistic, and cultural sites that take advantage of the city’s many opportunities." Hope that helps!
our housing options were either 1) with a host family, or 2) in apartment housing with other students. I really enjoyed my living situation with a host family. The physical environment of the houses/apartments in Rome are probably more snug than what students are used to in the States, but it just takes some adjustment! In general, the student apartments and host family homes had a lot of charm,...


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  • Academics 7.8
  • Support 8.9
  • Fun 9
  • Housing 9.2
  • Safety 9.2
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IES Rome

IES Rome is probably one of the best study abroad programs in Rome. The field studies in my classes have made this experience incredibly worthwhile so I feel I am learning a lot from living in this city. The location of the IES center in Rome is excellent and I love living in the Trastevere neighborhood. The Italian Student Companion program is also really outstanding. I love my Italian roommate and getting to hang out with Italian students my age.

How can this program be improved?
The Italian 101 course is not comprehensive enough. We spend a lot of time talking about Italian culture which is good but I don't feel like I have learned a sufficient amount of important vocabulary and grammar to really begin to converse with Italians. It's very frustrating that I still feel heavily reliant on English 9 weeks into the program.
Yes, I recommend
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IES ROME was amazing!

IES Rome is an amazing study abroad program! I highly recommend it!

IES has great teachers and staff. It is located in the heart of Rome-right across the river from the Vatican. It's beautiful and functional. The classes are interesting and many of them take you on cool field trips around Rome. They provide discounted activities too- like cooking classes or apperitivo. IES housing is great! You live in an apartment, with other people from your program. You get to know a neighborhood of the city and explore the other ones your friends live in.

There is lots of opportunity to travel, not only with in Italy, but also in Europe.

Also, Rome is an amazing city. There is so much to see and do with the art, history, fashion, etc. I miss it and want to go back!

The best part of this whole experience would have to be the people. I met some amazing people and have made friendships that will last a lifetime!

How can this program be improved?
If I had to change one thing, I think I would have asked for a better packing list. Rome's weather changes constantly, so be prepared!
Yes, I recommend
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When in Rome

A student who truly wishes to go to Italy fully intending to learn the language and be immersed in the culture would most benefit from such a study abroad program. If that is the case, I would encourage choosing to live with a host family. While students are warned that some homestays are further from the academic center, my homestay was less than a fifteen minute walk away and could not have been in a better area. Though not too busy at night, it was a great area for living, especially given its proximity to the center of the city and school. In terms of safety, I never had any big problems, but as in any large city, it is definitely necessary to be street-smart and try not to travel alone at night.

The program itself provides a good channel through which to experience Italy and the Italian lifestyle on your own, as you are given a good amount of independence. Organized field trips allow for those less inclined to travel to experience other parts of Italy, and the academic schedule was generally such that one was able to balance work and personal life. The school organized a field trip to Naples,Pompeii, and the Amalfi Coast over the course of a weekend, and it was one from which the students obtained both a great deal of information and enjoyment. For those seeking an additional challenge, as many students take just four classes, the possibility to obtain an internship is a great option.

If I could repeat those four months and more, I absolutely would, as my time abroad proved to be one of the best- if not the best- time of my life, especially personally and culturally (and, as is obviously the case in Italy, food was never scarce, and there was always something to everyone's liking!) Studying in Italy has certainly instilled in me a desire to return and live abroad again for a longer period of time, which I am already planning to do, for graduate school. It was such a treat to be able to wake up each day in a different country and truly feel at home with the people, lifestyle, and surroundings. If I have one regret, it is not having spent a second semester abroad.

Yes, I recommend
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Summer Abroad in Roma

Studying abroad in Rome was an experience I will never forget. The people I met in Rome will always have a place in my heart. Living in Italy has made me realize that material things aren't as important as they seem. I think I learned to appreciate the more simple things in life. Italians thrive when it comes to relationships and much of their time is dedicated in the up keeping of these bonds. I remember spending with my roommates hours talking and enjoying each others company during breakfast, lunches and dinners. Before the program started I thought that I would find the lack of personal space in Italian culture a problem, but after six weeks I think I am fairly comfortable with this whole approach. I found learning about Italian culture a highly satisfying experience and I hope to study abroad more in the future in other countries as well.

It was hands down one of the best experiences I could have ever asked for. I would go back in a heartbeat if I could just to remember the amazing time I had.

Yes, I recommend
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A Fabulous Abroad Experience in Roma!

I LOVED my time in Rome. The IES staff was very helpful in assisting students with getting their footing initially in a foreign environment. I lived with an ISC, an Italian student companion, and 5 other American girls and we had an absolutely fabulous time. Not only did living with an ISC improve our language skills, but mine went above and beyond, introducing us to all of her friends and planning activities for us--she became a very dear friend. The program made it easy to fall in love with Rome from field studies to visits to the most luxurious and amazingly beautiful landmarks and museums. The countless gelato runs, unreal pasta dinners and wonderful traveling added to the incredible experience. IES planned a trip to 5 cities on the Amalfi Coast in a weekend trip for us, hosted cooking lessons and wine tastings and even orchestrated a visit to an olive grove and olive oil manufacturing plant. It was an incredible experience...I absolutely recommend IES and Rome to any and all college students interested in going abroad!

Yes, I recommend
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Couldnt have been better

IES Rome is a phenomenal program. The teachers were all excellent and offered classes which catered to many different majors. My favorite class of all was "Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire." A great class taught by a professor born and raised in Italy who knew every in and out of his countries history.

One thing IES Rome does that others do not is that it requires you to take Italian. They offer all different levels and let you place into whatever you want. The teachers are all energetic and stress learning Italian and speaking to make your time easier as opposed to learning just to take tests. It is very helpful and what better place to learn a language than the country itself!

The facilities when I was in Rome 2007 were in the suburbs of Rome, good but far away (Took me 45 minutes to get there.) Since then the school has moved into the center (Piazza Navona) which could not be a better place to live.

The school only accepts around 200 people a semester and most of which are from large state schools (Mostly big 10.) The students are great and know how to have a good time, the nightlife is very good and don't forget about the beaches.

My favorite thing of all about the program were the field trips! They offer you to go on up to 3 free weekend field trips to places like Venice, Florence, Cinque Terra, Naples and Amalfi Coast. The accommodations are all first class and its a great way to bond with others and meet new people.

All in all going to Rome through IES was the best experience of my life. My only complaint was the school location and they heard the complaints and changed. They cater to the students and want all to learn but have a fun time doing it.

Yes, I recommend


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