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-1 Week inclusive study in Italy
-Theoretical and Practical lessons by Manuelina Culinary and its team including all associated expenses
-Complete course Manual written by Italy’s Master Chefs with all theory and recipes included
-5 Lunches
-6 Dinners
-Daily transfers from your accommodation to and from the school
-Certificate of Completion
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Jan 17, 2020
May 03, 2018
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About Program

Our Master Program is the most comprehensive short culinary program outside of Italy. Students and Culinary Professionals are given a perspective on Italian Regional Cuisine that can be effectively and simply applied in all areas of the globe. It takes an in-depth look at the raw ingredients needed to execute complete menus and goes far beyond simple recipe repetition. This program combines both demonstration and hands-on methods that showcase contemporary and traditional Regional Italian Cuisine and centres on the fundamental principles of contrasting flavours, colour, technique and nutritive value in cuisine, and more importantly, gives all participants the opportunity to see and taste, and the ability to develop and evolve their own individual technique.

Date: 29 June 24 July 2020
ARTISAN PASTA 29 giugno- 3 luglio
ARTISAN BREADS – 6-10 luglio
PASTICCERIA -13-17 luglio
ARTISAN GELATO 20-24 luglio

Location: Via Serenissima, 5 Brescia, Italy

Language: English

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Program Highlights

  • Gain the skills to join any culinary team or the confidence to start your own culinary business
  • Receive a certificate of completion from Manuelina Culinary Institute
  • Gain exclusive industry contacts throughout Italy and the world

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Yes, I recommend this program

An Essential Experience

I completed the Master program offered by Manuelina Culinary in Feb 2014. The skills learnt and experiences offered during this course are second to none. Classes are conducted in small groups that give a real one on one learning feel. Teachers ( Walter, Fabio and Melina conducted my classes) have a wealth of knowledge that they are more than willing to share with you as their student. Ask, ask and ask some more, they are all very approachable and willing to take the time to pass on techniques.
The pasta and regional cuisine classes were a real highlight for me with Maestro Walter Zanoni guiding us in making over 40 different kinds of pasta, a plethora of sauces and plating techniques. While regional cuisine saw us cover Italy by region, looking at what is prepared in the North all the way to Calabria – the vast array of regional foods really changed my perspective on what true Italian food is all about.
You’ll learn more than you can imagine, there’ll be more food to enjoy than humanly possible, there’ll be unforgettable dinners and accommodation to make you never want to leave… And then there’s the wine!
I have learnt many skills, gained friends for life and have a new appreciation for Italy and its cuisine all thanks to Melina and the team at Manuelina Culinary. I guarantee you will too!

What would you improve about this program?

This program and co-ordinator/ teachers really go above and beyond in providing the best experience possible and all aspects of the program are world class from accommodation to classes and experiences. You would be hard pressed finding faults about Manuelina Culinary.
Post program support is also great with digital access to all recipes covered in classes and Melina will go above and beyond in supporting students with any queries they may have.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Five-day course PASTA PASTA PASTA

During the five-day course, I learned how to produce all kinds of pasta.
In the top professional kitchen, all participants of the course made it all by themselves.
And of course we ate everything :-)

The whole course was really well prepared and was led by a professional chef who taught us the production of pasta in all its details.

Thank you Melina for this culinary experience!

I hope to participate in another course organized by Melina in the future.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Unique Opportunity To Study With The Best Chefs In Italy.

As I was waiting to be picked up at the train station in Brescia a sudden panic eveloped me. I had arrange this trip on line without knowing anyone invovled. Melina Puntoriero was in Austrailia, the courses were in Italy, I was in the United States. What... if... no one... comes. What would I do? This review is to assure you that someone will come pick you up and you will have the most intense instruction of a life time from some of the most generous and well known chefs in Italy. Not personalites or "famous names" but real hard working restaurant and bakery owning chefs. This is not vacation play but a learning experience that will greatly enhance your professional life. While a hobbiest would certainly enjoy the experience, I think this course is for the serious chef. If I could afford to do it, I would send every chef I have in my restaurant to these classes. In fact in 2014 I did just that, one of my chefs took the one week, let's do it all class. It's eye opening. American Italian cooking is not at all the same thing as he learned.

I took two weeks. The bread class and the pasta class. Mastro Fabio Bertolli was so generous with his time he even took us to his bakery and invited us to lunch at his home. Unfortunately I became very sick with strep throat and missed some of my classes. Melina ensured that a doctor came to see me at the hotel and I was able to obtain antibiotics. This is to tell you that you are in caring hands and everything is done for you to be comfortable. I was so sick I don't remember a whole lot from the class except that we made massive amounts of every kind of bread imaginable. You should know baker's percentages and the metric system before you go. I think every kitchen ought to be metric anyway because it is so much easier to scale recipe. Base 16 American system is impossible. So study up on that before you arrive to conserve time. A week is very short when there is so much to learn.

Manuelina Culinary classes are held at Cast Alimenti - Italy's premiere culinary school. It's equivalent to our CIA. It is equipped with the very latest in Italian culinary technolgy. I have never seen such advanced equipment other than at SIGEP. The school partners with the best manufacturers in Italy so the students work with the lasted advancements. While I was there the Italian pastry team was preparing for competition at SIGEP so we got to taste their chocolates and watch ice carving and more. Classes there are held in Italian only. Our classes were taught in English or translated by Melina. We ate lunch at the school which was a buffet of what the students made in class that day. You will not go hungry! In fact I think this is the first time in my life I was never hungry and considered not eating period. Between tasting what you make, outtings, lunches, the meal plan, you will go home with very tight clothes. So my advise it to learn to graze as hard as that may be to do because everything is tempting and delicious.

The pasta class was a lot of fun for me, partly because I felt better and because I make the pasta at my restaurant. Walter Zanoni is an amazing pasta master. He makes everything look easy. He is one of those chefs who keeps no secrets and shares all of his knowledge with his students and peers. We covered 40 or 50 different kinds of pasta. You can see our pasta boards. The students from Cast Almenti came to critic our work. They come from all over Italy so they all wondered why we had not done a specific pasta from their region. We only had time to cover 7 degrees of Italian pasta geometry! There is far more to pasta than rigatoni or tortaloni.

Included are several important outtings. We visited Beppe Maffioli's ristorante, Carlo Magno. It is historic and beautiful. He treated us to a private tour, an amazing four course dinner paired with local wines, and gifted us with a book of recipes and poetry. Maestro Beppe is also a dedicated teacher at Cast Alimenti. All of the teachers there are passionate about their food and their students lives. Manuelina Culinary is an opportunity for an English speaker to touch the hem of these masters of Italian cuisine.

What would you improve about this program?
I would have preferred to stay in a B&B in Brescia and not have a meal plan. I understand that this option may be available now.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience

I did the 5 week program with Melina and every week you meet new people new chefs wich makes the experience even better every chef has different experiences in the culinary industry and they are really happy to share all their knowledge. We went to different cities and towns in Italy so you don’t only get to work with great chefs but you get to experience the real Italian living and food.
You also get a lot of reading material and is great so so can understand a lot of Italian ingredients.
I would say just have fun, learn a lot and eat a lot!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Flying colors

If you want to be on guard with the fast changing world of the Culinary scene, then this is the right place to arm yourself to keep up. The offered intensive course are so in dept that everything you need is well offered. A police where you can be on top of the competition yet not forgetting how to have fun. That’s Manuelina Culinary!!!!

Oops... did I mention that it’s Director ? She is the most fun, passionate, skilled, intelligent chef you can encounter!!! And I’m sure you would love to be her mentor and best friend too if you get lucky. 🤗🤗🤗

What would you improve about this program?
It’s just perfect!
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