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Jun 22, 2020
Feb 21, 2020
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Study in Florence, Italy, with Istituto Europeo and join the semester and summer academic programs. Courses offered include Italian language, Music, Liberal Arts, and Social Sciences. Istituto Europeo has been working with some US University and worldwide agencies to provide students who wish to study in Italy some valuable international experience. The medium for instruction is English for all offered courses, except for Italian language courses.

Students have the option to choose Intersession, Spring, Fall, Summer, Sessions, or a Full Year Session program. Intensive language courses are available and students can choose to have three elective academic courses added to the language program. Instructors for Music courses are prominent and well-known musicians and lyrical singers.

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Program Highlights

  • Introductory Italian Language Courses
  • Specialized and Core Modules in a Variety of Subjects
  • Internship Program in Local Businesses (ONLY for Diplomas and Dual Diplomas)
  • Preparation CILS Test for Admission to Bachelor's Degree at Italian Universities (ONLY for Dual Diplomas)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Perfect Way to Travel!

In Istituto Europeo I did not only learn the language (which was fully entertaining , practical , and informative about the culture) , but I had the most wonderful teacher who was a friend to enjoy talking to and a cultural guide through the stories of Italy. Also the staff were spectacular and extremely helpful. They were able to make my trip to Firenze worth every minute. They helped me plan my wonderful weekends, showed me where dance schools are, and of course very delightful to talk to at anytime. Not to mention their patient music teachers who bring out the best in you. And finally , arranging a concert for students to play in front of an audience is an exciting chance to all. I highly recommend this place for anyone interested to immerse in Italian culture.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best way to end my summer :D

hello i come from saudi arabia and I'm a medicine student....its my graduation year so therefor its my last summer before internship...deciding to come to italy was a great choice..
i came to italy to learn the language and I'm so lucky i enroll in istituto europeo
great administration and wonderful teachers..all fo them helped me a lot academacally and around the city. I got instruction for anything I needed. They brought me, hand to hand, till the completion of the course!

thank you so much for making this summer a summer to remember :D

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Ana Maria
Yes, I recommend this program

A complete and intense learning

Translation: I have learned a lot about vocal technique and voice in general. It has helped me a lot and the teachers are very good. I advise 100%. The exercises given and the practice of them have been very useful, something that will help me to better understand the mechanism of the voice to teach my students. They have encouraged me to sing which I will do when I arrive in Spain. Thank you so much for everything. They have been very kind and professional. You really can't ask for anything better today in Florence, or maybe in Italy! Trust me!

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Yes, I recommend this program

From New York to Florence!

I am a student at New York Manhattan College and I studied at the Istituto Europeo of Florence during the 2015. Istituto Eurpeo is a great school to learn Italian and to be immersed with many other cultures as well. It's very internationally oriented and its students come from all around the world, which, to me, is an absolute PLUS! Very small class sizes which is great for learning a language.At times, I wished that the school had more students (only about 20) but in the end I got that working for me, which is fine! The school does offer some great programs, all in all!

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Yes, I recommend this program

From Sri Lanka to Florence, Istituto Europeo

I’m attending Italian language classes in the morning. For music classes I do Repertoire class, just recapping on what repertoire is; the teachers helps me out in expressing and placing the voice in my pieces. Then I’m doing Libretto class which is

mainly to analyze the text and discover really what the characters are alike in opera. Now I’m focusing on Don Giovanni because I love it, it’s a beautiful opera. And then last class is Diction class, because I’m not Italian so I don’t know how to speak Italian and get the Italian pronunciation, especially when I sing. I definitely enjoy the program: the classes are really useful. I feel that I’m improving: before I came here I had a huge problem with my Italian, people couldn’t understand me when I was singing. Now my Italian is getting better and people understand me! I would definitely recommend this program. For singers, I really recommend to go to the place where the music was born, because you get a full understanding of what the culture was like and what the people were like. For example, the little characters in opera are born from Italy, they were actual people at that time. If you are here you see these people, you see them walking, laughing, eating and you see how it was like.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Young American singer studied opera at Istituto Europeo

I’m doing first level Italian and vocal technique with Monica. Then Italian diction with Valeria and Repertoire with Francesca. I really enjoy the courses and I feel like I’m improving a lot: all the teachers are incredibly gifted and they really know what they are talking about, which is good. Florence is beautiful, there’s so much art everywhere. All the museums are great, even the buildings are beautiful, which is nice. What I like about Florence is that there is art everywhere. If a friend was looking to study this sort of things and take it seriously, then I would recommend this program

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Yes, I recommend this program

Pianista y profesora en la Universidad de Costa Rica

Sono una pianista e lavoro all’università in Costa Rica come insegnante di pianoforte e come pianista specializzata nell’accompagnamento. Da 20 anni sono anche insegnante in un corso di musica per bambini. Firenze mi piace molto, è una città bellissima con dei paesaggi unici. E’ molto diversa dal Costa Rica, ed è un luogo privilegiato per chi ama la musica: ci sono tantissimi spettacoli ed eventi a cui assistere. Sto frequentando all’Istituto Europeo un corso di italiano per migliorare la mia conoscenza della lingua ed un corso di pianoforte d’accompagnamento. Dato che il mio lavoro in Costa Rica è proprio pianista d’accompagnamento, mi interessa conoscere la tradizione di accompagnamento d’opera. Il corso mi piace e mi trovo molto bene, i professori sono molto bravi e l’ambiente della scuola è molto piacevole.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Tenor y profesor de la Universidad de Costa Rica

Mi nombre es Ernesto Rodriguez, vengo de Costa Rica y soy profesor de la Universidad de Costa Rica. Tengo 47 años, soy un tenor y enseño canto. Vine en Italia a estudiar italiano; pero no pensaba en Florencia como la ciudad que es, una ciudad historica

y llena de cultura, de arte... ¡Un museo a cielo abierto! He conocido la información del Istituto Europeo por internet y me pareció que la oferta de estudio era interesante. Entonces, cuanto ye estuve aquí me he sentido muy impresionado y contento de estar en Florencia, porqué además que estoy estudiando italiano y música, cuando salgo de las clases puedo alimentarme el alma del espíritu artístico y de todas las manifestaciones artísticas que ofrece una ciudad como Florencia. Estoy llevando el curso intensivo de italiano y me gustó mucho la forma de trabajo de ambas las profesoras que tenimos. También estoy llevando un curso de canto, con Valeria y Diego, los dos con diferentes formas pedagógicas pero para mí fue enriquecedor de ver la manera en que ellos explican la parte técnica del canto. También trabajo con Fabio, llevo un curso de historia de la música italiana. Por último el curso de lírica de cámara con Francesca: estoy muy contento, me ha ayudado mucho. Con ella vine a trabajar una ópera que tengo que cantar pronto en Costa Rica: Francesca tiene una forma maravillosa de entender la música, he aprendido mucho. Entonces, para mis estudiantes eso es el consejo: vengan al Istituto Europeo, porqué yo me he sentido muy contento. Me dieron una oportunidad maravillosa de conocer Florencia y gente tan amable, porqué todos nos han tratado muy bien. Aquí al Istituto nos han acogido con amabilidad y amistad, y todos los que trabajan aquí son como una familia y uno siente ese calor. También los servicios que ofrecen, me parece que el Istituto Europeo se convierte en una alternativa agradable y con un alto nivel de calidad

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