If you’re majoring in journalism, you’re probably curious, inquisitive, and driven. You love to explore and ask questions, and you’re great at communicating important information in a creative way. Each of these skills will be invaluable during your study abroad experience! Not only will you be totally comfortable living in a foreign city and meeting new people, you’ll also be eager to explore the sites and learn as much as you can about your new home.

Studying abroad is a great way to supplement a degree in journalism. You’ll have the opportunity to gain a new perspective abroad, and might even be able to write for a paper overseas through a university program or outside internships. If you’re tired of reporting about the lackluster news on your college’s campus, head abroad for tons of new inspiration. Continue reading for more important information about studying journalism abroad.

Studying journalism abroad will force you out of your comfort zone, something you'll need to become accustomed to as a journalist. Going abroad will give you a new perspective on the world and will help shape your professional style of reporting. There are several different types of journalism that will be available to you for study.


This is a difficult type of journalism to break into, but ultimately very rewarding. When searching for study abroad programs in broadcasting, make sure you find one that allows you to gain experience through student-run television or radio programs. This type of work is great for students who can work under pressure and are not afraid to approach others.


Think of the stories your photos from study abroad will tell! When you study photojournalism abroad, your assignments will show you the process of creating news photographs and photo essays. You will learn how your photos can make an impact and the ethical implications such work has. If you are inspired by the visual aspect of journalism, this type of program would be excellent for you.

Foreign Correspondent

This one probably seems a little obvious for a study abroad student. What better way to show employers your capability as a foreign correspondent? Experience the global journalist's life while learning from veterans in the field. Just as you would with a program that focuses on broadcasting, make sure you find a program that allows you to gain some hands-on experience.


If you're passionate about printed news, studying abroad will help you experience new cultures and experiences, and as a result, you will gain a new perspective on the news of the world. Depending on where you travel, you may need to be proficiently fluent in reading another language. This type of program would be great for those who are passionate about the events or politics occuring in a specific area of the world.

There are many top-rated journalism schools all around the world, so be assured that you’ll have access to stimulating and high-caliber courses wherever you choose to study abroad. The most important thing to consider when making this decision is what destination interests you the most, because as a journalism major much of your studies will be driven by your surroundings.


England has many of the world’s most-renowned journalism schools - as a plus, you’ll be able to practice your writing skills without contending with a foreign language! If you choose to study journalism in England, you’ll gain a lot of insight into the culture and current events of Europe. You’ll also have the chance to travel throughout the continent. France and Russia are also great destinations for journalism students to consider in Europe.


Australia is a unique destination that you should consider if you want to study abroad. Sydney have a few universities with top-rated journalism programs, and you might even get the opportunity to intern at a newspaper in the city.


Finally, consider heading to Asia for a real adventure. Although the language barrier might make it difficult to for many to write, if you have any experience with Mandarin, Japanese, or another Asian language this experience could really enhance your studies.

Journalism Study Abroad Programs

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Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Media Programme Asia
Adenauer Fellowship for Media & Communication in Asia

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) Media Programme Asia has...

University of Stirling
Study Abroad at University of Stirling in Scotland

Are you ready for adventure? You belong at the University of Stirling...

Nayland College
Study Abroad at Nayland College in Nelson, NZ
New Zealand

Recognized as one of the leading co-educational high schools in New...

CIS Abroad
CIS Abroad - Semester in Bristol - University of Bristol

Walk in the footsteps of revered historical figures such as Sir...

University of Amsterdam Summer Programmes GSSS
Social Movements and Social Change

In this three week programme, students will learn about the tactics...

London SAE
Summer Abroad at King's College London

A famous university (the fourth oldest in England!), King's College...

Film In Action
CRHP Documentary Filmmaking Course - India

The CRHP Documentary Filmmaking course is a unique opportunity for...

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
XJTLU Postgraduate degrees

A masters or PhD degree at Xi'an Xiaotong-Liverpool University will...

The American University of Paris
Semester Abroad at The American University of Paris

Completing a semester or a year at The American University of Paris...

ARAMFO Educational Foundation
ARAMFO Educational Foundation: Faculty-Led Travel Courses

ARAMFO Educational Foundation works with university professors to...

ImmerQi | Tsinghua University Semester Abroad

ImmerQi's Semester in China program offers students the chance to...

CCIS Study Abroad
CCIS Study Abroad in England

Come explore the UK and study abroad in various programs in England...

Kingston University
Kingston University Study Abroad - Semester and Yearlong

Our program welcomes more than 250 students from across the globe for...

EARTH University - Costa Rica
Faculty Led in Costa Rica
Costa Rica

EARTH University’s Office of International Academic Relations offers a...

Schola Italica
Study and Live in the Island of San Servolo in Venice

What are the characteristics of “Made in Italy”? Why Made in Italy is...

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