Sol Education Abroad: Study in Oaxaca, Mexico

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Getting to know part of the Oaxaca ruins!
Getting to know part of the Oaxaca ruins!
The Fam.
Be more like Yeyo.
At the Edge of the World.
White Water Rafting


Sol Education Abroad is one of the few programs that has stuck by Mexico. Oaxaca City is a safe and incredible study abroad destination. Our students get to experience all the uniqueness of Oaxaca. Classes are taught at the University of Oaxaca's language department. Out-of-class activities focus on what makes Oaxaca unique: art workshops, cooking classes, and exploring the indigenous villages and pre-Hispanic ruins. Also, as part of this program students have volunteer opportunities available.

  • Highly rated homestays
  • Included excursions and cultural activities
  • High-level academic advising and assistance
  • Attentive and dedicated onsite directors
  • Very personable and inclusive program

Winter Break programs!

SOL is still accepting applications for Winter Break programs. Winter Break is a great time of year to have an incredible experience and earn credit. Take advantage of the break!


Sol Education Abroad Scholarships
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We want to give back to every single community our students come from and make study abroad available to students that want to better their Spanish language skills and have a desire to learn and explore other cultures.

$100 - $750

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9.5 Rating
based on 22 reviews
  • Academics 8.9
  • Support 9.5
  • Fun 8.9
  • Housing 9.5
  • Safety 9.5
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Yes, I recommend this program


This trip kept the group connected to the culture and landscape with amazing and a perfect amount of excursions. They always kept me engaged with the trip and I learned so much. But there was an amazing balance of free time too. The class I took was so interesting and the perfect amount of challenge. The directors were very accommodating and nice. The price of the trip was very affordable as well.

What would you improve about this program?
Nothing, I loved it.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Nursing in Oaxaca

I believe that the overall experience of Oaxaca was good. I understand that this was a school trip and that education and exposure to nursing in Oaxaca was important but I feel that going to the hospitals and doing the constant tours actually took away from my experience of the culture and over all life style of people who live in Oaxaca. I thought that Pricilla did an amazing job at exposing us to the culture and listening to our questions and giving us real life answers.My favorite part and where I think I learned the most was when volunteering at the shelter for families of those staying at the hospital. It really gave me since of what it was like to be sick or to have a sick family member in Oaxaca.

Yes, I recommend this program


The whole experience was amazing! I learned so much on this trip and it really opened up my eyes. It has helped me appreciate everything in life. The program is really flexible which was really beneficial with our group. I think some things weren’t really organized and I felt like it got annoying at times because our group was basically the first group to do a week long trip. Positive note, the city of Oaxaca was just amazing. The people and the culture is amazing there.

What would you improve about this program?
I would improve certain thing on the agenda because some things felt really rushed and we weren’t able to enjoy some things especially during the city tour. I felt I wasn’t able to take it all in.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Program!

I had a really great experience with Sol in Oaxaca. Learning the history of the state alongside our lectures on healthcare was very complementary, and the way they married traditional lectures with interactive experiences was very impressive, and I appreciate the ability to see many facets of both the public and private systems. The staff (Ena and Priscila) were absolutely FANTASTIC. While the program I was on was short, I would do it ago without hesitation.

What would you improve about this program?
- Medical Spanish: would recommend this prior to in-country experience (make a part of pre-departure orientation)
- Variation in lecturer - our lecturer was fantastic, but multiple perspectives are always helpful
- Smaller groups - my lower score on the "fun" was mostly anxiety about being in a large group all the time. I understand the need for the group size (majority of program were non-Spanish speakers), but having the ability to spend more time shadowing in facilities and less time on "tours" could potentially provide additional insights
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Yes, I recommend this program

Such a Great Experience and Great Way to Learn Spanish!

Studying abroad with Sol in Oaxaca was such an amazing experience! It is a full immersion program so even over the course of 4 weeks my Spanish-speaking abilities developed immensely. All of the excursions were so fun, unique, and informative. The directors were so sweet and available all the time. They truly wanted to know who we were, not just make sure we did what we were supposed to. I had a better experience with the teachers at UABJO than I even had at my home university! If you are looking for a unique and awesome study abroad experience I highly recommend going to Oaxaca, Mexico with Sol Education!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Favorite trip of 2017!

I lived in the Center of Oaxaca so I was able to see almost all museums, coffee shops, and galleries. Met the best people in Oaxaca, I was able to be part of the community clubs as well. I loved the Oaxaca food. I liked my home and school! I enjoyed all activities and used all of my time to explore the city. I loved hanging out with the other students that were also studying abroad. I bought so many souvenirs but it must be lived! You will never regret it!

What would you improve about this program?
Everything was good!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Was great

I only went for one month but learned a lot, the education provided at the university is great and very immersive and all the group excursions really do teach you about the culture of Oaxaca. You're given a lot of free time to explore the city and hang out with the other students. The high school director, Yeyo, is a good leader and really laid back, by the end of the trip everyone almost felt like family. If you have the opportunity I would defiantly recommend going.

What would you improve about this program?
The staff could work on their communication among them selves, there were a handful of minor complications that could have been completely avoided if there was better communication. Also, the new excursions should be "tested" by the staff first so when done with the group they know what to expect and the whole thing isn't just "winged".
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Yes, I recommend this program

Oaxaca, Mexico Summer Study Abroad

I have studied abroad seven times during my undergraduate studies and this was the most well-organized and supportive trip in which I have ever taken part. I have so much gratitude for our incredible directors and professors. All of our excursions helped to enrich the experience here and the host families acted as both a resource and support system to facilitate the creation of a home way from home. If you want to truly gain linguistic and cultural proficiency through studying abroad, choose SOL!

What would you improve about this program?
It was incredible! I only wish I could have stayed longer.