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Sol Education Abroad is one of the few programs that has stuck by Mexico. Oaxaca City is a safe and incredible study abroad destination. Our students get to experience all the uniqueness of Oaxaca. Classes are taught at the University of Oaxaca's language department. Out-of-class activities focus on what makes Oaxaca unique: art workshops, cooking classes, exploring the indigenous villages and pre-Hispanic ruins. Also, as part of this program students are able to complete volunteer hours.

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Oaxaca - Can I go back yet?

Before studying abroad, I did my research. I wanted a program that offered a true language and cultural immersion experience all at an affordable price. SOL Education - Oaxaca exceeded my expectations and more.

Pre-departure, SOL was very helpful in choosing my program length and classes. If I had any questions, they were always reachable by phone or email. The course descriptions they provided made it easy for me to receive college credit through the program as well.

Living with a host family really enhanced my experience. My host mom was very helpful, always packing lunches and making sure I was comfortable in her home. It was great to have a Spanish speaker around to practice 24/7.

The excursions and cultural activities were by far my favorite part. Included in the program fees were transportation/lodging to some of the most beautiful locations in Oaxaca, including Hierve el Agua and Puerto Escondido. The hike trailing and surfing lessons were perfect for any nature lover.

The cultural activities in Oaxaca included dance lessons, cooking classes, and tours of local museums. Since I traveled in July, I also got to experience Guelaguetza, an indigenous cultural event of traditional dancing and parades. It was a great experience to see the whole city celebrating for the entire month!

More than anything, I loved the opportunity to practice my Spanish and build lasting relationships on the trip. After returning home, I definitely have more confidence in my speaking abilities. I made great friends with the locals, my classmates, and even the directors as well.

I strongly recommend this program to anyone is looking for a quality immersion program. SOL helps you step out of your comfort zone all while creating a great support system in the process.

Yes, I recommend
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Worth Every Penny

I studied at two universities; at the UABJO I studied alongside other American students and at the Mesoamericana I was the only American in otherwise-Mexican classrooms. My classes with locals were the most challenging because the teachers kept the class moving at a pace appropriate for the whole class, whether I understood all the information or not. The Meso did not have much experience with international students. So, my Spanish was good going in but came out even better because I was forced to communicate with university classmates and administration who knew little to no English. The challenges I encountered inspired and strengthened me and I thoroughly enjoyed the academics of this experience.

My site director in Oaxaca always responded promptly to my questions and concerns. She lives in Oaxaca and is available by phone, email, or can meet with you in person. When I came to her about academic problems with the Meso, she accompanied me for emotional support when I met with my teacher outside of class. My director helped explain the situation and propose solutions. Together, the three of us resolved the matter quickly and effectively. My director is bilingual in Spanish and English but often gave me the option to resolve my own problems because she knew I spoke Spanish and that I had come to practice it. I really appreciated that. If I was ever uncomfortable, though, she was happy to step in. My director organized fun group activities but wasn't overbearing. She gave us lots of opportunity to explore independently and I enjoyed that.

Sol was the most cost-efficient program my university had to offer, but no amount of quality was sacrificed. The academics were excellently challenging and engaging and the university administration was very attentive. Outside the classroom, I loved the cultural activities Sol arranged for us. These included dance classes, a beach trip, museum tours, and craft workshops. This was a great way to experience Mexican culture and bond with the other students in my group. At my host family home, I felt completely integrated. After a long day of classes or group activities I liked coming home to speak Spanish with my host mom over meals in a way that felt natural and non-threatening compared to a classroom. On weeknights and weekends I would go out with Oaxacan friends I'd made at school. My study abroad experience felt well-rounded and balanced nicely between academic and social components.

How can this program be improved?
If I could have changed something about my experience it would have been to improve communication at the Mesoamerican University. I could tell they didn't receive many international students. Some days I felt lost with the foreign teaching style and other days I'd be bullied by my peers for my accent or my appearance. I believe this simply stems from inexperience with foreigners and could have been improved if there had been more dialogue between myself (the student) and the university. Faculty greeted me by name and were very cordial but did not realize I wasn't in the loop about things like campus events that the local students knew about.
Yes, I recommend
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Wish I was still there!

My trip abroad in Oaxaca was great! The people of Oaxaca were so nice, my teacher was amazing, and the experience was one I'll never forget! The excursions were a great way to learn the history and the culture and my program director was incredible.

How can this program be improved?
I would have wanted to live with a different host family.
Yes, I recommend


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