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Kia ora, welcome to the University of Waikato! Our campus is located in the city of Hamilton, the heart of the North Island, making it a great hub to explore some of the best surfing, hiking, adventure sports, and Maori culture in our stunning country.

Our motto, Ko te tangata, for the people, drives our student-focused mission. Voted one of the friendliest universities in the country, we pride ourselves on top-notch student support and are committed to ensuring you have an unforgettable study abroad experience.

Choose from hundreds of courses including unique offerings from our renowned Faculty of Maori and Indigenous Studies. Learn from award-winning lecturers in small class sizes. Study, live, and socialise on our beautiful self-contained residential campus.

Study at Waikato and explore the best of what New Zealand has to offer.

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  • Academics 7
  • Support 8
  • Fun 8.3
  • Housing 9.3
  • Safety 9
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Master thesis at University of Waikato

I was not taking any classes at Waikato, and thus also was not automatically involved in the international students life - but after some start difficulties this was all ok, and i had an awesome time!
New Zealand is an awesome country for an exchange, mostly if you like beautiful landscapes and travelling. It offers some of the most stunning views and most breathtaking hikes i've ever seen. The University itself is good and offers good classes in a nice, familial environment. The city is well situated, but rather calm. No problem for me, i loved my time around here!

How can this program be improved?
The international office and the student associations dealing with the internationals are doing a good job, but seem to be rather new in the business - and they seem to be missing their own exchange experience. A pity.
Coming to an exchange, help with housing is good, and also with finding classes. This is provided. But i also expected to have some cultural gatherings and, yes, also some organised parties for the internationals. New Zealand has a rather... reserved approach on alcohol, so the Uni doesn't want to be involved with anything party-like. This is very sad, as these gatherings also offer an opportunity to meet new people, and make friends also outside of the typical university atmosphere
Yes, I recommend this program

MN to NZ

One of the most amazing experiences I had was the beginning of the semester games we played against the other halls. We got to swim in the pool, and play all sorts of games and challenges with our hall and against others. It really brought us all together and made me feel a connection with the kiwis and the university. It was a fun time and I think a great idea to bring people out of their comfort zone and warm up to the change of Uni.

How can this program be improved?
Stronger Uni-student interaction. More efficient interactions that do occur. More trip offerings (if affordable).
Yes, I recommend this program
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Do it!

A+ campus in an A+ country where people walk around barefoot and eat spagetti on their toast! Get to know yourself, new people, travel and soak in the culture. Plus interesting papers & helpful staff!

How can this program be improved?
More low key 'get to know each other' activities for internationals and locals. It can be tough taking the step out there and a little kick in the butt is usually much appreciated (after some time at least!).
Beachday with social games at Raglan, bowling, the leap, pot-lock dinner, share your culture nights, boardgame night and/or championships. Movienights. Speed dating/ friend dating, pokernight, picnic at the field, the list goes on! :) and of course adventure trips like hobbiton, bungi/skydive, caves, maori experiences and such that you had while I was there! :)
Yes, I recommend this program


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The University of Waikato is a modern and innovative university located in the centre of the North Island. You can be assured you will receive an education that is globally focused, innovative and provides you a dynamic university experience. Our...