Summer Study in Thailand: Elephants, Culture & Ecology

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ISDSI's five-week summer program, "Elephants, Culture and Ecology" will give you the opportunity to experience elephants upclose and personal. Elephants are highly intelligent, and have been significant in both Thai and tribal cultures for centuries throughout Thailand and SE Asia. Students will spend an extended period with elephants during this hands-on program while examining the historical role of elephants, contemporary concerns, protection and conservation of elephants, and their future in Southeast Asia.

Starting in Chiang Mai, students will study conversational Thai and the history and biology of elephants in Thailand and Southeast Asia. This will be followed by an extended expedition into several communities looking at elephant conservation efforts, the dilemma posed by elephant tourism, and getting to know elephants first hand. Homestays, field studies, and ongoing experiential learning create an unforgettable experience.

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