Enrich Your Career. Discover the Spirit of Japan.
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Enrich Your Career. Discover the Spirit of Japan.

Interac teachers enrich the lives of hundreds of thousands of school children every year by delivering interactive and exciting English lessons. Commonly known as ALTs, which stands for assistant language teacher, Interac’s teachers, working in the Japanese school system, enrich children’s lives by sharing their knowledge of English and communication skills and giving insights into other cultures.

As an ALT at Interac, you will work in elementary, junior high, and high schools throughout Japan. These are our clients. Your job is two-fold: language instructor and cultural ambassador. These two aspects are inseparable, and you, as a successful Interac ALT, will become an expert in both.

You can expect to teach classes on your own, with a Japanese teacher present to help manage the classroom. Although there are three types of Japanese schools, you can reasonably expect to teach in at least two.

6-12 Months
1 Year+
Salary / Benefits
Your experience in Japan will set you apart from your peers. When you teach in Japan, you will find that there is much more to be gained than a regular paycheck. In fact, your experience will shape your future by providing you valuable career experience, experience living in a different culture, and the lifestyle of freedom and growth you have been waiting for. As a regular Interac ALT, you will most likely qualify for a gross salary of between 230,000 and 250,000 yen per calendar month.
Other Locations
Hiroshima, Nagoya, Chiba, Fukuoka, Hamamatsu, Osaka, Hitachi, Kawasaki, Hokkaido, Nagasaki, Niigata, Saitama, Sapporo, Shizuoka,

Questions & Answers

Hello, Allison. I'm a current ALT in the semi-rural northern stretch of Okayama Prefecture. Tay's situation is more or less accurate:rent is deducted from the paycheck, some branches may deduct utilities as well but not all, and they tend to either come in semi-furnished and unfurnished versions. The unfurnished version will be cheaper if you stay put for a longer period of time but if you're only...
On the Interac application, the surest way to get your application passed over is to start making requests or demands in any way, shape, or form, so to get hired it's best to say yes to everything. Once you're hired and they call you to offer a specific location in Japan, you have the option to turn that one down if it really sounds rough, but then you MUST accept the next position/placement they...
Interac accepts applications from outside Japan all year round. However, in general, Interac annually recruits from outside Japan during two seasons: spring and fall. These seasons coincide with the Japanese school year, which begins in April, and the end of the extended summer vacation which ends in late-August. Spring is by far the larger of the two recruiting seasons. Applications for this...
Thank you very much!

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Awful company

Really terrible organization, they care very little about the people they place or working to place them. They will cancel your application without notice or reason, and give you a smart reply when you complain. They threaten to ban you if you put up much of a struggle. AVOID.

Response from Interac Japan

Dear Dan, thank you for your comments left here on Go Overseas. Every year we receive and process thousands of applications from talented candidates from all over the world. This translates into hundreds of men and women getting the chance of a lifetime to live and work in Japan.

It seems from your comments you have been unsatisfied with us during the recruiting process. We apologize for this.

The choice to advance an application that comes through our system rests with us as our recruiting is generally very competitive. We do carefully apply a systematic approach to assess and process all applications which are sent to us through our website.

It is our normal operating procedure to advise all candidates of the outcome of their application in the shortest possible time frame. This is usually done by email. It is also our policy not to provide any feedback about a candidate's application in cases where the application was not successful.

We have no means available to us to ban anyone from making an application. Our recruiters do however have a historical familiarity of candidates who are considered somewhat vexatious.

If you have any questions about the status of a previous application please do not hesitate to visit our website at interacnetwork.com and send a message through the contact form.

No, I don't recommend

About Interac Japan

Interac teachers enrich the lives of hundreds of thousands of school children every year by delivering interactive and exciting English lessons. Commonly known as ALTs, which stands for assistant language teacher, Interac’s teachers, working in the...