Get TEFL Certified & Save $15,000 per year teaching English in South Korea

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Interested in getting paid to travel the world? By getting TEFL certified with ITA you can teach English in South Korea and save up to $15,000 per year!

The job market for teaching English in South Korea is currently one of the largest and strongest in the world. A 4-year university degree, a clean FBI background check, and a TEFL certificate are required.

A job teaching English abroad in South Korea is a fantastic way to live overseas, build your resume, save money or pay off debt, and exploring one of the most exciting destinations in Asia.

With your International TEFL Academy TEFL certification & lifetime job search assistance, you'll be able to finding professional teaching jobs in South Korea & in more than 80 countries worldwide.

We've helped more than 15,000 people get TEFL certified & experience the world. Join the movement, make a difference, and earn some money along the way!

Why is International TEFL Academy the Right Choice?

  • One-on-One Pre-Enrollment Guidance: What TEFL class is best for me? What country is best for me? How much money do I need to bring with me? Your own personal ITA advisor will help you navigate these questions about TEFL certification, teaching abroad, and many more! Your advisor will educate you on how to find English teaching jobs in 80+ countries around the world before enrolling in your class. Your advisor will help you decide if teaching English abroad is a good fit for you!
  • Professional Level TEFL Certification Courses: We offer accredited TEFL certification courses online (11 weeks online) and in-person (4 weeks) in 25 locations worldwide that exceed international professional standards of instructor qualifications, class, and student teaching hours.
  • We Have Been in YOUR shoes: Everyone on the ITA staff has extensive experience international experience. Travel is in our blood. It’s our passion to help people realize how realistic this dream of living & working abroad can be. We all appreciate the challenges & rewards of living, traveling, and working abroad from first-hand experience.
  • One-on-One Job Search Guidance: How do I find a job? How do I make friends? What paperwork do I need for my visa? Once enrolled in any ITA TEFL class, you’ll work with our team of expert job search advisors to help you out with these three questions and many, many more. Enjoy access to the most comprehensive job resources & guidance on the planet to help you navigate international job markets around the world.
  • Access to ITA Worldwide Alumni Network: Exclusive opportunities to network, connect, and correspond with our 15,000 ITA alumni teaching English across the globe. This is a great way to meet friends before you head out & get your questions answered by current ITA alumni on the ground abroad.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact International TEFL Academy for your starter brochure or call us directly at 773-634-9900 & start working with your personal Admission Advisors. Your advisor will work with you one-on-one to answer your all of your questions, go over your options & set up your game plan to see the world. Your advisor will be happy to speak with you as many times as you need to go over job markets, hiring requirements, TEFL course options & much more.

Your journey begins now so let’s get in touch & let’s get started!

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if you want to be affiliated with an organization that cares about you, choose ITA

This might sound overly dramatic but working with ITA changed my life. At a time when I was really trying to figure out how to make a shift, they really helped me out. Not to mention the support that they gave me while I was searching to get a job teaching English. ITA helped me navigate the murky waters of getting a job in South Korea and I believe I could not have done it without their help. If you are looking for a crew of people dedicated to your success who have already done what you are trying to do, look no further. Choose ITA and let them help you make your dreams come true.

Yes, I recommend
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Get TEFL Certified with International TEFL Academy

I had already graduated from a university and had made up my mind to teach English in South Korea. I wanted to cover all bases and get a TEFL Certificate. I researched extensively online and found International TEFL Academy. Their website was the easiest to navigate for me and they had a lot of information on the website. I signed up for the one month intensive in-class course in Chicago because I had a friend I could live with there (Chicago is about 7 hours from my town) and I prefer speaking directly with my teachers/peers.

The teachers in Chicago were excellent and I got so much out of each class. We were able to teach actual ESL students (they got courses for free and we got practice teaching) with supervision from the instructors. The instructors AND the staff went over how to apply to different places (depending on the country) and since I already knew where I wanted to go, I signed up with a recruiter (Teach ESL Korea) and they lined up interviews for me. I had about five interviews and afterward had a choice of which school (I had chosen private schools) I wanted.

Everything was pretty straight forward and I would wholeheartedly recommend ITA to anyone wanting to teach English abroad.

I had experiences in Korea that I would not have had anywhere else. I extended my contract and after that was finished, traveled South East Asia with coworkers/friends I had made. I am in the process of applying to grad school and will definitely use my experiences working abroad towards grad school and eventually a career in study/work abroad programs.

How can this program be improved?
I would have some kind of practical opportunity to teach children as well as adults. It was useful and educational teaching adults but a lot of Korean jobs are for elementary aged students, so that would have been helpful (especially for classroom management/discipline, as it is challenging teaching very young students whose mother tongue is not English).
Response from International TEFL Academy

Hi Denise, we are glad you got a lot our of our training and job assistance. We appreciate your suggestion of practice teaching with young learners. Unfortunately managing non English speaking children of all ages in a student teaching environment where we provide free lessons is not possible. It's rare for any TEFL certification school to be able to do this in a practical and meaningful way. Our graduates can always volunteer at local ESL centers with children prior to going overseas to get that extra experience if they wish.

Yes, I recommend


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International TEFL Academy is passionate about two things:

1) Providing the highest quality TEFL certification classes.

2) Ensuring all of our graduates find professional, paid English teaching jobs abroad & have a wonderful experience overseas.