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Thailand - Arun Temple
Thailand - Arun Temple


In Thailand, LanguageCorps offers TEFL Certification Programs in two locations; Chiang Mai and Krabi. Unlike most traditional TEFL Certification Programs, our TEFL Certification Programs in Thailand are three-week courses. Slightly more intensive than the regular four-week course, but it allows you to start teaching a week earlier!

The course includes 140 hours of in-class training, including 20 hours focusing on more specialized teaching disciplines such as “Teaching Business English” and “Teaching Young Learners”. For your teaching practice, you will spend 3 full days at a real school teaching different levels of English to local students. The demand for teachers in Thailand remains very high and our teachers consistently find jobs within 0-30 days after finishing the TEFL course. Jobs are available in not only in bigger cities like Bangkok, but also smaller towns and rural areas.

  • Lifetime job-finding assistance
  • Internationally accredited TEFL certificate recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education
  • Thai Language Lesson and cultural orientation
  • Three full days of teaching practice at a real school
  • Prepare for a successful, highly rewarding teaching career anywhere in the world.

Questions & Answers

Hi Paloma, thanks for your interest in our TEFL Certification program in Thailand. Program fees vary based on the services you would prefer to add, to make sure the experience meets your specific goals. Please send us an email to admissions@languagecorps.com and we can design the program with you.


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  • Support 7.3
  • Fun 6.7
  • Facilities 7.6
  • Safety 7.1
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great opportunity for aspiring ESL teachers!

The Language Corps staff were very accommodating and helpful! The TEFL course itself was a great experience as well! Go in with an open mind and expect a bump or two to appear on the road in front of you, but understand that the finish line is worth it all!! My class location at the last minute got moved to the other side of the country. This could have been a huge issue but Language Corps made sure I was comfortable with the sudden change and were sympathetic to my concerns. I ended up falling in love with the altered location and had a great time exploring the city and local culture. The course itself was very helpful and grounded in a ton of communication theory that I had learned about in college. It was cool being able to put what I had learned getting my degree into practice for a TEFL certification. Now that I am graduated, the Language Corps staff are helping me find a job abroad! Take the leap!!

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Yes, I recommend this program


LanguageCorps was a great buffer into SE Asia. It made the transition from the states much easier and comfortable. You are surrounded with other people just like you that are interested in the sam journey. Everyone in our program was awesome and really had fun together. That was a great part of the experience. Our instructor, Nick, was completely amazing. He knew everything to a T and was so helpful and really cared about the material. The cost of the program was a little overpriced, especially for the accommodations that we got. The accommodations could of been nicer... but, you are in Cambodia. The weekend trips that LanguagCorps arranged for us were so much fun. They were one of my favorite things about the program. You won't be disappointed with Spiderville and Ankor Wat. Over to Pattaya, Jam, the instructor for this portion of the course was equally as awesome. My teaching practice was with a group of Korean Moms. They were so sweet and I am so lucky I got to teach them. I was proactive and applied for jobs while still in the program, so before I even arrived at the destination I wanted to settle at in Thailand I had an interview. Jam will tell you who's hiring through Ajarn.com and other sites that look for foreign teachers but its up to you to find the job. Overall the program was great and I am so glad I chose LanguageCorps. Sure there are easier, cheaper routes but for me it was a great introduction into SE Asia and I met some awesome people!

What would you improve about this program?
Better accommodations for price
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Yes, I recommend this program

Good Experience

Overall I'd say it was a good experience. There were definitely some parts that I wasn't too keen on, but that goes with any large-scale program that has 20+ people of different ages, backgrounds, nationalities, and interests. I signed up for the volunteer plus program which tacked on an extra month of unpaid volunteer work that was set up through the Language Corps Thailand branch. That ended up being an incredible experience that was greatly rewarding.

It was also interesting to see the difference between the beginning of the program in Cambodia and the end of the program in Thailand. We got our hands held a lot in Cambodia and considering how many of us had shipped off to a completely foreign country without family or friends it was helpful. In Thailand we were very much more left to our own devices which was perfect for that point in the program.

I enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to friends but I would also recommend them to do some research on their own. This program may not be the best fit for everyone. You can easily do some looking around and find cheaper programs that don't include the nice trips to Siem Reap/Angkor Wat, Sihanoukville, among others.

What would you improve about this program?
I know it can be difficult to get agreements made with schools but I know that not everyone from my group was happy with their teacher practice placement. Mine worked out, although it wasn't necessarily ideal.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Worth every penny!

It took me almost two years to finally commit to joining the program and moving overseas. Being from small town Texas it was a huge change. I can tell you that I don't regret it one bit. I came to SEA 23/1/2014 and today it's 22/4/2014 and I have had the time of my life. The LC Asia Program is a great way to get eased into the south east Asian culture because you are in a group of other people who are in the same boat as you. They bought a ticket, packed up there belongings and moved over here just like me; and believe me, they were just as scared as I was. So with that in common, it made things so much easier. We quickly became a huge family and I still stay in contact with most of the people in the group all over SEA.

THE STAFF: I already knew a bit about the LC because a friend of mine joined the LC a couple of years prior. She gave it great reviews and I can totally agree. The staff is awesome. They do a great job of helping you with your day to day needs. They can recommend anything from good restaurants, bars and markets. They will even tell you where to get a good haircut and they are available just about anytime during the day. They really know what they are doing.

THE CLASSES: The first two weeks are a bit tough if you haven't been in a classroom in a while. Eight hours a day of note taking and lecturing. However, the teachers make it fun by including games and other ways to make it more fun than just lectures. You learn a lot of information in a short amount of time but it definitely prepares you for teaching.

THE EXCURSIONS: The excursions were a great way to break up the classroom time. A weekend in Siem Reap visiting Angkor Wat and other temples and another weekend spent in Sihanoukville just lounging at the beach. Both very cool experiences.

STUDENT TEACHING: The second two weeks are all about applying what you've learned in the beginning to real life teaching. You're days consist of teaching in the morning, Thai language and culture lessons after that and then you lesson plan for the next day. If you haven't taught before it can be a bit challenging for the first couple of days but it gets easier and more fun as the time progresses. My students were very eager to learn and they still email me with questions they may have! The staff in Pattaya is just as helpful as the staff in Phnom Penh and they too are available at just about any time.

All in all, the LC Asia program was worth every dime I spent on it. This has definitely been a life changing experience. If you have never been to Asia (or have never left your home country, like me) I HIGHLY recommend this program. You wont regret it!

What would you improve about this program?
I would add more Thai language lessons to the course. Learning the very basics was a great start but I still felt unprepared for actually living here.
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Yes, I recommend this program


I was very pleased with the LC Asia program. Upon arrival I was expecting a course that would briefly cover what it would take to be a teacher in Southeast Asia. However, this only scratched the surface of what was provided. Everything from lesson planning to how a child's brain develops and why that affects your teaching method was covered in great detail. The instructors were also very beneficial as they were able to inform of us of what to expect in our classrooms. My favorite part of the course was the amount of practice we got with each of the different teaching techniques.

Until you actually get into a classroom it is hard to tell what you will encounter, but I do not think I could have been any more prepared than I was.

What would you improve about this program?
This program would have been better if we were able to practice teaching on students of various ages. I was only able to teach adult students in the program.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The point of view of a non native speaker

Yes, it is possible to go with this program and then find a teaching job even if you are not a native speaker of English.

Is it easy?

No, it is not.

Is the program helpful when you are trying to do it?

Yes, up to certain point.

It has been a whole year since I first took the program and moved from Spain to Camboya and then Thailand, aiming to teach and to enjoy a truly special experience.

The initial contact from Spain with Language Corps was satisfactory, they assessed my English and advised on the possible options. Red tape and the rest worked smoothly.

The arrival to Camboya was shocking, coming from Europe and being everything in South East Asia so different as traveling to Mars might be as well. Still, it was a good start, great memories.

If you like a healthy cultural shock and to collect very nice stories to tell your friends in the future, plus making a solid contribution matters to you, then this part of the world is for you. If you expect the rest of the world to be some sort of American town only with different people and exotic fruits, then you may want to think twice before you come here.

People here can be really nice and surprising, but they don't see things the same way you do. And that include students and Thai teachers wherever you end up working.

Sorry, digressing...

Although the location of the HQ of Language Corps in Phnom Penh can certainly be improved, I wouldn't qualify that as big deal, being the most important part (teachers and staff) rather satisfactory.

Needless to say, the visits to Angkor Wat and the beach were awesome and a must for anyone in the country. Very well done.

After 2 weeks everybody moved to their country of choice, in my case, Thailand, to the city of Pattaya for the second part of the training.

Pattaya is not exactly a centre of study and concentration, but neither is the rest of Thailand, anyway.

Accomodation there was perfect and the staff helpful, although the training focused a lot on the job that is supposed to be done in private schools and not in the government schools where many teachers have to go...and where life and expectations are wildly different. This is in my opinion the biggest but of the course, although nothing that can not be amended just as easily.

As far as finding a job is concerned, LC in Thailand provides some help, but not a lot. I was diverted to a local agency who was the one who actually landed me a job, and a second one later on, both of them in Bangkok.

When I tried to get some help from LC between the first job and the second their response was rather evasive. However, the life of the non native is always hard and that is not LC fault, so I'm not gonna blame them. You have to understand, there is only so much they can do with the job market.

Truth be told, after a year teaching here I believe the course helped in a practical way (some teaching techniques). From the resume point of view, it provided a kick start in the country and the staff in short, was supportive without promising the moon, which I am thankful for.

Still, a more realistic approach to education in Thailand and its job market could help to boost the chances of everybody, including NES.

Overall, I would recommend the LC program in Thailand to my mates without hesitation, but I would polish some aspects of it and advice to whoever may be thinking in this adventure to be very sure about their teaching goals and understand that teaching in Siam is not like teaching in your own country. It takes patiente, determination and an open mind.

If you are a professional educator as myself, though, you will also enjoy the experience and grow as a teacher immensely.

About Thailand...I am not going to explain that. You have to experience it. Some love it, some hate it, just don't expect any winters neither a highly structured context. As they say, go with the flow...

Finally, is the course expensive?

As everything, it could sure be cheaper, but unlike so many other things, it does what it says in the tin.

Any questions...just ask!

Best of luck


What would you improve about this program?
I would include the reality of government schools and their students as part of the training, as many of the teaching techniques that are seen during the course are not workable in this particular context that is a great part of the job market in Thailand.
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Yes, I recommend this program

You get what's advertised

They take care of you during training and make sure to show you the local sights. The training was very applicable to your day-to-day teaching responsibilities and you also get hands-on experience teaching in a classroom for two weeks. Job placement assistance was a bit weak, but thankfully jobs are plentiful in Thailand.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Not what they say it is.

Overall, it is what it is. However, there was very little support from the main staff in Cambodia and it was not very professional. The people who go there to teach English were not treated well by the main staff nor were we assisted much in finding a job. The webpage says one thing and when you get there, you are given something else. The students who pay money to go over there are ambassadors of our own countries but the staff "promoted" partying with the cheap beer prices in Phnom Penh. If you are looking for a professional setting and a positive one, look elsewhere.

Response from LanguageCorps

Hello, I work with w/ LanguageCorps here in our US office. I am very to sorry that you found your experience with our program in Thailand to be less than satisfactory.

We take great pride in striving to ensure that each participant has a great experience living and working abroad, and the vast majority of program participants are very satisfied (as you can see from the many positive reviews here.)

If you would like to email me at Info@languagecorps.com to further discuss your experience, we would love to hear from you. We are always trying to do better and feedback from participants is the most important part of improving our programs.

Steve Patton

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Yes, I recommend this program

LC Asia is so worth it

The LanguageCorps Asia program met almost all of my expectations and even exceeded some. The staff were very knowledgeable about Southeast Asia and teaching abroad. The TESOL course was extremely helpful and once I found a job and started working, I found myself to be much more prepared than many other English teachers I worked with because of the course materials and instructors. Everything that you could need to make the transition to a new country was provided during the training, and support was available even after I received my certificate. Good program, good people and if you want to teach in Southeast Asia I would definitely recommend this program.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Graduate Level Courses in Education available in Southeast Asia? - Sold

The first thing that shocked me out of my American grip hold was the location of our housing during the TESOL training. Located on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, surrounded by tent-homes, is where you'll find the Marady Hotel, a strikingly Western comfort-zone in the middle of quite a poor section of Cambodia's capital. The staff is excellent, and always willing to show you around (especially when it comes to the nightlife of Phnom Penh).

More impressive, however, was the dedication of the staff to providing a solid two week course in teaching English, on par with many graduate courses offered in the United States. The staff was incredibly laid-back (we can take for example here just their attire of T-shirts and khaki shorts) which is very helpful when you have a roomful of students who are in a brand new country. They do not teach with intimidation; they seem to truly teach with care. They want you to have a good experience during training so that you will stay and continue to experience all the benefits of teaching abroad. Beyond the regular classroom activities, they also offer weekly gatherings to further break the ice amongst the students and between the students and teachers (for example, an outing on the "Love Boat" - a fantastic little trip one evening down the central river of Phnom Penh singing karaoke and enjoying an Angkor aboard a little wooden ship).

In the classroom, while the teachers may be laid back, they are also quite straightforward. If this intimidates you, then I'd question how ready you are to be living overseas in the first place. Cambodia and Thailand are not your home country, and you will be expected to conform to their rules and regulations, or else you may send yourself home. There are helpful hints and tools (especially when it comes to organizing Visas and creating resumes for teaching English abroad) that the instructors will help you with from beginning to end. If you follow their directions, you should have no problem securing a position as a teacher and acclimating to life in a wonderful new country!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Overall great experience, though lacking the advertised "job placement assistance"

I really enjoyed my TESOL course. Getting to spend two weeks in Cambodia was really cool and was an opportunity I may have missed otherwise. The courses and teachers in Phnom Penh were great and the weekend excursions were a blast! The last two weeks of training were in Pattaya, Thailand, which is somewhere I would never visit again. It's basically a red light district with some sketchy characters and the beach there sucked. I was expecting more job placement assistance like it had been advertised, but I was disappointed in that aspect. You truly are in control of your own destiny so start applying for jobs when you begin your TESOL course! Other than that, LanguageCorps is a great value for what they offer compared to other TESOL/TEFL programs. I recommend it, but remember you are ultimately in charge of securing your job!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Excellent training; later support on the other hand...

Language Corps' four-week Southeast Asia TESOL program was very good. It was such a comfort to come to the region with a group; even though I didn't know anyone beforehand, many of us got pretty close. I'm sure the make-up of the people in each training session goes a long way to shaping how you feel about the program, and I'm lucky that the people in my group were so fun, yet took seriously that we were there to learn about teaching.

The first two weeks in Cambodia were a realistic, helpful, and in-depth crash-course in teaching methodology. The second two weeks split into our respective countries (Thailand, in this case) were stressful but necessary trial-by-fire practice teaching. I'm glad I was at an orphanage where the student number changed every day, so I learned about split-second lesson-plan adjustment. And the LC staff who observed were very supportive.

Where the Thailand branch of LC falls a bit short of the other branches is the post-graduation support in finding jobs. I'll admit that I did the program at a very unique time — the once-in-100-year 2011 floods, so jobs were hard to solidify. But as the Thailand LC office is located in Pattaya, it is much harder to keep in contact with graduates who are moving on to teach. Since more jobs are offered in the Bangkok area, and as the capital/biggest city it is a more suitable hub for job hunting, once I'd graduated and moved up to Bangkok to look for jobs, and the next group came in, the LC staff wasn't proactive in sending me job information or helping me find a job. Though they were there to look over the contract for the agency I eventually signed with. I understand as adults they did not need to hand-hold us after we'd graduated. But a little more transitional support, or more aid in job searching while still in the program, would have been nicer.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Former Language Corps (LC) Grad. Who would answer prospect questions.

I am a former LC Grad who would talk to LC prospects while I lived in Bangkok. Here is an email I had received from a former prospect. Below the Prospects email, you'll see my response to her. I changed her name in the email for her privacy.

Hello Mr. McClurkin,
My name is Jamie, and I am writing to you because I am interested in becoming involved in the Language Corps' TESOL Plus program in Thailand. In a few months I will be graduating from Hiram college, and plan to take some time off before heading to graduate school. I'm very interested in becoming involved in this 10-month program because it seems to offer exactly what I'm looking for- the opportunity to enrich the lives of others, gain experience abroad, and teach. As I begin to make decisions about where I would like to spend the next year or so, I need to streamline my list of interests and start investigating their details. I was hoping you could share some of your thoughts and feelings about the program, and any personal advice on how teaching in Thailand has been for you. Have you had any problems or difficulty with Language Corps' program? Would you do anything differently? Do you feel anything is lacking or not easily available to you? I am also particularly concerned about healthcare... not because I'm frequently ill, but more so because if anything were to happen, I worry international healthcare may get complicated or expensive. Nor am I sure how insurance works outside the United States. I imagine you must have a busy schedule, but if you have a few moments to help illuminate what this opportunity can really be like, I would deeply appreciate it!
Thank you very much!

Hello Jamie,

The Language Corps(LC) program is an excellent opportunity to go out and get experiences from all ends of life.

When you get to Thailand and start teaching, you will see that the majority of teachers took TESOL courses that cost a lot less money, but what you get from LC can't be matched.First, when you arrive to Cambodia, then Thailand, all your accommodations are factored into the price and it is all taken care or for you. Which is huge! Just one head ache you don't have to deal with. Then when you finish the program, as you might think, sometimes being away from home is a huge decisions and sometimes you can get a little home sick, but LC does a great job curbing this feeling. Once every couple months someone contacts you and touches base. It doesn't sound like much, but when you have been away from home it really helps to think that you are not alone.

Having the start of your program in Cambodia is great and it allows you to connect with other people that are in the exact position that you are in. Also, it's like a mini vacation before you have to go to work. I have personally made life long friends from LC. Even though the people in my course are in different cites and countries, I am still in contact with most of the them. Last week I was in Singapore with some of my class mates and this week, I'm visiting some other LC mates in Vietnam. The thing about being a LC grad is that we are all over SE Asia and you can contact any of us about anything if need.

As for problems with the program, I have not had any. But for you being a woman, my one suggestion is that you want to get out of Pattaya, and you want to get out quickly. It is a safe city and there are some cool things there, but it is a dirty, dirty city.

Health care in Thailand is excellent and very inexpensive. I'm an extremely adventurous eater and I ended up getting food poisioning. I was in the hospital for 24hrs, and my bill came out to $20 including meds. People come to Thailand to have operations and cosmetic work done because the quality of work and also price. The dental work here is equally sound. Last week I got my teeth cleaned, and got 2 cavities filled for under $50(which is a $400-$500 bill in the States).

I can't really tell you about life needs in other parts of Thailand other than Bangkok. If you decided to come to Bangkok, you won't be missing much from home. Everything is here. I would say if there are some certain types of foods that you love, make sure to bring the spices. From my female ex-pat friends, they say that if there is a specific type of makeup that you like bring it.

I hope this gave you an idea on what you have in store. You know that any decision you'll make will be the correct one. LC is an amazing opportunity, and if you choose to take advantage of the program you won't regret your decision.

Good Luck With Graduation,

Ron McClurkin