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Lots of people dream of traveling the world. However, many don’t ever make it happen. Since 2003, LanguageCorps has helped thousands of people to kick-start their international teaching careers. We take great pride in providing an exceptionally high level of client service and personalized support.

LanguageCorps offers internationally accredited TEFL Certification programs in 23 locations worldwide. Our programs will give you the skills and methodology needed to be comfortable and competent teaching English abroad. Job finding assistance to secure a paid teaching position is provided with all programs.

All our programs meet and exceed the international standards for TEFL Certification: 130-160 hours of training and a minimum of 6 hours of observed teaching practice. Apart from the traditional four-week TEFL course, we offer Combined TEFL (Online + Onsite), Teaching Internships and an interactive Online TEFL course. Our goal is to empower our teachers with great training and support!



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Chantal Taryn
Yes, I recommend this program

Panama Language Corps TEFL Certification

Every experience is unique because as individuals we are all unique - what matters to someone does not necessarily matter to another.
This world is so diverse with all aspects of culture that it sometimes takes your breath away - students, learners or candidates have their goals, know where they are going and as a good educator you will pick this up and be able to assess them and perhaps assist them in choosing the correct career.
Be vigilant at all times, respect yourself and the Country. Do not ever speak badly about your country of birth - it is no one's business. Do not take social media seriously and becareful what you post online. If you get homesick, rather go home and of course ensure you have a return ticket home - both your passport and return ticket to be kept in a safe place at all times.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
There is always room for improvement remember we learn from our students who teach us and they learn from us - it is a balance and works both ways. Also please be aware of drugs - it's not worth it. Rather stick to the healthy mind, body and soul aspect.
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Yes, I recommend this program

TEFL Program in Prague Met Expectations!

The month-long intensive TELF Certification Course in Prague was demanding, challenging and intense. BUT I learned a great deal and earning that certificate felt awesome. The trainers were outstanding, and the staff at the school was very kind and helpful. The living accommodations were fine though there was no a/c so be forewarned if you plan to go for the summer! My first purchase was a fan. So I survived. :) The temps at the beginning of the month (July) were pleasant, but as time went on it grew quite hot! Temperatures in the upper 90s. I loved the city itself and the people. There is much to do and see and outdoor dining everywhere you look. I loved it. I had to return to the U.S. for one more year so wasn't able to apply to work there. I am planning to return next summer.

What would you improve about this program?
Communication. Needed to be contacted more quickly by the folks in Prague who were actually in charge of the program.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great opportunity for aspiring ESL teachers!

The Language Corps staff were very accommodating and helpful! The TEFL course itself was a great experience as well! Go in with an open mind and expect a bump or two to appear on the road in front of you, but understand that the finish line is worth it all!! My class location at the last minute got moved to the other side of the country. This could have been a huge issue but Language Corps made sure I was comfortable with the sudden change and were sympathetic to my concerns. I ended up falling in love with the altered location and had a great time exploring the city and local culture. The course itself was very helpful and grounded in a ton of communication theory that I had learned about in college. It was cool being able to put what I had learned getting my degree into practice for a TEFL certification. Now that I am graduated, the Language Corps staff are helping me find a job abroad! Take the leap!!

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Brazil was great!

Brazil was great. I got a few regular students twice a week with two different language schools (one based in Copacabana, the other in Centro) and I got calls occasionally to do longer immersion classes which were always nice. Financially, I was doing fine with teaching classes here and there, I had free time to be a typical tourist, which is always fun. The course was pretty intensive and took up a lot of time during the first month that I was here, but it was definitely worth it because I got a better sense of how to get around and where to visit once I could get some free time (the instructors were so helpful and I don't know what I would've done without them- I have the worst sense of direction). I also think it definitely helped me prepare for teaching English abroad, because the companies that I got hired at just hand me a textbook and expect me to work straight from the book (which is very dull) but the experience I had at LanguageCorps helped me to make more creative lessons that don't put the students to sleep and still utilize the textbook.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
If you are considering to get TEFL certified, just do it! It's an awesome experience and you get to meet a lot of cool people. I honestly can't think of an easier way to find a job abroad. Looking back, the part I struggled most with was to cut the Gordian not and make the decision to do it.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Above the expectations

The course was well above my expectations, the trainers were amazing. I felt as though it really helped me become well-equipped to teach English as well as helped me build a network of people here in the city, other teachers and locals, which was wonderful when moving to a completely new place. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time in Barcelona. I am teaching English to kids at a private language institute and some private classes on the side which is great cause I can create my own wage. This city never sleeps, there is such an amazing variety of things to do - music, museums, shopping, bars and restaurants, the beach, hiking, nightlife, you name it. There is never a dull moment! I love the fact that the streets are so lively at night. Transportation is really cheap, and the metro is super easy to use. There is a lot of economically priced buses to other cities in Spain. The list of places I want to visit is growing as I keep exploring new things, but I’ll be around here for a while, so I'm in no hurry.


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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Stephanie Almanza

The year immediately following her undergraduate graduation, Stephanie Almanza (23 year-old female from San Antonio, TX) decided to spend some time abroad in Ecuador. She spent her first month there completing a TESOL course in Quito and the next 5 teaching at a small private school in Ambato. According to Stephanie, her time abroad was a wonderful and life-changing experience that she will always cherish.

Highlights: The moment that stands out the most as far as teaching goes happened with my 3rd year IB students (our high school seniors). I was reading The Color Purple by Alice Walker out loud to my class one day. As English language learners, my students didn't have the most extensive vocabulary. So as I was reading, a hand flew up in the air and upon calling on the student, she asked for the meaning of "wiggle". I thought for a second, trying to formulate the right explanation, but before I could even begin to explain it, another student raised his hand and basically shouted, "I know what it is!" and he jumped up out of his desk and started wiggling and dancing to LMFAO and sang, "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah! Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah!" Who knew that "Sexy and I Know It" would actually turn out to be a learning tool for ESL students? I definitely didn't think of it as a possibility, but it turned out to be a wonderful moment that I'll never forget.

Morning: My mornings started incredibly early in Ecuador, waking up at around 5:30 a.m. every day and leaving my house by 6 or 6:10 at the latest. The teachers were provided transportation to school, so I walked to my bus stop which was about a 15 minute walk away and got on our bus at about 6:30. Upon getting to school, the teachers would head to their respective department offices and we would finish some last minute preparation before starting school at 7:10. Then the havoc began! It was a lot of fun. Regardless of the early mornings, I always looked forward to the start of the day.

Afternoon: The students finished school at 1:10 p.m. and most of them headed home; however, the school provided some extracurricular activities and classes that the students could stay for. Those included some after school English tutorials that I helped run. Before the tutorial classes, the school provided lunch for the teachers that had to stay. After that, we headed up to the tutorial classes, and then finally home at 3:10. Upon getting home, my roommates and I ran errands such as going to the market or grocery store as needed. We'd often walk around town and get out of the apartment before we continued with grading and lesson planning and all those wonderful duties that come alongside being a teacher.

Evening: In the evening, my 3 roommates and I either made dinner or went out to eat. Both options were pretty cheap in Ecuador. Depending on our level of stress, we'd sometimes even fit a night out to get a drink and just de-stress. Sometimes we would even go out to watch a movie or just hang out with friends elsewhere. We definitely had our fair share of options to choose from when we wanted to get out, including several parks, a botanical garden, the downtown area, plazas, and countless cafés. We loved exploring the town that we lived in!

Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Steve Patton

Steve is 26 year old travel enthusiast. He calls Boston home even though he spends as much time on the road as he does in any one place these days. He's a marketer and writer with a focus on the ESL field, and has also logged time playing drums in several touring bands. Japan is next on his travel wish list!

What position do you hold at LanguageCorps? What has your career path been like so far?

I am currently the Associate Director of Marketing with LanguageCorps. I help take care of pretty much everything that falls under the marketing umbrella for the company, from advertising and social media to program inquiry's, sales, and more. I graduated from Northeastern University in 2009 and after college I spent a lot of time traveling and playing music. I was also lucky enough to spend sometime in Southeast Asia. I started out as Head of College Relations at LanguageCorps in 2010 and as the company grew, I’ve absorbed more responsibility and it’s been really fun watching things continue to progress!

What trends have you noticed in the teach abroad industry?

With the American and European job markets struggling, more and more people are looking to teach English abroad as a way to make their resumes stand out while seeing the world at the same time. We continue to get more applications every year and it seems like Asia is becoming a more popular destination for LanguageCorps teachers which makes sense since it’s typically the most lucrative.

What separates LanguageCorps from other teach abroad providers?

We have always prided ourselves on our customer service and the thoroughness of our programs. There are a lot of options out there for TESOL certification, but LanguageCorps provides more than just a certification program. From job placement assistance to health and travel insurance, accommodations, etc. I believe that the level of support we provide our teachers is unmatched in the industry. It’s our goal to make sure that all of our participants have a fantastic experience teaching English abroad!

In your opinion, what makes a good international teacher?

Flexibility and a willingness to adapt to new situations are most important I think. Living and working abroad can be a bit of a shock and it takes a great attitude to embrace your surroundings and make the most of every situation even when things might not work perfectly. Especially for teachers living off the beaten path, patience and understanding go a long way towards ensuring a positive experience.