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SEE TEFL in Chiang Mai is one of the most respected TEFL training courses in Asia. They offer the standard 120-hour, onsite 4-week program with 6 1-hour observed teaching practices in local schools. From May 2019 they will also offer their 4-week onsite program at luxury hotel accommodation at Ao Nang Beach Krabi.

- Full TEFL Certification (120 hours onsite)
- Licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education
- ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures world-wide recognition of SEE’s TEFL program
- Endorsed as an 'Approved Center' for TEFL training by TQUK
- $200 super early-bird discount available for confirming a place at least 6 weeks before training starts
- 6 1-hour observed teaching practices with real students at a range of levels and ages in local schools
- Cultural awareness training (1 day)
- Survival Thai language instruction (10 hours)
- Job/Visa support
- Volunteer option
- Each course is limited to 20 trainees

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Hello, We only knew a couple people who stayed at Prince Hotel. They liked it fine. Pretty fair priced accommodation. I think the people who stayed there could walk, but mostly took Songtaews to beat the rain (about 20 baht from Prince to SEE which is really reasonable). We stayed at a couple places. The first was Inn Kham which is really close to the SEE TEFL building, but not a lot to do around...


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  • Benefits 9.3
  • Support 9.7
  • Fun 7.3
  • Facilities 8.2
  • Safety 9.5
  • Instruction 10
  • Support 10
  • Value 9.9
  • Academic Rigor 7.9
  • Job Assistance 9.6
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Great value, experience and assistance

Completing the 120-hour TEFL course has been a positive life changing experience. It started me with the necessary skills, knowledge, and assistance to help secure my first teaching position. This course and staff associated with it has guided me on a career path that has been extremely satisfying. After 8 years teaching in SE Asia (Thailand and Vietnam), i can honestly say that this course helped me to develop a passion for teaching. The instructors and staff associated with SEE TEFL in Chiang Mai were polite, understanding of cultural differences, and always willing to help. The 120-hour course seemed intense at the time but all the hard work does payoff. Chiang Mai is a beautiful city that is easy to feel comfortable with great opportunities for someone to have many growing experiences.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great experience!

I was recommended the SEETEFL certification course by a friend and must say it definitely lived up to my expectations. After an intense 4 week course with 6 observed teaching practices, I felt confident in my abilities to plan and teach a complete ESL lessons. SEETEFL gave me the tools needed to jump into a classroom and teach right away. I found a job within two weeks of graduating from the course and am loving my new life teaching English in Asia!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Excellent Course

SEE TEFL is an excellent choice when thinking about taking an overseas TEFL class. The staff is professional, the coursework is highly relevant, and the preparation for in class teaching is unmatched.
The staff are really what made the experience above and beyond. Grammar preparation with Shouvik taught me things I don’t even think I learned as a student. While this section was quite tedious, it was crucial as we later learned that we could apply every lesson he taught into our own lessons in the classroom. Kelly Anne helped us to perfect our teaching skills by demonstrating lessons (particularly memorable the kindergarten lesson). You could tell her enthusiasm for teaching and it gave everyone motivation for their upcoming lessons. John and Ying are the owners and are extremely professional in running their business, yet still find the time to help the trainees through every aspect of their course.
My favorite part of the class was the preparation for the six teaching practices. I was so nervous for these practices as I thought there was no way I could be fully prepared. However standing in front of the classroom seemed natural due to all the preparation I had received.
The program prepares you for every aspect of teaching from lesson planning to making materials. Afterwards you are reviewed on your performance and given constructive criticism, which I found the most valuable part of the course. I was able to start focusing on my individual strengths as a teacher which contributed to a significant confidence boost in the classroom.
This course really helped me find a profession that I love and want to continue for years to come. I highly, highly recommend this program as this training program, I believe, is the best of the best. I am always happy to talk about my experience at SEE TEFL as it really was a very memorable and positive experience.

Yes, I recommend this program
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A truly fantastic experience.

Having only initially taken the course as a means of dipping my toes in the teaching waters it ended up becoming an experience that shaped my career aspirations and goals.

All of the trainers greet all trainees warmly, welcoming them to Chiang Mai, and are highly experienced in both living and working in the local area. The training inputs are insightful and engaging, in particular I enjoyed Shouvik’s grammar inputs and Ying’s fun Thai lessons. All of the teaching practices were great and the feedback provided was highly useful in helping me and other trainees quickly improve and develop our teaching skills. Each teaching practiced afforded me the chance to teach a different class, encouraging me to be flexible with my teaching preferences which would become important after graduation. In addition to all of this I cannot speak highly enough of the wonderful support team that work at SEETEFL. The lengths they go to help and assist trainees and teachers is commendable and another wonderful feature of the course.

By the end of the course I had really started to get a feel for teaching ESL and decided to pursue this career avenue further and SEETEFL provide trainees with assistance and advice when looking for work. Upon entering the classroom after graduating is when I really felt the benefit of the course as I had been provided with a tool set that could be applied in a variety of different classroom situations. Further to this the support from all the staff at SEETEFL was continued, John, Shouvik and Ying were always very approachable and able to offer additional suggestions and guidance when needed.

My only real disappointment was when I eventually left Chiang Mai to move to Bangkok to study a Masters degree in Education. Once more this was also with the full support of the team at SEETEFL who assisted with references and recommendations for my application to the course and to my new school.

So, here I am 6 years later after first walking into the training room at SEETEFL having now been teaching for nearly 6 years in Thailand and having recently completed a Masters degree in Education. Still however I think back to my time on the course and invaluable training, support and guidance it provided me with. Having met and spoke with many teachers over the years who had taken different TEFL course around Thailand and Asia, none of them have been able to reflect so highly about their TEFL course as I do when I recall my time at SEETEFL. I would recommend the course to anyone, it is challenging and stimulating and provided me with an experience that I will never forget.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Course experience

I personally feel that SEE TEFL is by far the best course that I have taken in my entire life. I like the fact that it allowed all speakers of English be it native or non native to enroll into the course. I also appreciate the staff support and services that were available for the trainees at the center. Additionally, the lessons were thoughtfully planned with information relevant to teaching. The classroom lessons and instructions came in handy during the practical hours. The course required us to complete six Observed Teaching Practices (OTPs). This opportunity to teach in real life situations with real students is what sets this program apart from the rest. As a trainee, I learned a lot from the feedback given to me by my observer during these six OTPs.

How can this program be improved?
Although job support and resume assistance were provided to us, I felt that it was really brief. It would have been better if it was a little more detailed and if the center invited few graduates to share their experiences during the job hunt.
Yes, I recommend this program

SEE TEFL - You can't go wrong!

Please read Adam's review dated October 2017. This course is in no way an attendance course and you will not pass if you do not put the effort into the OTPs (Observed Teaching Practices). If you put in the effort you will see continual improvement in your abilities and confidence, assisted by the very professional staff led by John and Shouvik (Senior EFL Trainer). John and Shouvik are two of the best trainers you could ever hope to have. Professional, patient, encouraging and most of all very supportive. SEE TEFL uses a wide and impressive range of schools including kindergarten, primary, secondary and vocational. Every OTP provided different experiences which will be used when you commence teaching. There are many TEFL courses available however you will be hard pressed to find one that provides the learning environment that SEE TEFL does. There are times when nearly every person on the course questioned whether they had what it takes to complete the course - just when you are feeling that way you find the reassurance of John or Shouvik! God bless them! After a 43 year career which saw me working in some not so nice places I am excited about my next phase involving ESL and teaching in Phitsanulok, Thailand.

How can this program be improved?
Students should try and bring their own laptop as it makes it much easier to prepare lessons and material in your hotel / apartment and gives you far more flexibility. Although I did not use the IT equipment it may help if the computers at the school were 'linked' which will provide much easier access and flexibility for course students.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Exemplary TEFL Certification Program in a Magical City

One caveat emptor, strictly for those who want to come to Thailand to (first) holiday, vacation, and/or party, and only then (second) take up teaching English as a foreign language: you will find the course too demanding for a purely good-times, drinking and dancing schedule, and you may not be able to complete it with that kind of mindset. Like all worthy endeavors, you will get out of this program what you put into it. This is a rigorous, professional course designed for people who earnestly want to teach (or improve their teaching skillset). The tempo of the course is demanding (but doable by anyone willing to manage his or her time and put in the work), and you will be required to memorize relatively complex classroom practices as well as some formal English grammar — not easily done with too little sleep or a hangover. If this sounds like you, my best and most friendly advice is that you take the money you would invest in the program, have a fine party-holiday, and then pursue another line of work (the world doesn’t need more educators who are in it for the wrong reasons). If you can’t afford to travel without working at the same time — and that is your only motivation for teaching EFL — consider washing dishes instead. But if you have a passion for teaching or think you might find a passion in teaching, connecting to students, providing solid, effective instruction, you will be more than satisfied, delighted even, by the thoroughness of the program and the solid pedagogical foundation you gain from it.

One of the first things you will find out about SEE TEFL is that they are prompt, professional, and thorough in responding to any questions you may have before dedicating yourself to one of their programs — about coming to Thailand, obtaining appropriate visas, and about the program and school as well as opportunities to teach following program completion. And once you have registered, they provide clear guidance as well as the appropriate paperwork to help you (painlessly) acquire the necessary visas. This can be a rather confusing and stressful process to navigate on your own, but not with John Quinn et al on your side: you’ll be guided through a few simple steps, and you will be ready to go.

The staff at SEE TEFL will also help arrange (off-site) accommodations for your stay in Chiang Mai during the course if you like (I did not use this service, but several of my classmates did, and they were pleased with the arrangements).

On arrival, you will find a clean, inviting, well-maintained and modern school, attended by friendly and helpful staff: ample classrooms and meeting rooms (all complete with air-conditioning); work spaces; computers; office essentials for students; a comfortable and pretty outdoor break area, sheltered from the sun and rain; and a nice, inexpensive self-service coffee bar with snacks and drinks on offer.

Once you begin the classes, you will learn that SEE TEFL’s four-week training course provides intensive training for the classroom. The lion’s share of the program is devoted to (A) giving students tried and true principles and methods for teaching English as a foreign language, (B) providing students with a solid base of English grammar knowledge and terminology, and (C) instruction and practice in effective classroom management. Even as a previous English composition and literature instructor and writing tutor, I found the review of English grammar helpful.

The principles and methods that you will learn may seem rigid at first. However, as you progress through the program you will realize that the principles and methods are adaptable to any number of teaching situations, informal and formal alike, whatever your students’ abilities; and while you will go “off script” in your classes once you have a position at a school or language center, the principles will always be there to guide you in creating effective, student-centered lessons.

The classroom management skills you will acquire are simple and effective. They are designed with an awareness of Thai culture and customs in mind, but except for a few details the skills are clearly applicable to any classroom, regardless of the age or culture of the students — and they help make the classroom a fun and engaging place for students.

And you’ll learn that there is time for fun and for getting to know your classmates. The instructors are focused, but they have healthy senses of humor and are personable and friendly. SEE TEFL also arranges a night out on the first Friday of the program, and they arrange a “cultural awareness day” during which you will go to several sites around the city, including a cultural museum and Buddhist temple (where you will participate in a short ceremony if you like), all of which are discussed and explained at length.

The faculty at SEE TEFL are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. They work hard to constantly improve the program in order to train and certify the best TESL/TEFL/EFL teachers that they can. While the classes move at a relatively quick pace, there is room for fun, the classes and instructors are always pleasant, and the instructors are very good about setting all of the students at ease.

Throughout the program, you will be required to make and produce several lessons — and teach them to actual students in actual schools. If this sounds daunting, do not fear: the SEE faculty are available (pretty much all day every day) to help with any questions or difficulties you may have while designing lessons and creating materials. The faculty of SEE TEFL are sincerely dedicated to seeing their students do well and succeed.

These “live” teaching practices are invaluable. Each time you teach in a school, a SEE TEFL faculty member will be there to observe your lessons and to provide you with constructive feedback afterwards. (And, if you listen to the suggestions and attempt to make the improvements and changes the faculty suggest, there is no two ways about it: your teaching will improve with each and every lesson.) Another upside is that at the end of the course you will have a set of lessons and materials to draw on, ranging from simple vocabulary to complex grammar, which you can showcase to prospective employers as well as use to get your classes started once you are offered a position at a school.

Also included in the program are several “survival Thai” language lessons. Following these, you’ll be able to communicate in the most necessary situations (ordering food and drinks, making polite requests, describing ailments to doctors…).

Finally, throughout, during, and even after the program the faculty and staff are prepared to help with visa issues that may arise and to help with contacting employers, resume writing, and interview skills.

This is a tremendous program, very well designed and well taught, definitely worth the investment, and worthy of its accreditations and international recognition. I could not recommend it more highly.

Yes, I recommend this program
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A Great Program!

I completed the TEFL Certification with John and Ying at SEE TEFL in October of 2016. I would highly recommend this Program located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The course was run exceptionally well by two people who know Chiang Mai incredibly well.

Before I even began the course, John was helpful in answering all questions I had about the program. Once I signed up to take the course, John was even more helpful in providing Visa information, as well an education document that allowed me to get a longer Visa for my stay. They also provide a couple of great options for long term stays close to the School.

The whole staff and team at SEE TEFL made me feel like I was instantly part of a family. John, Ying, and the entire staff do a wonderful job of helping you acclimate to the culture of Thailand. They provide a Cultural Day, taking you through the city and to a Thai temple. It was a wonderful experience. They even include a few culture and language classes during the course. The whole class meets up the first week after class to bond and get acclimated to the city.

The course itself is very well run. The course is a 120 hour TEFL Certification with 6 Observed Teaching Practices. Our class consisted of 20 students. That is the maximum number of students allowed in the course per month. Our instructors were very intelligent and taught the proper classroom teaching systems. They also gave us good lessons on English Grammar and provided in-depth training on classroom management. They provided us with detailed instruction on the best teaching practices and also provided us with great resources on how to create the appropriate lesson plans. Throughout the entire process, the entire staff is accessible to help with lesson planning and any other issues that may come up. They truly look after you and want you to do well.

My favorite part of the Certification Process with SEE TEFL is the 6 observable teaching practices. SEE TEFL sets up 6 different schools for the teachers to come and give in class lessons. We get a good variety of age groups, from kindergarten all the way up to one on one lesson with young adults. These are all observed by the SEE staff and we received graded and detailed feedback as a group and then individually in smaller groups. This gave us great practice for going out and teaching. On the last day of class, they offer good guides for getting employment in Chiang Mai, including help with building a resume.

This was a wonderful experience. It was also one of the better-priced options I could find anywhere. Chiang Mai is also an amazing place to live! I decided to teach in Vietnam upon completion of the course and I felt confident and well trained beginning my job in Ha Noi. You will have no regrets with this wonderful program and the amazing humans working at SEE TEFL.

No, I don't recommend this program

No regrets!

Hands down, the best TEFL Course in all of Thailand! I completed the course in October 2016 and I can not even fathom how lost I would be without the support and comforts of the entire team at Guru! Especially John! He is extrememly helpful, responsive, and cares a lot about each individual that walks through those doors. You dont feel like just a number, like other schools. If youre wondering if SEE is the right program for you, you came to the right place. Trust me, look no further... this is it!! Above all else the provide support before you get to Thailand, whille youre there, and any time you need something or have questions in the future. Who wouldnt want to have support when youre moving across the world not knowing anyone?! That's why I chose them and -and to this day Ive never been so happy to have made the decision!... no regrets!!

Yes, I recommend this program
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SEE TEFL Internship

My overall experience with SEE TEFL was outstanding. When I left the training program to go to my placement school I was confident and comfortable to teach in front of a classroom, something I have never done before. They really support you in all ways possible and are so good about answering all your questions. The facilities were clean and top notch. It was definitely a professional environment. Shouvik, our instructor was amazing! I would recommend this program to anyone!

How can this program be improved?
This program could be improved my providing FREE coffee. Also, giving more times notice to your placement school.
Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing program, I highly recommend to anybody considering!

I graduated from SEE TEFL in March 2014. This is an absolutely great course. I formed my foundation of TEFL friends in this building and built my basis of the beginning of my teaching English career. John Quinn is wonderful, personable, and an amazing person to work with. He treats each of his graduates as a friend, and is there to guide you through every step of the way. He has still kept contact with me 2 years later. This course is great! It is hard work, but completely prepares you for teaching English. They help set you up with a job, and provide great resources in Chaing Mai. I thought the practicum portion and hands on experience in the course was a great bonus. I would highly recommend this course to anybody considering getting their TEFL certification! 5 stars!!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great Experience!!

I had a great experience at SEE TEFL in 2013. This was my first time traveling and living overseas by myself. I had a lot of apprehension about the course and living in Thailand. My first day at SEE TEFL immediately put me at ease. John Quinn gave a great speech about traveling and all his experiences living overseas. From start to finish, SEE TEFL was an amazing experience! I made great friends from all over the world and had a great time learning all the TEFL lessons. They teach great tips on how to be an effective teacher and how to create lessons plans. They also took care of all my visa applications and I never had any issues in the 2.5 years I was living in Thailand. SEE TEFL even takes care of you once you finish the course! They helped me find a great school to teach at and I ended up teaching at this same school the entire time I stayed in Thailand. I'm so glad that I took this course because it helped me discover my love for teaching! I want to give a special thanks to John Quinn who filled at a ridiculous amount of reference forms so that I could land a job as a public school teacher in the USA!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great school - great time!

I would strongly recommend SEETEFL to anyone thinking of teaching english abroad or in particular Thailand. The school has a very friendly and comfortable feeling to it, and the staff and trainers are all very approachable and helpful. When i started the course, I was unsure of my own ability to teach a class, by the end of the course I was confident and raring to go, now a year later it's second nature!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great course!

I couldn't be more pleased with this course and the entire month process. I was nervous to get in front of a classroom, but the SEE TEFL team made each participant feel comfortable and have fun while doing it. They were professional and encouraging throughout the whole process. I learned a great deal about teaching as well as Thai culture, and secured a job quickly when I moved to Krabi. I would highly recommend this course to anybody interested in pursuing a teaching career.

Yes, I recommend this program
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memorable experience

Since completing my TEFL i have been teaching at various levels from university to kindergarten both in China and England. I have been able to go into each job with confidence thanks to the knowledge and experience I gained on this course.
Firstly, Chiang Mai is simply a great place to be or live and made this experience all the more memorable.
The course itself was thorough and included grammar tests and analyses of students' work in order to identify and correct their work with a good understanding of all aspects of grammar and language.
The observed teaching practices were crucial in building my confidence as a teacher and what could have been incredibly unnerving experiences were rewarding experiences thanks to the guidance and patience of John and Ling.
I also made some great friends on the course and thanks to Ling's lesson on Thai culture and language lessons it made my time in Thailand itself even more enjoyable.
I highly recommend this to anyone thinking of going into TEFL teaching.

Yes, I recommend this program


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SEE TEFL is one of the most most established and respected TEFL training courses in Asia. They offer the standard 120-hour 4-week program with 6 1-hour observed teaching practices in local schools allowing graduates to teach anywhere across the world...