Face to face or online TESOL course--Full relocation service-- plus dedicated job assistance

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Assistance with everything you need. Arrive with your documents ready to go, all packed with the essentials and nothing left at home, have a job ready and waiting paying at least $1200-$1400 US per month, move into your new home hassle-free (I'll do the searching and hard work for you) and have a clear idea of your surroundings within 24 hours of arrival due to our city tour and much more!
Get TESOL qualified by the Australian Government for a TEFL course that will be internationally recognised and help you get a job anywhere in the world. This course is face to face (or can be done online self paced or virtually) and includes teacher training and practice with real students and feedback from a trained ESL (English as a Second Language) professional. Get dedicated job assistance in Vietnam or Cambodia and free accommodation throughout the course. Make friends and meet other teachers at the welcome dinner and drinks and take an inclusive city tour of your chosen destination.

  • SUPER service- Specialised (only in Vietnam), Unique (a number of options to suit you), Personlised (You still have choice), Empathetic (I know how you feel) Reliable (Trusted, honest partners ready to help you whenever you need it!)
  • Welcome meal to meet new friends and teachers and city tour
  • Dedicated job assistance in country of your choice!
  • Exceptional customer service and teacher support
  • Complete online self paced or virtually through Zoom also!

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Sign up with a friend and get $100 off per person.
Sign up within 21 days of initial enquiry and receive $50 off.
Now offering 150 hour internationally accredited TESOL in Vietnam and Cambodia.

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9.31 Rating
based on 26 reviews
  • Benefits 9.2
  • Support 9.6
  • Fun 8.9
  • Facilities 8.9
  • Safety 9.3
  • Instruction 9
  • Support 9
  • Value 10
  • Academic Rigor 1
  • Job Assistance 10
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Yes, I recommend this program

The smoothest transition I've ever made

Having the assistance of Teacher's Friend really made my move to Vietnam so much easier and reassuring. I was able to ask all the questions I had and I got amazing tips and pointers of things I hadn't even thought about. I was able to secure a job in almost no time and I am enjoying my job. Having someone to talk to who can give amazing and personal advice was the best resource I found when I was making the decision to move to Vietnam. The communication exchanges I've had were great and timely. I felt very supported before and after my transition to living in Vietnam.

What would you improve about this program?
I wouldn't change anything about the program. Having someone to talk to who can give amazing and personal advice was the best resource I found when I was making the decision to move to Vietnam.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Support connecting in the English Language industry in Vietnam

My experience of Teacher's Friend Vietnam is based on an hour long skype call and several follow up emails with Georgie Snape. I am developing English language programmes based in Hai Phong and Georgie's advice and input were key in connecting me with the experts, front runners and people involved in best practice teaching English as an additional language in Vietnam. Georgie was a great listener and responded quickly to my particular information needs as well as making all engagement with her an absolute pleasure. She is the sort of personality that engages at all levels and in appropriate ways. She is someone I could see having ongoing contact with for her knowledge of the local context, expertise in the huge English Language teaching industry in Vietnam and simply for the pleasure of enjoying her engaging personality. Georgie is open to new ideas and motivated to facilitate people on their path here in Vietnam. Her advice has been relevant, valuable and appropriate to my needs. I recommend her highly as a first point of contact for teachers planning to come to Vietnam to work or upon arrival, like myself.

What would you improve about this program?
The people and Georgie Snape, in particular provided the glue that pulled together a lot of the work I am doing.
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Yes, I recommend this program

An all round professional service with a personal touch - wow

I signed up to the full relocation package that TFV offers. Georgie, the owner of this small niche business is ‘one of a kind’. From my initial enquiry to my current teaching journey in Vietnam, she has supported me every step of the way and surpassed my expectations. Her advice and willingness to help is ‘second to none’. Before I signed up, I researched her business, read about her and TFV reviews. I was immediately impressed, and honesty, inspired, by what she has achieved, and her passion to use that to help others have the same opportunity. This remains true to this day.

When you sign up to a service like this one, it is rare you actually get to meet the person that has been helping you prepare and lighten the burden of this life changing decision. I had the pleasure of meeting Georgie, who currently lives in Ho Chi Minh. I initially came to Vietnam with a plan, and that developed into a learning schedule which Georgie developed even further for me. Throughout the two weeks I was in Ho Chi Minh, she devoted her own time to personally train me and allowed me to observe her classes and others. Outstanding!

Georgie specialises solely in Vietnam. There are other businesses out there that offer a relocation service, but none like TFV. An all round professional service with a personal touch. It is a pleasure for me to recommend TFV to anyone wishing to pursue a move to Vietnam to teach.

My deepest gratitude goes out to Georgie and may our working relationship continue for years to come.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
If you’re thinking about making the big leap & emigrating to Vietnam and teaching English, but in doubt - just do it!
Life is too short. It was the best decision of my life. Real change comes from within.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great advice

She is the go-to person for advice on TEFL in Vietnam.

She is a great resource for contract review and negotiation and esl career advice. She reviewed my contract and terms and helped me secure a better offer: she also helped determine which city and neighborhood housing I should pick for housing.

She also knows a lot about how to get set up in Vietnam long term. She is well versed on relative area security, raising kids there and the international school situation.

Finally she is knowledgeable about the international school business in Vietnam. She knows how it works and what qualifications you need to get involved.

The one and only resource for Vietnam teachers. Highly recommended.

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
Pho is amazing the food is great here. Also be sure to try che, buncha and bang mi thit.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Highly recommend

Moving to Vietnam to teach English is an adventure to say the least. Like all adventures, it has its good and bad days. Georgie was there for me, on both the good and the bad. She was always there to support me and give me advice when I was freaking out about things- anything ranging from feeling home sick, to housing, to jobs, to just general anxious moments. That's what makes Georgie's service so invaluable: having someone who genuinely cares and will always help you out, like a real friend would!
When it came to finding jobs she put me into contact with different schools and I quickly had interviews lined up. Her connections in the ESL community in Vietnam another one of her assets.
It's a good feeling knowing someone's in your corner, especially someone as able and kind as Georgie. I highly recommend Teacher's Friend to anyone thinking of moving to Vietnam.

Yes, I recommend this program

Teacher's Friend

I would highly recommend to anyone who might be interested in teaching abroad. It's perfect if you're looking to go more independently and not through an organization, but still have support and advice from someone who has lived and taught in Vietnam for many years. This experience has opened my eyes to places and opportunities I never thought I'd have. And I can say with confidence that Teacher's Friend is true to their name, as I honestly do feel like I have a friend looking out for me at all times and is there if I ever need anything. Day in and day out, you can see that she genuinely cares about each of her clients and wants nothing but for them to be happy and succeed. I have fallen in love with Hanoi and Vietnam as a whole and I cannot say that I would have had the same reaction or experiences had it not been for Georgie and her guidance and assistance!

What would you improve about this program?
My only suggestion would be perhaps a revised pre departure info packet and maybe more open communication with the language centre where clients would be getting their TESOL.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Moving to Vietnam was a good idea...

Last year, I decided to teach English in Vietnam. After searching through online programs, I finally found one that suited my needs. Georgie helped me with my application and sent them to competitive schools in the area I requested. She helped me secure the job before I landed. After I arrived in Vietnam, she set me up with a tour and a contact. The contact showed me some great local spots to eat and drink. She helped relieve anxiety about moving to another country and offered support whenever I needed. Georgie placed me in a language school that I really enjoy. I have made many friends since coming to Vietnam and it is thanks to Georgie's understanding of the English teaching market. Without Georgie's assistance, I think I would have been more nervous to move my whole life abroad.

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Yes, I recommend this program


Moving to Vietnam from Canada to teach seemed daunting at the beginning but Teacher's Friend truly made the transition so much easier. Georgie made sure that I was fully prepared before I left for Vietnam, making sure I had everything in place (proper visa, documents etc) as well as provided me with all of the knowledge I would need for when I arrived. Once I got to Hanoi, I started working almost instantly for an extremely credible company. I have now been in Vietnam for 5 months and Georgie continues to support me whenever I have any concerns. She is always ready to help, extremely positive, and kind! Georgie truly has a unique service that offers security, peace of mind, and a friend who has your back through your transition into becoming a teacher. I would recommend TFV to anyone looking to teach in Vietnam!