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iSpiice (Integrated Social Programs in Indian Child Education) is a voluntary social organization which offers affordable Volunteer programs in India including ( Teaching English, Child Care, Women’s Empowerment, Street Children, Renovations, Health Education, Basic computer skills, Private tuition & Summer camp). Each of iSpiice programs run from 2 weeks up to 12 weeks all year around (starts every Sunday) so you can tailor them to suit the level of commitment you are able to provide. Usually, our volunteers fly into Delhi International airport on a Sunday, where an iSpiice team member meets them and escorts them to our volunteer location in Dharamsala.

iSpiice also offers meaningful travel opportunities in India, including optional week end add-on tours to world's famous sites such as Taj Mahal tour, Himalayan Trekking tour, Adventure Tour in Manali, Jaipur and a 2-day tour visiting Golden Temple in Amritsar.


  • Contribute towards the Indian Community that is much in need. iSpiice provides safe and affordable travel volunteer programs in India.
  • Partake in volunteer opportunities in India for Individuals, Groups, Couples & Students.
  • Take a tour of the Taj Mahal, offered on the final weekend of volunteering. Which includes Delhi airport drop off.
  • Morning or Evening yoga classes (in English) 2 times per week.
  • Certificate of service as a reference for your future volunteer programs.

Volunteer work includes teaching projects, after school programs and summer camps, women's empowerment, childcare projects, and renovation of local institutions. Volunteers typically work on their two preferred programs each day, from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm on Monday - Friday.

You'll have breaks throughout the day for meals and relaxation. iSpiice volunteers will have weekends free and can participate in add-on tours.

During the week, a typical day will follow this schedule:

7:30 am: Wake up and enjoy a chai
7:45 am: Yoga class (60 minutes)
9:00 am: Breakfast and work preparation
10:30 am: Program 1 (2 hours)
12:45 pm: Break for lunch and work preparation
2:00 pm: Program 2 (2 hours)
4:30 pm: Afternoon chai and work preparation
7:00 pm: Dinner
7:30 pm: Relax, go shopping, prepare for tomorrow's programs

What's Included
What's Included (Extra)

Meet & Greet at New Delhi Airport, transfer to Dharamsala with iSpiice guide, one night stay at the Hotel in Delhi. All transportation, three times meals at shared iSpiice volunteer house. Filtered water, wi-fi, Pre departure information kit. Material required for volunteer work.

What's Not Included
What's Not Included (Extra)

Airfare, travel insurance and Indian visa.
Spending money for bottled water, snack foods and dining out whilst on weekend excursions.
Add On Tours such as Taj Mahal, Himalayan Trekking, Jaipur + Taj Mahal, Golden Temple and Manali Adventure Trip.

iSpiice Volunteer House and Programs are situated in the villages of Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. This location is known the world over as a tourist destination. It is known for the magnificent scenes, beautiful climate, snow capped Himalayan mountains and tea gardens surrounding the area and being home to the Dalai Lama – he gives public teachings at his temple in McLeod Ganj throughout the year.

Accommodation is large house in rural Dharamsala. The house is comfortable and the location is beautiful with access to all local amenities. Accommodation is very communal – food is eaten together and bathrooms and living spaces are shared. The number of people you will share with depends entirely on the number of volunteers we have in the house, but the maximum number of people in a room is 4. And in case you were wondering we have western toilets and hot water.

We have fabulous cook that make authentic home style Indian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day (all of which are included in your Placement Fees). We mainly serve vegetarian food (lentils, vegetable curries, eggs, rice, and Indian breads) but can cater to any dietary requirements if you give us some warning. Our volunteers miss the iSpiice food when they’re back in their home countries.

Hosted by iSPiiCE

iSPiiCE (Integrated Social Program in Indian Child Education) is a voluntary social organisation that builds partnerships between International volunteers and rural Indian communities. With 80% of India’s population living in rural areas an iSPiiCE...

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Visited in 2011

I attended the University of Saint Thomas and I had the privilege of being part of a 10 person team to volunteer for iSPiiCE. The iSPiiCE team met us at the airport and made it a smooth transition from the city all the way up into the mountains. Being a volunteer teacher was one of the most remarkable experience of my life. The community, and especially the students were welcoming and always went out of their way to make it hospitable. The iSPiiCE staff did a great job of balancing the workload and taking us on adventures throughout the city. There were times we forgot that it was a temporary engagement because we were lost in the beauty of the mountains, culture, and community. I highly recommend this trip because it changed the lives of everyone one on our trip and I wish to go back soon.

Yes, I recommend this program
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I have always been attracted to India, and in choosing to travel alone for one month (i had just 21 y.old) i placed myself in the capable and trustworthy hand of ISPiiCE. What i experienced was Beyond anything i could have imagined! The ISPiiCE team is exceptional. There is a magic at Ispiice that immediatly made me feel like i belonged and was at home despite being thousands of miles away from everything i've ever know befor.
The selfless, thoughtful, generous, and kind nature of the Ispiice team/staff is overwhelming. The weekends are fantastic opportunities to travel and uncover the rich and varied landscape of India. This was a fulfilling experience and a unique and rewarding opportunity to be welcomed and immersed into a community where we are truly appreciated and can make a real difference. I have gived to and gained so much from the people of Sidhbari that i wish to came back as soon as possible.
And REMEMBER...the best way to capture the deep essence of a country is to live and work with its inhabitants and immerse yourself in its cultures and traditions. For me it is inspiring and stimulating to discover and explore different societies and to have direct contact with ways of life different to my own.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Outstanding Organization and Experience!

I taught a computer class to a group of teenagers in the mornings, painted a daycare in the afternoons, and tutored children in English in the family's home during the evenings. The program leaders we stayed with took us to all of our lessons, prepared our meals, and gave us tours of important places in the community. I always felt safe and in good hands. Living and working with the locals was amazing. The people of India are so welcoming, generous, and kind. My heart grew 3 sizes while there and I wish I could've stayed longer!

How can this program be improved?
To have stayed longer!
Yes, I recommend this program
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Building Purpose

My Personal experience is pretty closely inline with everything already said below in the other reviews. It will be one of the most memorable things you do ever do. You will grow as a person, you will have a chance to make and receive positive change.

However, a major thing not many reviews touch on is how amazing the iSPiiCE family is and how dedicated they are to the volunteers they support and the community the serve. You can see their purpose in their eyes, thoughts, and most importantly plans. iSPiiCE is vastly bigger than a volunteer based cultural exchange. As the success of the program grows, the impact it has on the local community can be seen. The numbers of people who get sent secondary school and college increases, the funding to build and run an orphanage become closer to reality, the list goes on and on. And it is hard and timely work, to make a difference. iSPiiCE knows that, and they are soulfully dedicated to make sure it happens.

It has been a year since I have been at the iSPiiCE camp, but every time I see a facebook post, my heartstrings are tugged. I will find a way to make it back, and I will continue to support them in anyway I can.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Best experience of my life!!!

Before I went to India to volunteer with ispiice I honestly had no idea what to expect. In my opinion there were three main parts:

The volunteering, the travel and the social aspect. The volunteering itself is fantastic I can promise that you will thoroughly enjoy it. Teaching in the school and slums is something that will give you a great sense of achievement, everyday I loved it and the kids are great.

The travelling opportunities are also wonderful giving you a real idea of how big and cultured India is with trips to the taj mahal, Menali and the golden temple. Locally aswell the area is brilliant, almost every evening I would go on a walk for at least an hour as the scenery was incredible.

Socially the people that run ispiice are some of the friendliest and most accommodating people I have ever met, also you will get to meet people from all over the world. The camp is lovely I was quite surprised by how beautiful it was and it is a wonderful place to stay. Also I must mention the food, it was fantastic and there is plenty of opportunities to learn the recipes or even cook yourself.

With the volunteering you do you will feel like you are truly achieving something. I honestly believe that ispiice is the best volunteering project especially for the value for money, worth every penny I put into it!!!

I could honestly go on for hours about how wonderful ispiice is, I would say if you're considering volunteering to teach definitely go and join ispiice. I was there for a month but I would say if you can, spend longer.

Yes, I recommend this program
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An experience I will never forget

I loved every second of the three weeks I spent at iSPiiCE. The program is so well organised with plenty of choices and oppurtunities to volunteer and make a difference. The hospitality and warmth the team brings to the program adds an even more enjoyable experience.

A highlight during my stay, was the opportunity I had to work with the children in the slums. Each day they greeted us with warmth and an incredible desire to learn.

The experiences iSPiiCE have given me will be one I will never forget.

How can this program be improved?
There is nothing that I would want to improve about this program, everything is done so well.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Fantastic experience

Having spent 3 weeks as a volunteer with Ispiice, I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wishing to teach abroad. The variety of volunteer workshops/programs balanced well with free time allowing me to explore and soak up the local community and culture.

I also found the Ispiice team to be extremely warm, helpful and generous with their time ensuring all needs of volunteers were met.

The absolute highlight for me was working with the children who had a burning desire to learn,

My only regret was that my teenage daughter and I could not stay longer.

John Rodgers - Please feel free to contact me on [email protected] if you would like to know more about my experience.

How can this program be improved?
I really can not think of ant way to improve this program.
Yes, I recommend this program
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One of a kind charity

I cannot believe my luck in finding the wonderful ISPIICE group to volunteer with. I had the most amazing month last summer, somehow managing to experience everything from achieving learning targets with different groups of street children to visiting multiple famous and infamous stunning gems of Northern India. The support you get and the safety you feel with the ISPIICE guys exceeded all my expectations! As a volunteer you are greeted with open arms from everyone around as they are so very appreciative of all the time and effort you put in. If it isn't already obvious I 100% recommend this project to anyone who wants a indescribably unique adventure, that will throw you out of your comfort zone in the best possible direction.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing experience in incredible India

My experience in India with Ispiice will remain one of the best experience of my life. Being involved all day in Indian life is the perfect way to discover such a wonderful country. You learn culture, tradition and Indian ways of life and you share it with other volunteers from all over the world. Everything is really rewarding, playing with kids, teaching at school, speaking and sharing with young womens... Ispiice staff is generous and welcoming towards volunteers and they are always free to advise and answer at any questions. Work is well organised, and you are free to propose new activites and ideas. You can choose what is the best for you, child care, women empowement, school class... Personnaly, I felt very usefull working at Ispiice, you can see your class improve their knowledge. It was my first volunteer experience abroad and my first stay in India. It can be a bit impressive, but this country and the philosophy of life of Indians are so amazing and rewarding in every way, that I recommand this experience to everyone. I came back with a new vision of life and happyness. I know that I will come back to India for sure.

How can this program be improved?
I think that they don't want to give too much work to volunteer, but maybe some days, I would have perfered work than staying at home.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Life changing experience

I have been to Ispiice in December 2012 and can surely say this experience changed my life and my perspective.
I would recommend to spend at least 3 weeks there and you will find amazing nature, new friends, incredible places to visit and most of all you will return to what is really important in life.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great volunteer experience with ISPIICE

I volunteered with ISPIICE for a month in India. It was the best volunteer experience I have had. The program is very affordable and you get to do a lot with the price you pay. The program staff are amazing and really take the time to make sure you get the full experience. The weekend excursions are a bonus and the best that any volunteer opportunity has that I have come across. I would recommend this volunteer experience to anyone who wants to help others as well as be immersed in the Indian culture.

How can this program be improved?
I really do not have any bad comments to make about this program. I would not have changed anything.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Change your life in India!

My three weeks with iSPiiCE were some of the most memorable of my life. I think this program is one of the most authentic ways to visit India; it's safe, has a wide variety of activities, and you will make a difference! The iSPiiCE staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and supportive. They work countless hours to make sure your experience is positive and your impact is valuable to the community. You will witness the beautiful people of India and help them learn valuable skills, such as learning basic English and technology. I still think about my trip to India daily, and strongly recommend this program to anyone interested in visiting India!

How can this program be improved?
I wish more people knew about this program!
Yes, I recommend this program
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Don't think twice..just do it!

if you are reading these reviews that means that you are already in the beautiful Himalayas and the most amazing experience awaits you! Please don't hesitate! If it's to spend time doing something worthwhile then Ispiice is your program. If it's value for money and safety then Ispiice is your program. If it's the opportunity to meet amazing people then Ispiice is your program. If it's culture and food then Ispiice is your program. And if it's a combination of all the above then believe me Ispiice is your program. I spent nearly 6 weeks and didn't want to leave. But when I did my experience continued with the chance to see even more of the wonderous India. I travelled to take up the opportunity on my own but once I was greeted in Delhi I was never on my own. My accomodation and food was like being in the Taj Mahal and the hospitality of Verun and his team is priceless. What more can I say?

How can this program be improved?
More hours of participation on a daily basis. All volunteers are there to contribute.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Beautiful people, beautiful country, amazing experience

I spent two months with iSPiiCE and had the most amazing experience, and made memories that will stay with me forever. I was nervous of travelling to India alone, but the iSPiiCE team quickly put me at ease, meeting me directly from the airport. The time I spent with the charity was so varied from working with women to looking after a nursery class to teaching English, and free time to discover the beauty of the local area. The trips that iSPiiCE offers are an extra bonus, providing you the opportunity to see iconic parts of India such as the Taj Mahal, though I think the trek into the Himalayas was my favourite. I cannot speak highly enough of the program and the staff that make it what it it is, and would recommend it to anyone thinking about heading to India or carrying out charity work. I would love to return to see familiar faces in the future.

How can this program be improved?
I wouldn't change anything :)
Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing Experience, Hope to go back someday!

I spent two weeks with ISpiice a few years ago and it was a fantastic experience. We spent the mornings working at a daycare/preschool with young children teaching them English and other basic concepts. The teachers at the school were welcoming and so grateful for the help and the children were absolutely adorable! In the afternoon, we spent time repainting one of the preschool centers for the kids and then went and tutored older children in English and taught them geography, etc. The kids were so eager to learn even after spending all day in school and soaked up everything we had to offer. They were some of the brightest children I have ever had the privilege of working with, even though they had so little.
The staff at Ispiice were also amazing and worked really hard to make sure we were comfortable. I never felt unsafe while I was there and really enjoyed that we were able to do excursions on the weekends (hiking, Taj Mahal) all for a reasonable price. You can truly see how dedicated the staff are to their mission and that every dollar they get is truly spent on helping these kids and not wasted on useless overhead. Their passion and love for the kids that they are working with is evident. I hope to be able to go back again someday when I could visit for longer!

How can this program be improved?
When I went, they didn't have the street outreach program yet which I would have loved to participate in.
Yes, I recommend this program


Hi Janice, Thank you for your message. The minimum age limit is 16 years. There is no maximum age limit. However, you should be fit to travel and work.
$850 USD for 1 month! More details on their website,


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