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Volunteer Work With Elephants. Volunteers required to do care and help work for Elephants and their mahouts at one of the Elephants Camp in India. For a long time now all the elephants located in Jaipur have not been living together. Every day, in the morning, the elephants in the city give tourist rides to Fort Amber. But this is tough for mahouts as well as elephants because there is a long distance to walk to the fort. In 2005 the Government of Rajasthan, India, has allotted a place in the area, 30 hectares of land near Jaipur, a place called Elephant Village. It has stable blocks for each elephant, it has housing for the animals; it also has a big man-made lake where the elephants can swim and get thoroughly washed after a day spent in the heat and dust.

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Here are the fees for the elephant program (in US $). You can find more information on their website! 1 Week 180 2 Weeks 360 3 Weeks 540 4 Weeks 720 5 Weeks 900 6 Weeks 1080 Extra Week 180


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Incredible India & Elephants

The Project itself was very enjoyable. It was cool to get to know the elephant. The work was not too challenging. The Mahouts were friendly and joking with us. Raj the project coordinator was pleasant to have with us. Govind and Sukret were very accommodating too. Totoram the driver was kind and caring and we enjoyed his presence.
Definitely recommend the project.

How can this program be improved?
No critical feedback, only the project starts too early but we can't do anything that's already mentioned before we joined.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Lovely time with Elephants

I had a wonderful time in Jaipur with Elephants. During my 4 weeks of project with VWI i also go to visit some of the beautiful places in Jaipur, Agra, Pushkar & Delhi. Here people are so friendly.

My work with the elephants starts everyday in morning; VWI has dedicated driver which pick me up in time and drop at the project site; there is project coordinator always there which assist me all the work to help mahouts and to care elephants. My work was there to everyday clean the area, wash the elephants, feed them and also go to afternoon to made chapati's. The work environment with the elephants and mahouts is so happy and fun.

The host family is so nice, my room was nice, food was great. I definitely recommend this project for future volunteers.

How can this program be improved?
I did not found any!
Yes, I recommend this program
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Authentic experience

I went to Jaipur to work with the elephants and what a great experience it was.

If you are looking for an authentic experience then this is the project for you. From the family to the transport it is the real deal.

I was worried as a lone slightly older traveller about how safe I would be. I need not have worried at all, at every stage the organisation exceeded expectations leaving me free to enjoy the experience.

The day starts early and so if you are working with the elephants you have a lot of downtime. It is worth noting here it may be better to do this trip with a friend since I did get a little bored at the house.

Whilst on the trip it was the Holie festival and what fun be aware that you are not told to oil your body before playing so that the powder does not stain. I was bright pink for almost a week!!! Thanks Sukret.

Live a little and go for this adventure.

How can this program be improved?
Shopping was a trial because it seem s to be the aim to get as much out of the tourists as is possible. Be prepared to barter.

The meal times were really random and on more than one occasion we were left wondering if we were going to be fed. Indeed a few times no breakfast or lunch was provided. I would have liked to have set times for meals so that I could work round them.

It is also worth remembering the family are running a business so everything costs.
Response from Volunteering With India

Thank you Carol for giving the feedback and 100% rating. We are sorry about the improper food for the time when you volunteer with us. The reason as you were also aware that the host family brother was died during the time when you were volunteering. This makes them not to provide the meals for volunteers in time for 4 days - As there was a peace time in the family. We are sorry about the issue :(

Yes, I recommend this program
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Happiness, Curry and Elephants

I would highly recommend this organization. I did the Volunteer With Elephants program and had a truly amazing experience. I really can't express how it changed my life.

From the moment I got there, and even before arriving, I had support from their staff. They always made sure I had what I needed and was safe..which was very valuable being a woman traveling alone.

They really set you up to be comfortable and the value of having a driver was very nice. The manager/owner of this organization always took the time to take me and see things I would have never known how to find, explain where to go for shopping.

The tour you get at the end is also worth it in itself. I loved spending time with the elephants and everything was hands on.

The town was beautiful and so full of history and character. Lots of sight seeing! Everyday was a new unique experience and I met a lot of really nice people.

The family I stayed with was very hospitable, although the food was a little oily and vegetarian it was really tasty. I had my own room with a shower and always felt welcome. The girls there did Henna for me and even helped me shop for a Sari and local attire.

All in all I had an incredible experience, I would highly recommend this organization as it has a personable and human aspect to it. If you are thinking of going, and have more questions feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Never stop travelling :-)

How can this program be improved?
It is really easy to get taken advantage of their when purchasing items at the market. You really have to bargain and you also get a lot of attention. If you look at is as an adventure though and go in with a good attitude you will be fine. Yes there is poverty and it will smell and you will see things you wish you didn't its all part of the experience.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Volunteering with the Elephants

Ms by Michele
on December 16, 2012
I would like to pass on what an amazing experience it is in Jaipur with the awesome elephants. I was made to be so welcome by all, from the coordinators to the fab mahouts. Tutarum ji who picked us up from our guest house was a real character and always made sure we found plenty of drinking holes for a lovely cup of real Indian chai, we had chance to go to teach the children at a school. They were such a great bunch of kids, and very clever.I was invited to two weddings and they were very colourful and lively. I didn't have to worry about anything accommodation was seen to and All I had to worry about was getting up on time!!
If I could I would do it all again.
If you love history Jaipur has lots to offer. Thanks Sukret and Govind and Tutarum Ji for making it the best experience ever.....

How can this program be improved?
I would like to have had chance to bathe the elephants at the elephant village, but it was wrong time of year to do this. I guess having more time with the ellies, but being with them early mornings gives you the chance to explore Jaipur and make lots of new friends......
Yes, I recommend this program
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Do it!

Most insane crazy fun filled week of my life! This project is great way to enhance the travel experience- turning it from a self indulge holiday to something where you actually have make a difference in someone life.

Not to mention the amazing side activities like riding elephants, the extreme consumption of chai, feeding monkeys and riding on motorcycles to midnight temples, and attending a 12 hour Indian wedding (If you're lucky!)

If this is your first experience volunteering in another country, VWI is great way to get you started.

How can this program be improved?
We paid alot of money to participate in the program, and only around 5% of it went to the organisation we volunteered with - I would like to see more money go to those who need it.
Yes, I recommend this program
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'haathi' heaven

I spent only one week on the volunteer programme with elephants in Jaipur. However, this proved the most life changing week I think I'll ever experience.

On arrival in Jaipur I was greeted by Sukret at the airport, and transported to the guest house. The host family were so welcoming, and all the food provided was amazing, it was absolutely impossible to go hungry!

Staff at VWI were so friendly and willing to help, and the mahouts despite language barriers were also friendly and supportive, so the whole working experience was made very comfortable.
Myself and another volunteer worked between two villages of elephants, and we also experienced a day at one of VWI's other projects (Children project), which was great and the children were so lovely!

India is a beautiful country, VWI workers were more than happy to show the wonders of the amazing pink city once work was over. At the weekend we visited a traditional Rajasthani village resort called 'Chokhi Dhani'

This project was fun, different and educating. I have recommended this project to many friends, and I hope to return soon to work with VWI again.

How can this program be improved?
It would have been even more fun to share this experience with more volunteers, though I know this is not a factor brought about by VWI.
Response from Volunteering With India

Thanks Sian, You were also a very good volunteer in the Village. We wish you best in your life and Hope to see you soon here with your friends.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Summer in India

I spend 4 wonderful weeks working on the elephant project. I had a tough start because there were some problems with my baggage in Delhi airport, But Sukret was very helpful through it all, so no matter what happens, just take it easy, and you are in safe hands. I will admit that I Had times when I just thought that everything was new for me here, it such a big culture difference. I come here for 4 weeks so on my beginning days I learned how to get around the city. The transportation is really cheap in India. I saw the entire tourist place on weekend sightseeing and did a lot of shopping. The staff members were really nice to introduce me for their families and taking me to different places. The work with elephants is amazing. On a normal day I got pick up from the host family at 4:30 a,m and was home again at about 9 p.m. Most of the days I cleaned the elephants area, washed and scrubbed the elephants and made food for them to eat. But I also experience to bath the elephant in the lake ride. Every day you have the program coordinator with you to the project, so you are never alone there is always someone to talk with and to answer your entire question. And that makes feel really safe and comfortable. I had an amazing time volunteering. Definitely a place I would love to visit again. Hard Work but really amazing elephants. All the people whom I met here is very welcoming and sweet. I like to give A Big 9 mark from 10 to VWI. The project Staff members Really great! Could not wished any better. It was great to write with Sukret, and he always answered really fast. I am really picky with food and I don’t like anything spicy, but the family was very nice to make sure there always something I could eat.

How can this program be improved?
If I should visit again, my number one priority would be not to be there alone this time. In 3 out of 4 weeks I spend there I was the only volunteer working there, and I think it would have been even more fun, if there had been just a few more
Response from Volunteering With India

Thank you Nicoline for the review. We wish you best in your studies.

Yes, I recommend this program


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