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Volunteering With India


Volunteering With India gives you opportunity to work in India for various development volunteering program including work with children, Orphanage work, Work with elephants,Women empowerment & Theater Volunteer program.


54, Govind Nagar East
Jaipur 302002


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I had a great time doing this program, teaching English in Jaipur. It was a great way for me to gain meaningful experiences for the future, an amazing opportunity to meet new people and to see the world from a new perspective. My recommendations for future participants would be to prepare well, and to have as much fun as possible during your stay. The time goes faster than you would imagine. Also, use the weekends to see the many different places around Jaipur and India, arranged by the program.

Yes, I recommend

When I arrived I was thrown in at the deep end as the Indian teacher was ill . I shouldn't have worried . The class of up to 20 boys were very welcoming and very keen to learn and enjoy themselves . I was welcomed with a heartwarming "Namaste" from the boys every morning . They were a kind , loving and generous bunch of lads . They enjoyed my pro-active ,hands-on method of teaching and enjoyed participating in games such as , Simon Says , I Spy , Pictionary and Hangman . They had almost no English Language experience , but after 6 weeks they knew their alphabet , numbers , could play games, do simple mathematics and construct simple sentences . They also built up a vocabulary of places , body parts , modes of transport , fruit and vegetables , family members , food and drink and sport . My partner joined me for the last 3 weeks and even though she had never taught before and was nervous , she took to it like a duck to water . Its easy teaching boys who enjoy learning . You don't need any formal qualifications . I would recommend spending at least 3 weeks teaching in Jaipur , 6 weeks was perfect for me . There is lots to do in Jaipur and surrounding areas in your spare time/weekends : Jodhpur, Udaipur, Agra and Taj Mahal , Camel and/or Tiger Safari,Delhi , Temples and Forts . Very rewarding , we achieved a lot in 6 weeks and would like to return . If you join the program please bring lots of flashcards and teaching aids as resources are limited .


How can this program be improved?
More resources would be useful : Teaching aids such as flashcards .
Access to a computer was limited . I did bring my own laptop/ipad which was very useful . It would have been great to be able to connect them to a monitor for teaching purposes .
Yes, I recommend
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I did this program for four weeks. It was certainly an experience that I will not forget, and something that I would recommend to anyone.
The people who took our classes were very eager to learn and very nice people overall, they even wished my mother a happy birthday!
My tip for any future participant is to come well prepared and to have an open mind. Make use of the time that you have here

Yes, I recommend


I have no words to describe what my experience in Jaipur was like. From minute one, Sukret came to pick me up at the airport and gave me a lot of peace. When we arrived at the guest house, I met the rest of the volunteers and family that lived in that house. Afterwards, I explained how volunteering was going to develop.

The first day was an authentic madness. They came to pick us up in tuctuc. The driver was very nice and although we did not understand very well, except for a few words in English and gestures, you laughed at any time.

In the orphanage, the boys received us with the typical namaste and they showed up one by one. What impacted me the most was their desire to learn and even though you were the teacher they taught you interesting things.

The rest of the days did not look like the previous one. In the afternoon, in your free time there were always things to do, from going to the monkey temple, a must, until walking through the town enjoying its architecture and typical food there.

I recommend everyone to go.


No tengo palabras para describir como fue mi experiencia en jaipur. Desde el minuto uno ,sukret vino a recogerme al aeropuerto y me transmitio mucha tranquilidad. Cuando llegamos a la guest house , conoci al resto de voluntarios y familia que vivia en esa casa. Ya despues , me explico como iba a desarrollarse el voluntariado.

El primer dia fue una autentica locura. Vinieron a recogernos en tuctuc. El conductor era bastante simpático y aunque no nos entediesemos muy bien, salvo por algunas palabras en inglés y por los gestos , te reías en cualquier momento.

En el orfanato, los chicos nos recibieron con el tipico namaste y se presentaron uno por uno. Lo que mas me impacto fue sus ganas de aprender y aunque tu fueses el profesor ellos te enseñaban cosas bastante interesantes.

El resto de dias no se parecían al anterior. Por la tarde , en tus ratos libres siempre habia cosas para hacer, desde ir al monkey temple, visita obligada, hasta pasear por el pueblo disfrutando de su arquitectura y comida tipica de allí.

Recomiendo a todo el mundo que vaya.

Yes, I recommend

I spent a week volunteering for the Woman Empowerment program and taught English to a group of nearly fifty wonderful women. Both groups were on slightly different English levels. I had to improvise the first day with a lesson, then the next couple of days I'd have something prepare before the class. The women loved group exercises that allowed them to practice with each other and also everyone's pronunciation a loud and in front of the group. They were shy at the beginning, but always warm, welcoming, focused, ready to learn. They always had a smile on their faces. I was impressed on how driven and smart the group was and how grateful they were.
I used to teach from 12-4:30 and got back home around 5pm, so there's time to sightseeing locally in between.

Sukret was very helpful from the beginning, promptly responded to emails and any questions I had. He welcomed me at the host family house; where a lovely family ensure we felt comfortable and provided homemade meals everyday. Tip: Bring your own mosquito net if you don't want to get bitten. I installed mine using a command strip and I only got bitten once because that night I did not use it. The house has wifi, fan and a dessert cooler. You get your own room with bathroom.

The organization's driver was very kind and professional - it was fun commuting to work on a tuk tuk everyday. Due that I was traveling solo, I hired on my own a private driver to take me sightseeing in Jaipur the day before I started volunteering, went to the Taj Mahal and back to New Delhi to fly out to Nepal. Unfortunately, I did not have any additional time to spend on trips with other volunteers, but it was nice getting to know another volunteer at the host family house. If you want to see some of the places I had a chance to check out in Jaipur you can see them on Instagram @m.elissaponce

How can this program be improved?
The program can be improved by providing more guidance about what the assignment will be, so volunteers can prepare in advance, bring any materials (if needed), know what topics the group has already covered with other volunteers.
Yes, I recommend


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