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Livnot connects visitors from around the world with meaningful community service projects in Tzfat, Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh. Volunteering with Livnot is a great way to participate in "Tikun Olam" (repairing the world) during one of the days of a vacation, tour, family or school trip, community mission, or your child's Bar/Bat Mitvah in Israel.

Volunteers will work with local community leaders on varies projects as different needs arise. We also take our volunteers special skills and interests into account, so please let us know!

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The volunteers live in the heart of the old city in ancient, dug out rooms. It is incredible. Each room has its own bathroom and the rooms sizes vary from 3 people per room to 5. They also each have windows and access to air (don't be put off by the 'dug out' description. I only mean they are each a part of the extensive excavation that Livnot has done over the past 35 years and they are mostly...
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Amazing in Tzfat

I did not have many expectations for the program as I knew very little about it and have never really spent time volunteering before, especially for two consecutive weeks. But the staff were amazing, and engaging and the two weeks were filled with hikes, truly inspiring conversations, Jewish learning and just a variety of activities like pottery painting, Kabbalah, as well as volunteering in really rewarding places like seniors' homes, Ethiopian absorption camp, park recreation and so on.

Yes, I recommend
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Mystical Roots in Volunteer Experience

The experiences which come from Livnot U'lihibunot are enriching for the soul as well as for the volunteer. Although geared toward young Jews looking for their spiritual identity, there are never any moments where one is felt pressured or pushed into a religious environment. The spiritual aspects to the program include self-introspection and background on different spiritual practices, such as Kabbalah. Tzfar, the city the program takes place in, is the place of origin for Kabbalah and is therefore deeply rooted in the mystical practices, which one can feel from a mile away. The volunteer work I completed while there included working with Ethiopian kids by teaching them English, re-building bomb shelters, incorporating environmental concerns by excavating ancient green spaces which are now being converted into parks, interacting with seniors at an elderly home in Israel, re-constructing a resident's bathroom after an explosion had occurred, hiking into waterfalls, and other wonderful causes.
The program is a wonderful value and should be considered by anyone looking to have a thoughtful, fulfilling experience. Ideal for the adventerous traveler.

Yes, I recommend

About Livnot U'Lehibanot

Livnot is the premiere experience geared towards Jews 21-30+ with little or no background in Judaism. The program facilitates an exploration of Israel and Jewish heritage through the medium of fascinating seminars, challenging hikes and rewarding...