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- 24 hrs Assistance and support from Staff
- Comprehensive Pre- Departure Information
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- Accommodation
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Nov 16, 2023
Jul 18, 2021
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About Program

Volunteering Solutions offers incredible and amazing volunteering opportunities in Nairobi, Kenya. Located in East Africa and known for its breathtaking scenery and diverse wildlife, Kenya has been there on every traveler's wishlist forever. It's one of the most popular volunteering destinations as well, considering the fact that hundreds of volunteers each year travel to Kenya in order to make some meaningful contribution towards the lives of underprivileged people. There are different projects available - Childcare Volunteering Program, Healthcare Program, Teaching Program, and the 1 & 2 Weeks Special Voluntour meant for all those who have just a few days in hand yet dream of doing something worthy.

Being a volunteer in Kenya will not only give you a chance to help the communities, but you'll also get to immerse yourself in knowing the culture, the traditions and more about the lifestyle of the people. It'll definitely turn out to be one of the best experiences of your life!

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Program Highlights

  • Volunteer and help the underprivileged sections of the society to make a better future for themselves.
  • Experience the thrill of wildlife safaris and game drives in Maasai Mara and spot the African Big 5.
  • Interact with the tribal community of Masai village and learn about their traditions.
  • Gain first-hand work experience and boost your career.
  • Meet some like-minded travelers from other parts of the world and create memories that would last for a lifetime.

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  • Safety 4.6
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Yes, I recommend this program


I volunteered at an orphanage and it was a lot of fun, since all the older kids were in school during the day I only had to watch the ones 2 years and younger. The kids were always so happy and so nice, as well as the staff there. It was like one big family and it was very fun. The only thing was that I would get there around 9:30am and the kids would already ave had breakfast and would eat lunch until 1pm, I was only with the children when they were eating lunch. The other times I was just doing other tasks like laundry, dishes, or preparing food. It was a good experience though

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
There wasn't just one thing that was surprising, because the whole trip was a culture shock.
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Response from Volunteering Solutions

Thank you so much for this lovely review Jazzmyn! We cannot wait for you to join us again!! See you soon! ❤ ❤

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Ana Paula
No, I don't recommend this program

Summer program in Kenya

Definitely a rewarding experience! I loved Kenya, the Children’s House where we volunteer was amazing. People were very warm and welcoming. As for the organization, some things you run into are not specified on the web page, I think there is a lot of information that needs to be updated. You arrive with certain expectations that don’t meet with what they tell you at the beginning. And I think they could be a little bit more aware of volunteers. We had an unpleasant experience upon arrival in which the organization wasn’t really helpful.

What was your funniest moment?
When we encountered the Maasai Tribe and danced with them
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Response from Volunteering Solutions

Hi Ana,
Thanks for leaving us a review. Good to know that you had a rewarding experience in Kenya and found the volunteer work amazing. In regards to the points which you have mentioned where the info needs to be updated, we would be checking with you on that and taking a detailed feedback from you so that we can make improvements on that front. Once again, thanks for joining the program in Kenya.Hope you enjoy your further travels in Africa.
Team Volunteering Solutions

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Yes, I recommend this program

We don't know how lucky we are.

I spent time at the school and the children's home. Both were eye opening. The children were full of smiles and hungry for learning. The unselfish attitude of everybody was something we don't see so much in our privalaged lifestyle we could learn a lot. What Margaret has done for over 150 children at the home is amazing. Without her vision and love for life these children would have had a very different life if any. So I have nothing but respect for her. An experience you will never regret or forget. Kenya is an amazing country with so much potential . You are guaranteed to leave a bit of your heart with the children and want to go back for more.

What would you improve about this program?
I would put a cooker in the accommodation. That way you could cook your own food. We ate out a few times and some times we didn't get breakfast delivered . So charge less and cook your own food .
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Yes, I recommend this program


I really enjoyed. It was a very good time. I hope I had given the little ones as much as they gave me. Makimei needs more support - progressing, I believe. Margaret and Rachel are engaged and housemothers are dedicated.
Regarding Volsol/ Go Overseas, Joe Ngugi is very kind and available. Everything was fine - accommodation, food, visits to the parks. I am pleased to be part of. Thank you for your project. Keep in touch.

Kindest regards,
Joana Barata

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Response from Volunteering Solutions

Hi Joana, Thank you so much for the wonderful review! It sounds like you had the most amazing time =) We hope to see you again in the near future for another adventure!
Team Volunteering Solutions

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No, I don't recommend this program

Medical volunteering

Volunteering with this company is something I wouldn’t recommend. There were so many things I did not like about the program specifically the amount of dishonesty between the guide sent out prior to leaving and reality.

It took 2.5 hours to get to the hospital daily. The staff really could care less we were there. I voiced a plethora of concerns with the coordinator of the company and his response was borderline rude. Especially when confronted about the scam of a 2-day safari. I also got sick while in Nairobi and went to a hospital for 7 hours. The staff didn’t offer to take me, suggest a hospital, or even ask how I was. Instead, I figured everything out on my own and waited alone there. Luckily I was able to figure this out but, I could imagine how scared a younger volunteer would have been if they had to do it alone.

Overall I would not recommend this company because it felt more like a business than a company that helps people.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
Don’t pay to volunteer. Go directly and ask to help
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Response from Volunteering Solutions

Hi Caylan,
Thanks for your feedback. We take volunteer feedback very seriously and have discussed the issues/complaints with our in country team in Kenya. In regards to your complaint regarding the travel time/distance to the project, we have been sending volunteers to the particular hospital placement for many years now and we have never had anyone mentioning the travel time as this much.That said, there are roadworks going on between the accommodation and the hospital; a lot of places actually around the country, so it is taking slightly longer but definitely not 2 hours. In regards to the Safari, you viewed the full itinerary and details before booking the Safari as well as a detailed itinerary document was given to you before the tour. It was clearly mentioned that you are booking a 2 Day Trip, so I am not sure why you misunderstood it.
You had asked the coordinator when you were sick and wanted to know how the insurance works. The coordinator explained to you and even suggested the best hospital. You were not sure if you would go and you yourself said you would wait for a day or two to see how you feel.

The coordinator later followed up with you to see if you had gone to the hospital, and you said that he had gone and it turned out to be food poisoning. You also said you felt better. So, it is inaccurate to say that no one followed up with you.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience

I have spent 2 weeks in Kenya with Volunteering solutions. It was my first volunteer, as I am just 18. It was an amazing experience and I have learned a lot from it. Volunteering solutions help you with any thing you need, and that makes you feel like If you were at home. All the volunteers were very friendly and open minded, which is very important if you want to do a volunteer. If someone is thinking about volunteering I would recommend Volunteeing Solutions. I loved my project, the orphanage program, as I have said I think you learn a lot. However, Volunteering solutions give you more options, some of the volunteers I was living with, were in the school program and they told me they were very happy too.I really enjoyed the orphanage program in Kenya and I am looking forward to go back.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Experience Of Volunteering With The Kids At Makimei : Thanks To Vol Sol

I was a part of the Childcare Program in Kenya for 2 weeks this March, and I must say, it was the best experience I've ever had! Being surrounded by the little ones, playing with them, helping the house mothers in preparing food, and other chores - days passed by the wink of an eye. Kenya surely has a lot of reasons to be explored, but I think I made the best choice to volunteer there, at the Children's Home. Joe and Paul have been amazing hosts for us. Also, I had the chance of visiting the school one day, with my fellow volunteers, and it has become the most memorable day of my journey. At one point, I found myself surrounded by 50 kids, who just wanted to be loved. How incredible is that! I hope to go back again someday, to meet my little friends ❤

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
The most surprising thing for me was the way in which the kids bonded with me! (I really didn't expect something like that) They would be so happy every morning when I went there, especially Lucas, who would come running and get on my lap! It made me emotional every time I hugged him.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering Experience in Kenya

It was the most incredible experience I've ever had, and to be honest, I left a piece of my heart there with the children in Kenya. I was a part of the Childcare Project in Nairobi, and got to work at a children's home in the outskirts of the city. There were 5 of us, visiting this home and supporting the kids. Around 75 kids live here, of whom nearly 30 are infants and toddlers (between the age of few days to about 3 years). These are mostly abandoned kids, and getting to know their stories were extremely heart-wrenching! From the very first day, I felt like I was destined to be there and bonded with the kids, who are hungry for love. It was wonderful to see how happiness doesn't require much, and their innocence filled the place.

I had a great time playing with the children, feeding them, telling them stories and much more. It was actually difficult on the last day, to bid them goodbye.

I also got to make some friends from other parts of the world, as we lived together at the volunteer house. Over dinners, we talked about our countries and social structure, which was indeed quite interesting.

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