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You can make a difference and volunteer with GVI in Laos! From teaching novice Buddhist Monks to working with underprivileged children, you can make a difference and learn about a fascinating new culture. Those who volunteer in Laos with GVI are treated to spectacular landscapes, delicate temples and the opportunity to experience a fascinating culture. Join us in Laos, one of the most traditional countries in Southeast Asia!

Top Volunteer Projects in Laos:

  • Volunteer with Buddhist Novice Monks in Laos: As a volunteer with GVI, you'll be teaching English to Buddhist monks at Wat Siphoutthabat School in Luang Prabang. Your contribution towards our project will help the community to alleviate poverty through better education and better job opportunities.
  • Women's Empowerment Project in Laos: Travel to Luang Prabang, the stunning ancient city in Laos, and contribute to sustainable women’s empowerment initiatives in the local community. You can get involved with health and life skills, English lessons, and help play a significant role in improving the lives of local disadvantaged females.
  • Childcare Expedition in South Asia: Discover Asia when you travel to Nepal, India and Laos on a world wind volunteer experience! Contribute to valuable childcare initiatives and help provide much needed educational and early development support to the underprivileged children of these regions.
  • Volunteer with Children in Laos: Laos offers one of the richest cultures in Asia and is the ideal setting for volunteers to spend their days working with local children and assisting Lao English teachers at schools and at language centers.
  • Teaching Internship in Laos: Gain practical teaching experience and boost your career while helping local teachers with their English and managing volunteer projects, making a real contribution to the community.
  • Teach English to Monks in Laos and Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand: Travel to two stunning Asian countries and help enhance the education of Buddhist Novice Monks and help reintegrate elephants into their natural habitat from lives in tourist camps.

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Definitely enough time to get a feeling for the country and to give back. First time, I went for 3 weeks and then returned for 6 weeks the next year.


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Teaching English in Laos- Life Changing!!!!

Program provides a variety of teaching experiences from teaching first time English learners to students that are proficient in the language. You can get a taste of teaching all kinds of learners. Schools vary from very well equipped to very primitive. The students are enthusiastic and ready to learn. The price is quite reasonable, you stay in comfortable guest houses in your own room with a bathroom and hot water. You are given a weekly stipend for meals which is quite generous.

Yes, I recommend this program


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