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The Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies is an active community organization throughout the Medina and greater Rabat-Sale area. A city of 2 million, there are always places for volunteer activities, for students wishing to donate their time and effort to improving the city as well as their Arabic.

Volunteering options include Childcare where volunteers work with special needs children and children from disadvantaged neighborhoods through organizing and engaging in activities to entertain the children and enable them to develop cognitive abilities. Volunteers design activities for the children each day and these activities include physical development activities (music and movement, toys and games) language and literature, arts and craft (painting and drawing), and theatre. The aim is for volunteers to provide these underprivileged children with new enriching and exciting activities or teach English to kids and women as well on programs of human rights and women;s empowerment

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Summer in Morocco

I volunteered in Rabat through MCAS and my host family experience was great; i had a wonderful cultural experience. That being said, I had a rather sour end to m stay. Although the MCAS director was attentive to my concerns, he seemed more interested in bringing more people in rather than helping the students who were already there. I later found out that he was trying to get students to make large money transfers for him through their own personal bank accounts, and he would pay them back in cash. It just seemed like a very unprofessional procedure.

Near thoe end of my stay, another volunteer and I were walking in Rabat at night and she was mugged, her purse almost stolen and she was severely shaken and scratched up (the attacker tried to choke her with the strap of the purse). The MCAS director called to check up after the situation, but she did not receive any further support from him except for the phone call.

There was some miscommunication with my host family (I don't speak Moroccan Arabic and they spoke little English) and we counted on the director to accurately transmit our concerns and clear up the situation. However, things only became worse, the host family became very upset with me and another intern living in the same house, and the director exhibited extremely unprofessional behavior. He refused to speak with me, speaking of the matter with past interns and not directly with me to address the situation (only through email/facebook, where there is ample room for misinterpretation). I finally showed up at his office and we were able to sort things out, only after a couple of frustrating, distressful days.

Finally, when I was about to leave Morocco, I needed a taxi to the airport. the MCAS director offered to arrange a cab for me, telling me it would cost 500 MAD (about $60 USD). To me that sounded way too high for an airport 4 miles away, and a local told me that the cost was no more than 200MAD (about $23 USD). I told him I would arrange my own ride and I never heard from him again, and did not even receive my certificate of completion that I had been promised upon finishing the program.

Morocco is a beautiful land filled with ancient history and wonders, and I would definitely recommend visiting, just not through MCAS. The unprofessionalism of the program really soured the end of my stay and I would never want to have that experience again.

Response from Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies

Hi Pamella,

Thank you for your comment again. You know what they say; a customer is always right, have we thought that this was a legitimate feedback from you, we would have accepted it and responded to you in a proper and professional manner.

But we are obliged to just say that your entire story is made up. You lied to us, to your parents and to your host family. You put us in a very compromising situation. You said it was a mere issue, while you could have been courteous enough to state that you sent us an email in which you said you were not getting enough food.

We addressed that accordingly and we were shocked to hear that you lied to us about that when we spoke to your host.We never refused to talk to you because we take deep pride in serving our customers and making sure that all their needs are being met from the get go till the end of their program. We think that we did the best we could to make sure all went smoothly for you. We addressed your issue the moment I myself, the director came to your host and had a meeting with you and your host family together.

The night when that problem happened to Margo, we tried to reach out to you by phone as we were told by your host. We called the other intern and again we think we did all the necessary measures for a person visiting Morocco to remain safe. Besides, during orientations, you are advised to not go out very late. You were there around 11.30pm.

Now regarding the taxi, any taxi that would take you from our office to our school to the airport costs MAD 250, one way and not MAD 200. When you first arrived, you never paid us that amount and we asked you to pay us back the MAD 250 which you owe it till now. We think that this makes perfect sense why we asked for MAD 500.

Now that you brought this up to our attention again, we suggest thank you stop asking fake people to write fake reviews about us. Had we been so bad to our customers; we would not be the leading language school today in North Africa.

Good luck

No, I don't recommend this program


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