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Volunteering Solutions offers affordable & meaning volunteering opportunities in Morocco, that are available throughout the year. All the projects are placed in and around the capital city of Rabat. It'll be an incredible journey, volunteering for the underprivileged societies while exploring the Medinas of Morocco. You'll get to experience a mix of Arabic, African and Berber culture. Our in-country coordinators will be available 24/7, to provide you assistance whenever you need. You will also get a chance to learn Arabic or French, by joining the one-to-one language classes. It will be immensely helpful for those who are seeking some international work exposure and contribute something towards the society.

Some of the programs available in Morocco are:

Childcare Volunteering
Teaching English Program
Women Empowerment Program
Human Rights & NGO Support Program

  • Choose to be a part of a meaningful project for 1 week minimum to 24 weeks maximum.
  • Learn more about the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the Moroccans while living with a host family.
  • Explore the famous touristy places, as well as the hidden gems of Rabat.
  • Meet some like-minded travelers from different parts of the world and polish your skills.
  • Get a Certificate of Completion and boost your career through your experiences.

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My time in morocco was beautiful. After a few mounths of returing, I have a very nice feeling when I am thinking about my time there. The cultural eхperience was great and I want to visit more arabic countres. Ali the coordinator is a great guy, he did a great job and after these months we still write eachother. The host families are also very nice. One of the fathers invited me to watch every football-match, to play with his friends football und to hang with him and his friends. I love Morocco and never will forget this time !

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It would be better if you have more time in the project (school)
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volunteering in morrocco

It was some months ago when i went to morocco for a volunteering program but looking at my experience there in prespective i think it was amazing to have the oportunity of shearing all i lived with this NGO! My coordinators really helped me when i arrived with cultural shock, they made me feel confortable and useful and they where able to help me 24 hours.
More over, they organized social events to meet all the volunteers there and helped us to organize a 3 days trip which was really kind as we were safe all the time.
About my program there, it was amazing to teach there as kids, theachers, director and the other volunteerd were extraorfinary nice!
Futhermore, my host family and house mates were nice, too. Everything was clean, meats organized and i could comunicate with my host mum in french!
So i think it was an unforgeteable experience and.it wouldn't has been possible without my NGO and coordinators Samia and Ali!

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