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Dinning at riad with my international family
Dinning at riad with my international family


Volunteering Solutions offers affordable & meaning volunteering opportunities in Morocco, that are available throughout the year. All the projects are placed in and around the capital city of Rabat. It'll be an incredible journey, volunteering for the underprivileged societies while exploring the Medinas of Morocco. You'll get to experience a mix of Arabic, African and Berber culture. Our in-country coordinators will be available 24/7, to provide you assistance whenever you need. You will also get a chance to learn Arabic or French, by joining the one-to-one language classes. It will be immensely helpful for those who are seeking some international work exposure and contribute something towards the society.

Some of the programs available in Morocco are:

Childcare Volunteering
Teaching English Program
Women Empowerment Program
Human Rights & NGO Support Program

  • Choose to be a part of a meaningful project for 1 week minimum to 24 weeks maximum.
  • Learn more about the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the Moroccans while living with a host family.
  • Explore the famous touristy places, as well as the hidden gems of Rabat.
  • Meet some like-minded travelers from different parts of the world and polish your skills.
  • Get a Certificate of Completion and boost your career through your experiences.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching English in Rabat, Morocco

My volunteering experience teaching English in Rabat, Morocco was amazing. From living in the cultured, buzzing, authentic heart of the Medina to also teaching in a school in this Medina, that clearly appreciated us so much, was phenomenal.

My typical day started with a Moroccan breakfast provided by my "Moroccan Momma" who I became so attached to! It was always delicious, topped off with some fresh Moroccan Mint Tea. After this, I would make the short walk to the school I was walking at, seeing the morning buzz beginning with a "cockle doodle doo" from the local rooster!

Upon arrival, at 9am, the kids were always sat eager and excited waiting for you. This is where the fun and teaching English would begin. Each day we started off with warmer activities running through numbers, alphabet, days of the week, months of the year, and general vocabulary we were gradually teaching them. Each day we would teach different themes, such as animals, daily routine, food and colours.

My favourite time of the day would definitely be story time, whereby the children would get so excited and thrilled to hear a story. Its a great moment, capturing a whole class of children and engaging them into a story in a language that is not their native.

Teaching would end each day between 11:30-12:00(midday), giving us the rest of the day to explore Rabat. After class we would usually wander through the medina until lunch, at around 1. Lunch would be again provided by our warm, welcoming Moroccan host family. It would be different, authentic, Moroccan cuisine each day - and definitely fill me up until dinner!

Following lunch, over the two weeks I visited, alongside Katie, places such as Les Oudayas, Necrople de Chelle, Pais De Royal, Tour de Hassan and even Casablanca - where we visited the Mosque Hassan II. This was stunning. Generally, we walked and explored all of Rabat, and on the hottest days relaxed on Rabat Beach. Moroccan's are so welcoming and friendly - I have made loads of friends out there in just the two weeks that I was there.

On the weekend in the middle of the two weeks we were there, we visited Marrakesh! This was amazing, and one of the highlights of the trip. It was so different to Rabat, more touristy and westernised. It was an amazing experience seeing the Ourika Valley, Cascad, and generally exploring Marrakesh. The square was definitely buzzing with monkeys and snakes!

Ultimately, my two-week volunteering experience was amazing. I not only felt this warm, rewarding feeling of giving and teaching English to the children. But I also felt like Rabat gave me so much, it was amazing to see a whole different lifestyle, and completely immerse into that culture - through living with a host family, teaching in the local school and embracing the Moroccan cuisine! Ali our coordinator was helpful, and took us to some amazing local restaurants which was a pleasant change from the home-cooked food too!

I will never forget my two weeks in Morocco - and I intend to volunteer with Volunteering Solutions again in the future!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching in Morocco

It is so difficult to put my experience here in Morocco Rabat down into words. But I will try. Since arrival on the first day and until now my second to last day I have felt so welcomed and at home. Firstly, Ali; the country director, was warm, understanding, cultured and approachable wich made my stay here safe and fun.

Secondly, the Moroccan host family we stayed with could not have made us feel more at home :) from beautiful Moroccan cuisine to advice to general laughter and comfort. I will miss them so much.

Staying and working in the heart of the medina was incredible ; at first it was somewhat culture shock; but a great one that I adapted to well! The school and the teaching experience here has been unforgettable and so rewarding. The teachers have been helpful, and the children were eager and appreciative. I feel I have had some impact on their lives through fun, teaching Englsh, actitvities and reading stories and it is a great feeling.

Whilst volunteering here, I feel I have gained so much experience memories and inspiration. I have eagerly immersed myself into the Moroccan culutre; visited places in Morocco such as Marrakech and Casablanca and ultimately I feel inspired to return to Morocco and also volunteer elswhere in the wolrd.

Volunteering Solutions has been amazing and I would recommand their program anyone else to come to Morocco and gain the experience that I have

Sbrina Samra

What would you improve about this program?
Cant think of any. Excpet I wish I could stay more
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Yes, I recommend this program

Childcare in Rabat wtih Volunteering Solutions

My experience was wonderful in Rabat. I have always felt comfortable and safe. It was a great exepreince and easy to get around from the host family to our project. The host family was very welcoming and very helpful.

I worked with with kids everyday and I was able to provide care and love; I played and danced with the kids everyday. We were shown the project during our orientation by Ali VS project director in Morocco. Ali was very helpful and always on the look out of taking care of us during our project.

I wish I could stay longer because I truly fell in love with the kids.

I travelled to Marrakech during one weekend which was amazing. Then we also went to Chefchouan the blue city with other volunteers. Whenever we needed help, we asked Ali who was more than helpful and happy to show us around all the time

What would you improve about this program?
For anyone who wants to dedicate their time with kids :)
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Yes, I recommend this program


My time in morocco was beautiful. After a few mounths of returing, I have a very nice feeling when I am thinking about my time there. The cultural eхperience was great and I want to visit more arabic countres. Ali the coordinator is a great guy, he did a great job and after these months we still write eachother. The host families are also very nice. One of the fathers invited me to watch every football-match, to play with his friends football und to hang with him and his friends. I love Morocco and never will forget this time !

What would you improve about this program?
It would be better if you have more time in the project (school)
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Yes, I recommend this program

volunteering in morrocco

It was some months ago when i went to morocco for a volunteering program but looking at my experience there in prespective i think it was amazing to have the oportunity of shearing all i lived with this NGO! My coordinators really helped me when i arrived with cultural shock, they made me feel confortable and useful and they where able to help me 24 hours.
More over, they organized social events to meet all the volunteers there and helped us to organize a 3 days trip which was really kind as we were safe all the time.
About my program there, it was amazing to teach there as kids, theachers, director and the other volunteerd were extraorfinary nice!
Futhermore, my host family and house mates were nice, too. Everything was clean, meats organized and i could comunicate with my host mum in french!
So i think it was an unforgeteable experience and.it wouldn't has been possible without my NGO and coordinators Samia and Ali!