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Dec 14, 2020
May 06, 2012
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Global Volunteers is one of the oldest volunteer abroad organization. Since 1984, over 30,000 people have volunteered with us! Many alumni volunteer on numerous Global Volunteers' programs after having an amazing experience the first time.

Since we focus on the needs of our host communities around the world, volunteers have the chance to make a real impact and establish personal connections. If you haven't participated with us yet, check out the awesome opportunities that we offer on our website. If you have joined Global Volunteers' before, please feel free to share your story by leaving a review! This will help others decide if Global Volunteers is the right fit for them.

To learn about additional ways to stay connected to Global Volunteers as part of the Alumni Network, contact our office via email or phone! We have a variety of programs to help alumni connect with others and spread the word.

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Yes, I recommend this program

St Louis Collège Experience

This volunteering experience was of significant mutual benefit for the Liati community and the 8 final year secondary school students from St Louis Collège, Belgium. David Atieku, ARUDMO, in consultation with us, organised all the logistics to ensure that our time in Liati passed smoothly; transfers (Accra-Liati-Accra), meals and accomodation, local transportation, weekend and evening entertainment and last but not least, all our introductions to the community leaders, school director and the local authorities.

We spent our weekday mornings teaching English, French, Social Stuies, Maths and Science in partnership with the teachers from the Liati Junior High School. The teachers prepared their classes well and gave our students clear tasks to do and a framework in which to do it. The Liati students clearly enjoyed these lessons and were very participative in a constructive manner. Amongst the St Louis students we discovered a natural teacher who is now planning on tertiary studies with the aim of a career in teaching. Super.

We spent our afternoons either planting mango trees (partly funded by our students activities in Belgium), playing football with the local kids as well as talking with people of all ages and backgrounds in the community. We felt welcome and safe at all times.

On the weekend we went to the nearby Wli Waterfall. This is a 'must see'. After a short hot walk through the forest you arrive in a natural amphitheatre. The dense forest surrounds you as you face the stunning scene of a 40m high (guesstimate) waterfall dropping into a large sandy bottomed pool where you can safely swim. To enter the pool you walk across a small grassy area covered with butterflies of all shapes and colours. Hundreds of fruitbats can be seen hanging about on the cliffs. Don't forget your swimwear!

There are many opportunities to help this community. There are the schools, the hospital ... I would recommend partnering with ARUDMO and discussing your interests and limitations. We found their assistance invaluable. We will continue to work closely with ARUDMO when we plan future volunteering experiences.

As always there were minor insignificant problems. However, a significant problem was transportation. We didn't organise our transportation well. We relied on Accra based 'companies' who have local 'representatives' but they are not under the influence or authority of either the community leaders or ARUDMO. I will never do that again. All agreements reached were broken, the drivers constantly hassled the students for money and we were always arguing. Fortunately, we have considerable travel experience and I don't think we were ripped off too badly but these situations often leave a bad taste in your mouth and can sour relations between those affected. Inrespective of the size of your group, I would recommend hiring a vehicle(s) and a driver(s) for the duration of your stay and ensuring that you have a written contract with the driver's boss or the owner of the vehicle that covers transport being available to go wherever whenever for the duration.

To finish on a happy note... The food was absolutely superb! We arrived tired and hungry, the students looked at the unfamiliar food, we heard mutterings of distress ... and then the first bite was taken. Delicious. We ate extemely well. We asked for and received fresh loaves of bread with every meal. We bought condiments with us. Cheese and fresh milk is unavailable. Tinned condensed milk makes a lovely cup of tea. We safely ate a wide variety of very well prepared seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables with every meal. Twice a day we had either fish or chicken. Bottled water was always available.

The accomodation was perfectly suited to our needs. We stayed together as a group in a house provided by ARUDMO. Individual bedrooms for the accompanying teacher and a room for the girls and one for the boys. There was electricity for the refrigerator, fans, phone and laptop rechargers... We slept in sleeping bag liners under mosquito nets. Beds were available. Toilets and baths had been placed but were without running water - work in progress. So bathing and flushing were easily achieved with buckets. Large water storage drums were provided.

We were in the middle of the community and once we had been introduced to the community by the community leaders, we had a constant flow of guests, mostly children coming to play but also curious adults.

When I think about our time in Liati, I remember laughter, beautiful views, good food, hard work, valuable work and new friends for all of us. For my students, I have seen them grow as individuals with their achievements large and small. Merci, ARUDMO.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Global Volunteers teach English in Hungary

I very much enjoyed my experience in Hungary. I worked with elementary students, students about to take their exams for university and adults who wanted to improve their English. In our spare time, we visited museums,
a pottery, an embroidery shop, and a winery. We were well accepted by the community-we often ran into students as we walked to school or to do some shopping and everyone was welcoming and friendly. It's a wonderful opportunity for someone who wants to travel,
but has no companion as you can usually find a fellow volunteer who will accompany you somewhere. This particular program has been discontinued, but I would recommend the organization as a whole and plan to go on another volunteer vacation at some point.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The journey towards capitalism

Travling to Russia in 1992 was a life altering experience. So much about this country was shrouded in secrecy as it emerged from 75 years of Communist rule. Russians for the most part had never met an American and were hungry to learn. Global Volunteers put an interesting agenda together for us to see remote parts of the country, meet a variety of people, exchange ideas and to create a bridge of friendship between nations. I enjoyed every minute and certainly came home a changed person. I highly recommend Global Volunteers for anyone wanting a hands on experience with instant results.

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Training Business People in Russia

In 1992, I participated in the initial Global Volunteers program to train Russian entrepreneurs.
It was fascinating at that time because the Soviet Union had imploded and the Russian people were trying to find their way in the midst of job losses and horrendous inflation. Global Volunteers, as it always does, had found a local partner and set to work.

The key factor was access to local entrepreneurs who were hungry for knowledge about running a business for profit. In addition, we were able to enjoy cultural events at the Marinsky Theater in St. Petersburg and at the Boshoi Theater in Moscow.

All in all, a great experience through sharing of our desperately needed business knowledge with, at that time, shell-shocked Russians. Global Volunteers made it happen.

Unfortunately, this program in Russia no longer exists, but it is typical of Global Volunteers' approach to provide help where it is needed.

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