Animal Rescue and Protection in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru

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The near river where you can freshen up after a long day
Cutting wood for a new hut after some tribal painting fun
Our very own Tapir, Selva
A woman helping a monkey in Peru
A woman helping a monkey in Peru


This animal rescue and protection project, located in the Peruvian Amazon, rescues animals that were previously smuggled out of the rainforest, and rehabilitates them in their natural habitat.

As a volunteer, you'll perform a wide variety of tasks i.e. prepare natural living space, do educational work related to the topic of animal protection and, of course, feed and care for the animals. Since the project is without public funding, volunteer workers are urgently needed.

From Cusco, you'll embark upon a trip that will take you to exotic locations with different climates and diverse plant life within the Amazon rainforest. You will experience breath-taking views of natural phenomena and have contact with indigenous peoples like the Harakmbut. Your ultimate destination spanning the breadth of Peru will be our animal rescue project located east of the Andes on the Amazonian tributary Madre de Dios (Mother of God).

We welcome you to join us!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Your every day routin

You will stay at Cesars house, who is running the project and own's the property surrounding it. The house has two floors. One for Cesar and one for the volunteers but you do share one tiny bathroom. After breakfast with Cesar and his girlfriend Victoria you will by times have to walk the 20 minutes to the project side but usually, Cesar offers you a lift on his motorbike (or even lets you drive yourself).For lunch, when it is the hottest you will return to the village and rest a bit before you return to the project until the sun sets.
Getting there around 8-9pm you will first be occupied with welcoming the tourist groups and informing them about the project and the animals (their story, their characteristics and their role in the ecosystem etc.). But no worries Cesar knows a great deal and most of the information is already written down for you. Personally, I enjoyed this the most and if you're outgoing, interested in improving your English and meeting people from all over the globe I'm sure you will too. When there is no group to guide you will help Cesar with improving or maintaining the project side, care for the animals or sometimes just explore the forest how you please. Really, how much and how hard you'll work depends on the season you're coming but more importantly on your willingness. But trust me, the more initiative you're showing, the more you will enjoy beeing able to see the project improving.
I will stop here since this is getting quite long but if you'd like to hear more feel free to contact me and I will gladly give you some more insights.

Best regards, Quirin Forster