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ISV will only be conducting programs for this coming summer, 2018 in the Dominican Republic.


South Africa is renowned for its vigorous culture, sweeping landscapes and remarkable wildlife – but communities, children’s homes and wildlife reserves need the help of volunteers through organizations like International Student Volunteers (ISV) to address disadvantage and environmental concerns.

Through volunteering with ISV, you can be involved in life-changing community development projects, taking part in tasks such as building schools and playgrounds, urban renewal programs, water and sanitation development and classroom support. On ISV’s wildlife conservation and environmental management projects, you could be assisting researchers in surveying and monitoring of flora and fauna used for conservation management, or volunteering on a wildlife rehabilitation centre. Come join us to make a meaningful difference in South Africa!

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This program changed my life. It was 4 weeks of the most amazing volunteer work and amazing activities. I feel like I have done more in 4 weeks than some people will do in their whole lives. We were all looked after with care on our projects and our safety was never a concern as long as we were responsible. Usually our days were packed from sunrise to sundown, which seems daunting but its actually a lot of fun. The hardest part was being away from friends and family but the best part was making new friends that honestly became like family to me. You meet so many great people, experience so many great things, and make such an impact with your volunteer work that its hard to not go back! I will always remember this trip as one of the best in my life!

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ISV’s mission is to support sustainable development programs around the world through life changing student volunteer programs designed to positively impact our world and to educate, inspire and result in more active global citizens.