Early Childhood Education Volunteer in Tanzania

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Time with TST will allow you to have the opportunity to make a real impact and gain experience working directly with an International NGO.

TST is looking for carefully screened and selected volunteers to serve at the Daycare Center within the village of Nkoaranga, Tanzania. This high quality preschool will also give many of these children a head start in their education that they otherwise could never have received.

While TST has hired local staff to lead the Daycare center, there are still critical needs for volunteers to assist. Volunteers typically will work with children from age 2 to 6. Tasks include but aren't limited to: developing activities and creative hands on learning programs for the children, coordinating indoor and outdoor recess activities and games, leading story time, assisting with homework, preparation and clean-up of meals and snacks, and teaching hygiene and basic manners.

  • Lead music activities, arts and crafts
  • Provide tutoring help
  • Assist to teach English


The daycare center is a preschool for the children of families in need, allowing parents to start and maintain businesses to get their families on a more stable financial footing without sacrificing their children's care. This high quality preschool will also give many of these children a head start in their education that they otherwise could never have received.

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The great thing is...

The great thing about volunteering with The Small Things at Nkoaranga Orphanage is you know you are definitely helping and work there goes far beyond spending hours sat with a baby on your lap. You often start the day as the sun rises, walking through the orphanage gate to hear the first murmurs of the babies and from there it is: nappy changing, drying children from their bath, finding clothes, finding shoes, feeding uji, cleaning, putting out laundry, potty training… and then repeat. The Mamas who work there have a lot to do and there is always a way to help them and make their job easier, even just by entertaining the children. If you are interested in volunteering and helping a worthwhile cause, I couldn't recommend working with The Small Things it more. Also, they are flexible and encouraging of you to really experience Tanzania during your stay, so your visit could include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or going on safari (like mine!) as well as getting to volunteer with the beautiful children.

Yes, I recommend this program


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The mission of The Small Things is to provide comprehensive assistance for orphaned or vulnerable children and their families in Nkoaranga, Tanzania, not only in moments of crisis, but with thoughtful and long term plans. Working with the local...