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Volunteer with GVI in Thailand and discover the land of smiles; a land surrounded by stunning golden beaches, intricate temples and a rich culture. Although Thailand has a thriving tourism industry, there are many poorer communities. Thailand is also home to a variety of fauna and flora that are both unique, diverse and in some cases endangered.

Top Volunteer Projects in Thailand:

  • Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand: Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand: Explore the awe-inspiring mountainous forests of Northern Thailand as you volunteer with traditional communities as they work to protect the Asian elephant population. You will learn a great deal about how the elephants behave as you live as a local in the village.
  • Thailand Coastal Conservation Expedition: As an expedition member, you'll be assisting with climate and conservation issues that the region faces alongside our local partners. Volunteers will be involved in biodiversity research turtle conservation and environmental education.
  • Volunteer Healthcare Project in Thailand: Provide assistance with health and hygiene education in schools, care centers and community centers in Phang Nga. Explore the picturesque island oases of southern Thailand in your free time.
  • Volunteer with Children in Thailand: Help children in Thailand to improve their future opportunities by teaching English in local schools. Experience the traditional Thai culture explore the unspoiled white sand beaches and tropical jungles in your free time.
  • Marine and Wildlife Conservation in Thailand: Travel to the majestic country of Thailand and contribute to long-term sustainable conservation projects. Contribute to solving the climate and conservation issues affecting the various ecosystems as well as the rehabilitation of Asian elephants who have been rescued from tourist camps.
  • Teach English to Monks in Laos and Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand: Travel to two stunning Asian countries and help enhance the education of Buddhist Novice Monks and help reintegrate elephants into their natural habitat from lives in tourist camps.

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For the homestay in Thailand you have your own space/room at the locals house. You get up early and are out with the Elephants and other volunteers all day. Some nights you have dinner with the alone and try and learn each others languages.


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Life in the mountains

I decided to apply for GVI whilst taking my gap year. It was the best decision I have ever made!

Over my two month stay I really felt like a part of the community. The community, villagers and volunteers alike, were so welcoming and helpful with anything and everything.

A normal day would consist of hiking with the elephants and working in community development, wheather it be teaching or working on gardens etc.

My highlights would be the health checks on the elephants, getting up close and personal with the elephants, and starting to collect plant info through talking to the chief and mahoots as well as going on hikes to get geographical information on where the plants can be found around the village.

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing animals, amazing staff, amazing trip

An absolute amazing trip the best experience of my life. The elephants are incredible animals. I loved every aspect of the trip bar the cold water showers, but even then on very hot days and long hikes even they were good. The treks can be difficult as there a few steep hills, but the views and the elephants are more than worth the hard work. The hands on approach with the elephants meant a lot of bonding with your elephants which I loved so much.

The village is little isolated but that there are options to go out for the weekend, whilst i was there we went to May Hon son and a charity based hostel. In the village the weekends are very relaxed which can be nice as the days can be quite long but amazing.

Other than the elephants your time is spent doing other volunteering projects during my time we were setting up a garden for elephants grass and another one for vegetables and herds which was a very fulfilling experience. I was in charge of designing and building a compost heap for the group out of bamboo which was amazing. There is a also a chance to teach English to school children very rewarding.

Yes, I recommend
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Caring for Elephants! Incredible.

I had the most amazing experience on this trip! I went to the north of Thailand to help with elephant and wildlife conservation and community projects in the village we stayed in. I went for 3 weeks and it definitely was not enough! It included a home-stay family for you, food, funding for supplies (eg. paper, pens, etc.) for the coordinators and interns, water, food for the elephants and many others. It was very easy to apply and pay for, and I thought it was the best value for money! The village we stay in is small and very community-based, it has no internet or phone service, but it's so refreshing to get away from all that for a while! Every second day we would walk the elephants out to the mountains, record how they interact with each other, eat lunch in the mountains, and walk back so they can have those nights by themselves. The other days we would walk out to find them and bring them back to the village. Weekends we could stay in the village or visit other towns, and there was always spare time! The group would sometimes be split; some would help around the community while others would go out and collect grass for the elephants. It's a little bit challenging, and the mountains can be difficult to climb, but that's what makes it fun; it's different, you're out in nature, you're actually doing something for these amazing animals and the community that surrounds them. It was just the most rewarding and incredible experience and I am going back every year :)

Yes, I recommend


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