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IVHQ offers a variety of highly affordable volunteer opportunities in Uganda. Join programs for anywhere between 1 week and 24 weeks. Based in the town of Mutungo, which is located 15 kilometers from the capital city of Kampala, volunteers can assist on a range of community-driven projects.Volunteers are accommodated alongside other international volunteers in a dormitory-style volunteer houses in the Kitende area, approximately 45 minutes outside of Kampala City.

IVHQ Volunteer Programs available in Thailand:

  • Teaching
  • Childcare
  • Medical
  • Special Education
  • Special Needs Care
  • HIV/AIDS Support
  • Women’s Education


  • Programs available year-round, starting on the first and third Monday of each month
  • Program fees include airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, meals and 24/7 in-country support
  • Highly affordable program fees from $270 for 1 week
  • Community-driven projects focused on supporting local needs and delivering sustainable positive impacts
  • Superior support services both pre-departure and while volunteering
  • Free online volunteer training for all IVHQ volunteers
  • Between 5 and 15 volunteers start in Uganda each month
  • Weekends are free to explore Uganda with fellow volunteers - go white water rafting, visit game safaris or one of the beautiful national parks.

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I originally googled 'volunteer trips in Africa' and IVHQ was by far the cheapest. It's around $150 per week which includes food, accommodation and transfers to placement.


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I absolutely would NOT recommend this program!

As a former IVHQ volunteer, I’m disappointed to say that IVHQ doesn't appear to properly vet their Uganda program or take volunteer concerns seriously. I was placed in an illegal, unregistered orphanage during my June 2013 placement and returned to Uganda in September of 2013 (independent of IVHQ) to continue to seek resolution for these children. The Ugandan government ordered all children removed from the home and yet IVHQ’s local partner insisted that his volunteers return to help facilitate construction so this abusive institution could reopen. I took my concerns all the way to the IVHQ director, but was disappointed at his complacency and lack of communication. In my opinion, the director of the Uganda program (a staff member of International Volunteer Network/ IVN) is corrupt and doesn’t have sufficient regard for the wellbeing of his volunteers. I’m certainly not alone in that opinion. A lengthy recounting of recent events is posted on my blog. Please, please, please demand to know your placements before you get on foreign soil. Research IVHQ’s incountry partners and your actual placement before turning over your money.

I blogged the events in a series of 5 blog posts on my blog, Lucky Break Blog.

After waiting 2 full weeks for any sort of acknowledgement of my concerns from the IVHQ director, he managed to delete my post at the IVHQ Facebook within 90 minutes and reply, in part:

“…while we have said we will treat any allegations she makes seriously, providing she has proof, all we have received so far are very dramatic allegations with no base which makes it difficult for us to look into things further.”

The IVHQ director hasn’t asked me for a thing. Would he like the police reports? Eyewitness accounts of the director of the International Volunteer Network trying to muscle his way into my hotel after the IVHQ director told him not to meet with me? I’d be happy to engage IVHQ in a conversation and answer any questions they may have and provide any proof they seek. The problem is: they’re not concerned with critical opinions of the program. They dismiss and move onto the next group of potential volunteers. Shameful.

Response from International Volunteer HQ - IVHQ

Hi Lela,

As outlined to you in our previous email correspondence, we have taken a number of steps to address these complaints after we first heard from you. However, your initial complaints were hard to address as you rung the office and would not give us your name, which made us suspicious and it was very difficult to ascertain how legitimate the complaints were. You were also contacting us 3 months after your 1 week program had finished, whereas we would have liked to know about these concerns at the time of your program. The complaints we received over this time were not made by volunteers currently on the program, but volunteers who had been there with you and did not send us their concerns until 2/3 months after completing their programs. We contacted current volunteers on the Uganda program and they notified us they were happy with the program.

If volunteers have serious concerns, it is important they contact us immediately, so we can address these concerns.

Regardless, our volunteers should not have been placed at the orphanage in question, and we have discussed this at length with our program coordinator in Uganda. Despite the fact the orphanage needed volunteer assistance, if it was not conforming with requirements from local authorities, there is no way our volunteers should have been placed there and upon this incident occurring and complaints received, we have taken the following action:

- We have had held daily phone discussions with the IVHQ Uganda Coordinator since issues came to light 3 weeks ago from June/July volunteers.

- Arrangements have been made for an IVHQ staff member to visit the Uganda program in 2 weeks to look at the program and the complaints in depth with local staff. Our Executive Director will be following up with a visit to Uganda 2 weeks later.

- The Uganda program isn't accepting volunteers until we are happy with the outcomes of our visits and we have addressed these concerns raised by volunteers.

At IVHQ we treat all feedback very seriously and we look into any complaints we receive.

No, I don't recommend
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Explaining costs before placement...

I first will say that I had a great time with my flat mates while in Uganda. I enjoyed my program but am very disappointed with the in country coordinator. From the moment i arrived in Uganda it felt like it was all money, money, money. It really kind of left me in a tight spot. Then being told to ask my friends for more to cover costs?

That should have been covered before I left home. I will not be using IVHQ again.

p.s. It wasn't the locals that were bothering me for money, it was the program trying to get me to pay for everything!

No, I don't recommend
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Not impressed

I continually felt like I was only valued as a source of income for the program as a walking wallet. The other volunteers I worked with during my time at the specific program I worked at felt the same way. There were many occasions where they just flat out expected us to buy/pay for things that we were not expecting.

Response from International Volunteer HQ - IVHQ

Thank you for your feedback. IVHQ participants are there to volunteer and should not expected to make donations to their volunteering placements; however, we are sorry to hear you felt pressured to do so. African people often see volunteers as very rich and will not be afraid to ask for things, we therefore encourage our volunteers not to be afraid to say “no.” We have passed on your concerns to our local staff and we trust your time spent volunteering was still of great value to your placement.

No, I don't recommend
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I cannot say enough about the IVHQ Uganda program!! Right from the beginning of my application process with IVHQ, I was given an incredible amount of support preparing for my travels abroad. Upon arrival in Uganda, I was greeted by two of the warmest smiles: James and Joyce. They instantly made me feel comfortable, which was particularly appreciated as I traveled from the US on my own and have never been to an African country. I had no idea what to expect and right from the beginning, I knew it was going to be an absolutely unforgettable experience. I worked in an orphanage not far from the capital city of Kampala.
While I was there, there were about 10 other volunteers at any given time. Many of them did some fundraising before they went abroad so they would have additional funds to spend on projects at the orphanage. While I was there, the volunteers developed additional sports programs and bought new equipment, fixed up the schoolhouse, and helped out with the daily tasks. The accommodations at the orphanage were much better than anything I could have pictured. The rooms were comfortable and although there was no electricity, the program coordinators were more then happy to charge our cameras and cell phones for us. The kids were the most happy, beautiful little angels I have ever met in my life. They were so full of life and love. Two months after my return, I find myself thinking about them often throughout the day. I cannot wait to go back to Uganda and get to hug them all a few more times!! I would recommend this program to anyone. I have a billion positive things to say about it, but not a single negative comes to mind. I can truly say this was the most life changing and incredible experience and I owe it all to IVHQ and the Uganda team. "Often we set out in the world to make a difference in the lives of others, only to discover we have made a difference in our own."

Yes, I recommend


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