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Volunteer Programs in Venezuela

Volunteer in Venezuela


Venezuela is a nation of staggering variety; it has vast wetlands, turquoise rivers, the amazing Amazon and tranquil offshore islands. Due to its somewhat troubled political situation, however, it remains a nation that is greatly under-visited by international travelers. It is a nation that has over one-quarter of its citizens under the poverty line, and thus there is much that volunteers can do to make a difference.

Program Types

Work with Children: With so much of its population under the poverty line, Venezuela’s children don’t have many opportunities for children who come from poorer families. As a volunteer in Venezuela, you will have an opportunity to work on projects that work toward improving the lives of street children. You would also have opportunities to teach English in schools. Finally, you could also choose to work in an orphanage and work with children there.

Ecological: Venezuela is a country blessed with natural wonders. However, due to human development and other factors, there is a need for volunteers who can help with various environment-oriented projects. As a volunteer, you will work on projects that involve environmental cleanup, development of ecotourism, and environmental education.

Healthcare: Venezuela doesn’t have adequate medical facilities and enough trained individuals to meet the needs of its population. As a medical volunteer, you will have an opportunity to work in various clinics where you will work with doctors and nurses helping take care of patients and provide medical education.

Planning Your Trip

  • Volunteer Support: If you volunteer in Venezuela through an organization, they will have a support system in place where you can turn to for information and support.Your home country’s embassy or consulate can be reached in the capital of Caracas for further information as well.
  • NGOs/Nonprofits: Expectedly, Venezuela has a considerable number of nonprofit organizations. Here is a complete list of NGO's in Venezuela.
  • Know Before You Go: It is extremely helpful to know some Spanish before you visit Venezuela since it is the main language and most of the people you interact with will know little to no English. Many programs offer you the chance to practice your Spanish with a local teacher while in Venezuela. For example, Jakera's 'Learn Spanish & Volunteer' program features ongoing Spanish lessons and language support throughout your time to help optimize your effectiveness as a volunteer.

Health and Safety of Volunteers in Venezuela:

As a volunteer in Venezuela, you are recommended to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, and Rabies. For more information visit MD Travel Health.

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