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If you want to work education but aren't interested in being a teacher, can you still find a job abroad? Definitely! Here are six awesome ways you can work abroad in education, plus personal experiences from a fellow educator.
Don't let the fear of a resume gap stop you from taking a year overseas. Here is how to effectively fill your resume gap after traveling.
Are you a high school student and considering how you can study abroad? If you have lots of questions, we have lots of answers. This article will help you learn more about high school study abroad programs, how to apply and pay for them, and talking with your parents too!
Can you turn your passion for teaching into a career abroad? One woman did, and you can too! Read our latest interview to see how she transitioned from Canadian study abroad student to teacher in Belgium, Singapore, and beyond.
Need ideas and program suggestions to help plan the perfect wellness-focused gap year? Here are some awesome wellness program ideas for your upcoming gap year including yoga and meditation practice, surfing, or plant-based medicine.
Studying abroad in Madrid? Take advantage of the great nearby destinations you can easily explore on a weekend or day trip. From Barcelona to Valencia to Avila, there is no shortage of adventures you can have in Spain while based in Madrid.
The NAFSA 2017 Annual Expo & Conference is coming up in a few weeks. Learn how NAFSA is guiding the International Education industry and community through this annual event.
Taking a career break gap year might sound bad for your professional trajectory, but it can actually be an amazing opportunity. Read the story of one traveler who pulled it off -- and her top tips to help you leverage your gap year for career growth.
Ready to start your career teaching abroad in 2017? This is the ultimate list of top places to look for a teach abroad job -- and many have great salaries too!
There are distinct advantages to learning Arabic in Dubai -- despite the fact that many Emiratis speak English on a regular basis. Learn more about living and learning Arabic in the UAE's city of contrasts.

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