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2017 is the Year of Sustainable Travel, according to the UN World Tourism Organization. What does this really mean, how can you decipher the language around sustainable tourism providers, and what are your responsibilities as a traveler? Read on to learn more.
You may have noticed a few rough edges around Go Overseas lately. We've been hard at work to improve our website, and wanted to share why we chose to do so. Read to learn more about Drupal and our recent migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8.
We all know studying abroad can provide you with benefits throughout your academic career. Have you ever thought about the other benefits of study abroad? Here's an in-depth look – with quotes from fellow students and alumni.
Celina Jaffe was one of the winners of the 2016 Ireland Scholarship contest here on Go Overseas. Now over halfway through her Masters program, she shares some tips to help you win scholarships too.
You've decided to study abroad -- congratulations! Making the decision to pursue part of your education in a foreign country is extremely exciting, and is the first in a long line of decisions you'll make which define your entire study abroad experience.
Throughout history, Ireland has earned the title Land of Saints and Scholars, due to the prominence of its monks and monasteries as centers of early academia in Europe as far back as 1500 years ago. To this day, Ireland is regarded as a center of educational excellence at a...
Before winning a scholarship to study abroad in Ireland, I had not processed the magnitude of studying abroad for a semester on my own. I couldn’t believe I would be living in a foreign country, I would be going alone, and that I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship that...
Stop me if you’ve heard this before: nobody teaches English abroad for the money, right? Actually… wrong. Although teaching English overseas will never get you on a list of world billionaires, it can come with a reasonable salary, on that even puts money in your savings account.
With stunning natural landscapes, a fun-loving culture, vibrant history, and a lower cost of living than many places in Europe, (not to mention English being the main language of instruction), the reasons why Ireland is an ideal location to study abroad surely weigh more than a...

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