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Nǐ hǎo! LoPair offers an award-winning cultural exchange program which enables you to become fully immersed in Chinese culture, learn Mandarin, make fantastic friends from across the globe. We'll provide you with a 3-12 month placement in a major Chinese city living in a homestay with a lovely Chinese or Expat family.

Your adventure starts with a three-day group orientation, training and sight-seeing tour in the beautiful city of Hangzhou! You'll get 60 Mandarin class hours per 3 months, fascinating Chinese cultural courses etc. You will become a real family member and assist them with live-in educational childcare and some light household chores up to 30 hours a week — you'll get a room of your own, meals, insurance and international round way flight tickets! On top of this, you will have plenty of chances to explore on your own, with other au pairs and with your family while receiving 1500 RMB pocket money per month and a Completion Bonus for all programs exceeding 6 months!

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Hi Karlie, I agree with Clara that asking directly Lopair ([email protected]) is the best idea. I am 99% sure it's impossible to have two au pairs in the same family, but I think you guys can manage to be placed in the same city! The matching process might just take a little bit longer, because you have to make sure you both find your families in the same city. Hope this helped, and let me know if...


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My experience so far (2 months in)

I couldn't have been placed with a better family - they are perfect for me. I like the area I live in, the only thing that could be improved is if there was another au pair living nearby.

The tasks I have to do are taking my child to and from school, then playing games with them after school (in English), talking with them, reading to them, or listening to them read, and making sure she practises piano and does her homework. We also go swimming at weekends.

My highlights are spending time with the child I look after, as she makes me laugh so much and we get on very well. I love it when she runs up to me when I wait for her after school, and sometimes she holds me hand which I think is very sweet. She also says she wants to keep in touch via Skype when I'm gone.

I get on very well with my host parents. My host mum can speak English and she never gives up speaking in English even though it would be easier for her to speak in Chinese and have her child translate. My host dad doesn't speak English, but we still get along just fine. They look after me and they care for me, and I care about them and I care about their child. I'm so happy that I will hopefully be a good memory for them once I leave.

NB - I am yet to complete my 6 month program. I will complete it in March 2015.

How can this program be improved?
Have another au pair living in the same area, or help finding a social event or activity local to me where I may meet people my own age.
Yes, I recommend this program
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China: A World Of It's Own

I signed up to the Lo Pair programme looking for a change, and it's exactly what I got. Chinese culture is so vastly different from the western world that everyday is a new adventure. Staying with a host family, as opposed to in a school, or hostel, means that you really get to experience the everyday life here, which is why I enjoy this programme.
The arrangement is fairly simple, you stay with a host family, helping with basic childcare, and introducing them to the English language, and western culture. In return you get bed, board, pocket money, and an unique opportunity to discover China. Which is rapidly overtaking America as the world's biggest superpower. Therefore it's a win win situation for all of the programmes participants.
There is a also good opportunity to travel on this programme. In my free time I've explored both Ningbo and Beijing, whilst my host family have taken me to visit Shanghai, Haikou and Sanya. I find it very interesting how your perspective of a place changes depending on who you go with. I certainly would have never been able to afford the luxury my host family treated me to on our travels. For me a seven star hotel was as alien a concept as China was, so I've certainly had my fair share of experiences here.
One of my favourite, and most surreal, experience was taking part in a Chinese television programme. Through Lo Pair, my host family and I were invited a show called Afternoon tea. It was a long, and bizarre day, but ultimately incredible, getting to be on a TV set. I've never had the opportunity in England, and no body I know can say they've been on Chinese TV. Getting to share that experience with my host siblings was the cherry on the cake. It's something I doubt they'll ever forget.
During my stay I've found the Lo Pair staff helpful and supportive. Due to the language barrier I've had a few communication problems, however they were quickly resolved by the Local co-ordinator. I'm lucky to be placed in the same city as the main office, and whenever I visit there is a friendly welcoming atmosphere. There is always someone to talk to regardless of what issue you may have.
Despite the three day ordination period, which is very insightful and gives you time to get to know other au pairs, I feel more could be down in regards to the culture clash. Many issues that arise from living so close with other people, can be rooted in simply not understanding the other culture. In my mind more culture training should be given to both parties so that they know what to expect. Often Au Pairs expect this programme is like au pairing in the western world, and they need to understand before they start that the Chinese hold very different values. I also feel the host families to be encouraged to communicate more directly what they expect of their Au Pair.
I would strongly advise you read the programmes recommendation for what to pack, as it is very helpful. Personally I'm kicking myself for not bringing a debit card for booking hostels. Other than that though I've always had what I've needed, or been able to find it easily. All placements are in big cities, or close by to them, so finding what you've forgotten is not a problem.
All in all I would certainly recommend this programme for fellow school leavers, or gap year takers. My confidence has boosted by coming here, being able to navigate a strange new place, where I don't know the language has left me feeling ready to take on anything. The educational part of the programme is also effective. I really enjoy my mandarin lessons, and despite the difficulty of the language have made faster progress than I have done with any other language. Plus with China being so up and coming, it's a vital skill to put on your CV.

How can this program be improved?
As mentioned in my review above, the culture clash betwen au pairs and their families requires more preparation for both parties. So that they share the same idea of what they shall recieve from the programme.
Response from LoPair Education

You can never be too well prepared for being an au pair in China. What you can get from it is also vast. Becky also contributed a few blogs on LoPair website after returning to England, hopefully, this would be helpful to all future au pairs who determine to set off to an adventure in China!

Yes, I recommend this program
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I love LoPair especially Farrah ,

The Au-Pair program is great to finally grow up and become independent. You learn how to deal with a new culture and also language.
The local coordinator also helps with problems, not only with the family. For example one day I missed my bus back to my hometown and it was my second week in China. Fortunately I could call LoPair for help and they booked a new ticket for me.
Of course it is difficult to get use to a new culture especially the chinese culture, but after a time if you keep learning and observe the culture you will start to like it.
I never regret my decision to go to China and if I had more time I would stay longer.

How can this program be improved?
Maybe change the offday of all Au-Pairs on one day so they can meet each other.
Response from LoPair Education

Thank you Julian for you comment! Still remember the first day you arrived here. You have to come back, both your family and LoPair team miss you so much!

Yes, I recommend this program


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