Expedition Leader Training with Gapforce
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Expedition Leader Training with Gapforce

Follow in the footsteps of past Trekforce Leaders including Bruce Parry and Ed Stafford - learn key Survival, Leadership and Management skills on this amazing & challenging 4 month course. You start in the mountains of Wales and then the team heads off to the jungles of Central America. This extreme Training course will push you to the limit, our instructors are there to test you; they won’t make it easy. Can you get your team through some of the most challenging terrain? Will you pass as a Trekforce Expedition Leader? Kick start your career!

Costa Rica
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Webinar briefing, airport transfers, Instructors, local guides, Medic, accommodation, meals, Mountain Leader Training, DofE Asseser Training, RGS off site management, RLSS Water Safety,remote emergency care, advanced survival training, project training, Rescue & Medi-cal training, 4x4 and canoe training, logbook, project equipment and materials, project trans-fers, 24/7 emergency back-up, social activities, job assistance and T-shirt

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ELT Great Career base

ELT course has given me a really sound base to begin my career. The jungle environment and intensity and diversity of the training has enabled
me to learn on the go.
River canoeing, navigation jungle activities getting my planning focused.
A dynamic group of people helped us build on our weaknesses.
A tough course for people wanting something a bit different who are really looking to find themselves in a challenging well organised structure.

How can this program be improved?

Food rations to suit body size and build not just one person one ration

Yes, I recommend
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TrekForce TEL Course April 2014

Throughout the past 4 months the TEL course has challenged, pushed and inspired me. The course was run in sections each one taking our skills and abilities to the next level. It was well paced and very effective in ensuring we learnt everything correctly and safely but also realistically. The course utilised many different areas of Belize and as much variation as possible. I feel this was very beneficial and broadened our scope of learning especially meeting and working with many of the local guides and rangers. This was clearly only achievable with the excellent relations that the leaders had with all the local contacts and the mutual respect was obvious to see. Overall I found the course very well run and constantly challenging and enjoyable and also pushing us in many different directions. I joined to TEL course to push myself in different and challenging environments and I feel it achieved this on every level.
Our leaders for the TEL course, Henry Reynolds and Leo Bradbury, I feel, were the main factors in the success and the enjoyment of the course. Their enthusiasm and clear love of the jungle environment really shone through. There was a real feel that they both wanted to show off the best that Belize has to offer and while a lot of the course could be run in one area they really wanted to take us away and push us in other challenging areas and experience as much as possible. The desire to try new things, see new areas and ensure that we all experienced everything available was clear to see. The excellent relationships that they both have with the local guides and rangers was also clear and really benefitted the overall experience. The teaching methods were both well balanced and well thought out allowing us to practice all our skills whilst also being available to aid and educate us before any assessment to ensure a full understanding is gathered. Overall the leaders were excellent, always enthusiastic and fully engaged in giving us the best experience possible. They are both great assets to the TEL program and I believe intrigal to the course’s future success.

Yes, I recommend
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Awesome experience!

TEL course review

I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course, it was definitely at points one of the most challenging things I have ever done - but also hugely rewarding at the same time. The course itself was very varied and also very practical, I feel I have learnt a wide range of leadership, bushcraft and communication skills that will be of huge benefit to me in the future, whether or not I decide to peruse a career in the exhibition leader field.

Leaders review

Henry and Leo were fantastic leaders, and truly did make the course. Their enthusiasm for teaching, extensive knowledge of the course content and overall encouragement and leadership made me determined to push myself to do well, even in the most challenging moments. I really feel they got the best out of me, and I got the best out of the course because of this.

Yes, I recommend
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TEL 15

During the TEL course we have had the opportunity to go from knowing nothing about the jungle to thoroughly enjoying it and knowing how to live in it. The course was very well structure so section after section built on each other giving us a great breath of knowledge. We were very privileged to be able to spend time with Belizean's within BDARRT learning about rescue from them, also spending time with local guides who clearly knew a lot about the jungle. Within the course particular highlights were cave rescues, the final trek and teaching the cockscomb rangers first aid which had never been done before this was rewarding as we were able to give something back to a group that had helped us and worked with us previously.

The credit for everything we learned and how well we came on has to be give to Henry and Leo (our instructors). Their teaching methods were strong and useful and lessons were always to a very high standard. Throughout the course they were always available to answer questions and guide us through sections we were struggling with. It was particularly good to see how much they enjoyed the jungle environment and the course as there enthusiasm was passed on to us and allowed them to push to organise new and different things. It was also very good to see how good their relationships with locals was as this allowed us to spend more time with them and benefit from their wealth of experience.

The course was an amazing experience and I would thoroughly recommend it to others. I have to thank Henry and Leo for making it such an incredible experience.

Yes, I recommend
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TEL 15 Henry and Leo Review

The course was an amazing experience, starting with basic jungle skills which were then utilized and built on as we were pushed to improve our leadership abilities alongside everything else that we were learning. Particular highlights for me now that i look back were my 1st leadership assessment that was extremely challenging and everything seemed to go wrong but was actually a lot of fun, the moment that stands out as a highlight was finishing the final trek and then standing tall on top of a restored mayan pyramid in xunantunich. in summary the course was well put together with tons of things to learn and build experience from Thankyou for an amazing trip!!

Henry. a strong character that was tough when needed but always giving just the right amount of support and asking the questions that prompt you to think of the answer you were looking for. henrys wealth of obvious jungle experience was always available for consultation but would often push you to find the answer yourself, this i think is one of the things that to me made henry stand out as a leader and instructor. it was a pleasure to be taught by him.

Leo. The assistant leader on this course. Leo has his own rhythm which whenever he stepped u to a leading role becomes much more pronounced this gave him an air of exactly what was needed in that position. As we were always observed and assessed Leo was very good at picking up on the smaller details and various actions of the group that you yourself may not have realised were happening. a naturally friendly person who was always approachable and would listen to any problems that may have been presented. again an extensive knowledge of bushcraft and workings of fire that shows through on any number of occasions of basic jungle life though very strongly in the survival section of the course. once again it was an honor to be taught by him.

Yes, I recommend
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Fun in the jungle!!!

The TEL course run by TrekForce was one of the most beneficial training courses i have been on (and iv been on many!) it is run in a way which means people from all different backgrounds and experience levels can all learn and grow as leaders, because lets face it how many people have spent 4 months in the jungle?... not many! all the training was hands on and practical which really appealed to me, the medical training and rescue training were defiantly the highlights of my course. the instructors on the course were incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and were able to pass on that experience to every one on the course. it is both physically and mentally very challenging but with the right attitude completely achievable! i would 100% recommend the TEL course to anyone who is passionate about the outdoors, leadership and most of all having an adventure!

How can this program be improved?

more bushcraft training

Yes, I recommend
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An amazing experience

I loved all of this course. Life in the jungle was amazing I loved going to a really simple way of living with the real basics. You were surrounded by amazing wildlife and everyone loves washing in a waterfall. Some of the course could be quite tough but it was really rewarding learning new skills and putting them into practice. The full night cave rescue with BDart was a real test of endurance and it was great to see everyone really pulling together and working as a team. And I got an amazing job out of it at the end working in South America. It really equips you to run expeditions from the exciting bits like using a machete to the organisational stuff like budgeting and organising projects.

How can this program be improved?

It would have been good to move around the country a bit more, a lot of the course was in the same national park.

Yes, I recommend
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TEL course 12 - TrekForce

3 months, trekking through some of the most challenging and awe inspiring terrain the world has to offer, sleeping in hammocks amongst the jungles chorus of unfamiliar animals, training with expedition medic's and BDARRT (Belize Disaster and rescue response team). Even after all this i would say it's not for everyone but if the last sentence tickles your fancy then the experience will be unique and full. Brace yourself for some thing challenging. It will be the mosi's and rations that will get you in the end. Can't wait to get back out there.

How can this program be improved?

A programme of this nature will never run like a Carribbean cruise and hiccups should be embraced as part of the adventure. However the prospective TEL should be aware that months of rice,crackers and corned beef will take it's toll but is the only food robust and light enough to be carried and survive the jungle. Always remember, eat like a king when your in town.

Yes, I recommend
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gotta love the jungle!!

great course! really enjoyed the trek... 5 days walking though waist deep water and through caves! also a great place to meet like minded people! learn some fantastic skills in an amazing location, what more can you want!

How can this program be improved?

would like more treks!

Yes, I recommend

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