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Intern Brazil is a career-development company, with the goal of facilitating exchange programs in Brazil through internship and volunteering opportunities. We provide our participants a life changing exchange, fulfilled with a background of personal and professional experience.

What makes Intern Brazil unique is our ability to create tailor made programs, finding the right internship, housing, visa aid and providing a real immersion in the Brazilian culture. We aim to know the preferences, skills and knowledge of our participants by Skype interviews and close relationship. After understanding our participants preferences, we work with knowhow, fast communication, extensive network and hands on attitude to guarantee a safe, challenging and embracing environment.

Brazil is the country of the future, and an opportunity to take part in this nation’s prosperous change would be passed by few!

  • Quality industry contacts for perfect working placement
  • Competitive pricing
  • Personally catered programme to your every need
  • Local team to assist you on the ground
  • Proven satisfied client base

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The $500-$2000 doesn't cover everything.


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  • Growth 9.3
  • Support 9.6
  • Fun 9.2
  • Housing 9.4
  • Safety 8.5
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Internship at Intern Brazil // Prácticas en Intern Brazil


I had the opportunity to do my internship directly with Intern Brazil and it was the best experience I could have had!

At Intern Brazil I worked in the area of human resources and business development (international associations). My work was quite fun and multitasking. I interviewed candidates from all around the world and evaluated their profile as interns; I contacted Spanish-speaking embassies; I interviewed CEOs of multinational companies and also contacted and managed partnerships with universities around the world. All this allowed me to develop my communication skills; increase my confidence, security, and proactivity; I really learned the value of teamwork and business culture; and above all, I grew up personally and professionally. Ah! Of course, something very important, in just more than 3 months of my experience, I was able to travel around Brazil and experience the culture!

I am very happy with this opportunity! I feel today, the luckiest participant! Thanks to Marcio, Yessica and Nando for making this experience possible for me. Thaís, Caxi, Vanessa, Cassiano, Pri and Gui thank you so much for your friendship and support.


Tuve la oportunidad de realizar mis prácticas profesionales directamente con Intern Brazil y fue la mejor experiencia que pude haber tenido!

En Intern Brazil trabajé en el área de recursos humanos y desarrollo de negocios (asociciones internacionales). Mi trabajo fue bastante divertido y multitarea. Entrevistaba candidatos de todo el mundo y evaluaba su perfil como practicantes; contacté embajadas hispanohablantes; tube entrevistas con CEOs de empresas a nivel internacional y además contacté y gestioné alianzas con universidades del mundo entero. Todo esto me permitió desarrollar mis habilidades comunicativas; incrementar mi confianza, seguridad y proactividad; aprendí realmente la importancia del trabajo en equipo y la cultura empresarial; y sobre todo crecí a nivel personal y profesional. Ah! Por supuesto, algo muy importante, en un poco más de 3 meses, pude viajar y experiementar gran parte de la cultura brasileña.

Estoy muy feliz de haber tenido esta oportunidad! Me siento hoy, la participante más afortunada! Gracias a Marcio, Yessica y Nando por hacer posible esta experiencia para mi. A Thaís, Caxi, Vanessa, Cassiano, Pri y Gui por su amistad, apoyo y los aprendizajes compartidos.

Los llevo a todos en el corazón!

Muito Obrigada Intern Brazil!

Yes, I recommend

Pharmacy Internship in Brazil

I had an incredible experience working at a compounding pharmacy in Brazil!!! I learned a lot about an aspect of pharmacy that I was unexposed to, made a bunch of contacts, and improved my Portuguese tremendously. Intern Brazil helped me get the foot in the door to what has allowed me to guarantee an additional internship for the following year! INTERN BRAZIL ROCKS!!!!! They gave me the confidence and assistance to achieve what I thought was only a dream. The staff is really helpful and worked with me every step of the way.

How can this program be improved?
Providing documentation for the Visa process at least 3 months in advance.
Yes, I recommend

Fashion Consulting Assistant

Amazing. Worked in an environament in which there were no limits to what I would learn on the next day. If I could measure the amount of knowledge and experience I gained working at FashionRoom SP it would equivalent to a whole year of graduate school at a high-end fashion school. My mentor was called José Xavier Neto, he is one of the biggest name in the Brazilian Fashion Industry and helped me understand the business and creative side of the fashion industry. Would recommend this job to everyone and anyone passionate about fashion. But do not be misled, this job demands a lot of self-discipline and charisma.

How can this program be improved?
They could give constant feedback on your work.
Yes, I recommend
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Best work and life experience

I referred to intern Brazil because I really wanted to do my internship in this beautiful country and it was the best choice I could done. I already knew that it would be a beautiful experience but in the end it was even better. I loved my job at the Câmara de comércio italIana. I learnt a lot from a professional point of view but not only. I met wonderful people, knew new food, music and culture,discovered amazing places. Brazil is part of me now and I am part of Brazil.

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing and up-to-date internship at LFCOM in Curitiba, Brazil!

I spend nearly a month as an intern at the communications company LFCOM in Curitiba, Brazil and during my month in Brazil I learnt so much. Coming from Northern Europe, Brazil isn't the traditional choice of country to intern in, so I must admit my expectations were low. But boy did I get pleasantly surprised! LFCOM is a company just as modern, liberal and up-to-date as any communications company in Europe. This was definitely the dream internship. Working with three dedicated ladies who did everything they could to make my time in Brazil the best and always looking after me and making sure to tell me when I did a good job. I couldn't have asked for a better place to do my first internship. Even though I was far away from home, they made me feel at home. I can only recommend doing an internship in Brazil, since it is a country that has a lot of potential, dedicated people and amazing culture, despite its reputation in the Western world. The only challenges I met was the fact that most Brazilians do not speak English, so anyone considering going there should bear that in mind. Despite their lacking English skills, Brazilians are the most friendly people you will ever meet, and even though they do not understand your language, they will still try their best to help you, no matter the situation. My month-long internship in Curitiba, Brazil has not only made my resume look a whole lot better, but also opened my eyes to the situation in the BRICS countries and just how misunderstood and interesting they actually are.

Yes, I recommend
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Great Life Experience

Back when I decided to go for an internship in Brazil, there were a lot of agencies to choose from. Most of them offered very standard packages, which were on par. But what I was really looking for is a customized service and I laid my eyes on Intern Brazil. Looking back, it was quite surreal. I did not think that I would be directly contacting a Brazilian team. But I called them out of blue, asking about the program. It turned out that I was their first client and it was something I have always been proud of for being a part of this growing company started by two passionate entrepreneurs. The experience has been of great value to me. It was not only the professional internship that helped me a lot , but also the cultural experience, friendship, and connections with the host family are something I would never forget in my life.
So if you are looking for something really special when it comes to study abroad, Fernando and Marcio are the right team to talk with. I will always recommend them.

How can this program be improved?
I don't have much to say about this because the team has done a wonderful job. But when it comes to professional internships, maybe there should be a more mixed variety of internships to offer as the number of clients are growing.
Yes, I recommend

Awesome company that cares about you

Intern Brazil has a wonderful staff that genuinely cares and is invested in your experience. They want to find the internship that best suits your interests and needs and will tailor the experience to whatever you need to make it happen. Personally, they helped me through everything from the visa process to leaving for home and everything in between. Beyond work, they work hard to make sure you enjoy all of the cultural and traveling experiences you can possible have. There is no better company for finding internships in Brazil.

Yes, I recommend
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First Time Abroad - Brazil

This was my first time out of the USA and it was a total blast! I am an engineering major and was having trouble finding a summer internship on my own. Intern Brazil solved this problem for me, setting up interviews and taking me through the whole process. Also, as a student athlete I had some specific requirements, which they were very helpful with. Overall, they did a great job, were professional, and the people involved were a ton of fun too!

Yes, I recommend
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Marketing Internship

I had an amazing experience interning in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I was able to improve my Portuguese while being there and communicate with people in the city. I learned a lot about the field I am interested in pursing after college during this internship. The people were very friendly and welcoming and the food was delicious! I got to visit museums and parks in Sao Paulo and also took a weekend trip to Rio de Janeiro. Overall, my experience is an unforgettable one and I hope to return to Brazil in the near future.

Yes, I recommend

Existential search

My internship experience was enlightening. Because I had my doubts in regards to my vocation, I decided to experiment something new. Even though the "political blood" runs through the family, I never really had much faith in the bureaucratic political process; I never seized to love politics. I decided to thus give it a try-- to get a taste of the political realm.

I interned at Instituto Atuação, a non-partisan political NGO that strives to make my city, Curitiba, a regional and national democratic model. Quite inspiring, no? It is very inspiring to see such a young group of adults striving to make a difference. I was moved. Even though the commitment has huge, the work was fulfilling. I never imagined myself wanting to write a document of fifty pages -- and I, in fact, did. Intern Brazil guided my though this process. I only have to thank them for helping me through this "existential search".

How can this program be improved?
The program was very organized and those that work at Intern Brazil made sure you were gaining as much as you could through the experience. Even though I connected with some other interns, this connection could have been even stronger, especially with the staff. I only got to meet some of those that worked at Intern Brazil my last few days in Curitiba. Furthermore, in terms of organization, the program could have communicated more with me on a weekly basis for normal check ups or any exchange of ideas and experiences.
Yes, I recommend

My Time in Curitiba

Intern Brazil gave me one of the greatest experiences that I could ever ask for abroad. The Staff was incredible and the accommodations were more than I could ask for. I got extremely good insight on how a development and engineering firm functions in Brazil. The social scene of Curitiba and the general south was also amazing. I can remember one occasion when I was traveling from Curitiba to Floripa for a weekend of fun. Once the weekend was over and I was on my way back to Curitiba, I ran into some issues. The bus company that I was riding with canceled my bus trip and they weren't very cooperative with me when I tried to get another ride. I called Fernando for assistance and he was extremely prompt and helpful with me in making sure that I got the right ride for the proper price and that I reached my destination. Without him I don't know what I would have done. The level of dedication and hard work that Intern Brazil puts in making sure that all of their clients have a safe secure and memorable experience is unparalleled. They are the best choice to make for anyone looking to have a magnificent experience in Brazil.

How can this program be improved?
More staff in different cities would definitely make this program better and more established.
Yes, I recommend


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Intern Brazil aims to provide a life changing exchange, fulfilled with a background of personal and professional experience. Our goal is to facilitate the process and support you, offering opportunities that go beyond gaining practical skills in your...