International Internships in Toronto with The Intern Group (NEW PROGRAM)

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Final Places Available for Summer Internships

There are only a couple of places remaining for The Intern Group's summer internship programs. Apply now to intern abroad this summer!


We offer successful applicants the chance to gain invaluable work experience in the commercial, economic and financial capital of Canada. During your internship abroad, you will gain hands-on professional experience and build a network for your future career. Your internship in Toronto will make you stand out from your peers.

Partnering with a range of companies, organizations and NGOs, our program will boost your professional development. We offer programs for people of all backgrounds and experience levels. Current student or recent graduate? Take this chance to gain experience that will make your resume stand out. Not sure what you want to study yet? Take a gap year to test-drive your career. Professional in transition? Gain experience in your new field.

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  • Housing 9.3
  • Safety 10
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Best Abroad Experience

Going abroad for a majority of the summer, I was honestly quite nervous going in. I didn’t know what to expect and was honestly just hoping for the best. When I got there the staff were so welcoming and supportive. I felt like I could always talk to someone if I needed to. The internship was great as well as it allowed me to advance myself within my field and I was able to work hands on with my boss and fellow coworkers. I loved being able to go out and do stufff with other members of the program. It made my experience so much more fun then me just doing it by myself. Overall I definitely rate this program very highly and recommend it to anyone.

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Jaskiren Kaur


This has been a once in a life time opportunity for me and i am so glad i chose the Toronto program to complete my internship in. Everyone at the intern group have been so amazing from the start to end of my internship. Miriam and Becca were so helpful when it came to choosing my internships and they helped me while i was applying for my Visa. My experience coordinator Vanessa was such an amazing person and i am so happy she was the coordinator because not only did she help me with with my time in Toronto, but she made it so fun with all the activities she had suggested us. Taking this on has made me become such a confident person now, i am able to talk about myself now to strangers and I feel that this experience will help me in the future when finding jobs.

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Experience of a lifetime

When I first started my internship with The Intern Group, I would never have guessed it would change my life the way it did. Both professionally and personally. And I can honestly say, I would not have wanted it any other way.

My internship in Toronto has taught me so much about the art of entrepreneurship. I did my internship at a small co-working space that had diceded to close during my internship. It has shown me
that entrepreneurship is about ups and downs and that you have to go through the difficult parts to reach the top.

Apart from the professional experience, The Intern Group also played a huge role in my personal experience. I would not have been able to handle everything without the people from TIG.
From the moment I landed in Toronto, everybody from TIG has been absolutely amazing! The way they navigated me through my culture shock, helped me understand the cultural differences and most importantly, were there when I needed them. They always listened to all my struggles and helped me get over them.

Toronto it self is an amazing city where there is always something going on. From free music festivals to parades that take over the streets. There was never a dull moment while walking the streets or riding the subway of Toronto.

And last but certainly not least, I want to give a huge thank you and big should out to the best experience coordinator I could have asked for: Vanessa! She has been so much more than just an experience coordinator. She has been my rock, my sound board, my personal cheerleader but most of all a best friend. It is impossible not to fall in love with her when you first meet her.

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Amazing personal and professional experience! Unforgettable!

I have been part of the Toronto Program from 3 months (March to May 2018). I have been one of the first participants this specific program and I am happy to say that it has been an amazing experience!! And worth it!!
The internship: As I studied Business in my undergraduate program I picked Marketing; I have been interning as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator in a digital video agency; I have learnt a lot and I had so much fun!! Amazing, fun work environment and amazing team. Couldn't ask for more!
The accomodation: (Campus One) was insane: gym, restaurant,rooftop with Toronto skyline, big flat, brand new and clean. Super Central!
The city: Toronto is a cool city. Super young an dynamic. Perfect position to visit North America (1h from NY, 2 from Chicago ecc). Winter is the real cold, but spring and summer is beautiful.
Social activities/ training : Our experience coordinator, Vanessa, has been amazing since day 1. She has been a friend more than a coordinator. Each couple of days she updated us with new events in town, restaurants, things to do ecc. Every week she asked updates about the internship and she motivated to get the maximum from the experience. A cool activity she organized was a training session about the communication skills and how to manage interviews: super useful! Last but not least the agency provides a free coaching session which I found very useful and empowering! I am super happy that I have chosen this age

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personally there's nothing I think has to be improved
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